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That large-scale shooter genre is dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield, but Hell Let Loose hopes to make a name for itself for World War II enthusiasts. Last week, the devs put out an open beta on PS5 to let players test out their gritty, tactics-based FPS.

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Hell Let Loose takes us back to the mid 20th century, with 50v50 battles across hundreds of meters of battle area. Map control is incredibly important, and the developers have some cool mechanics to differentiate this shooter from the likes of Call of Duty.

The game takes advantage of the PS5 DualSense controller with haptic resistance on the triggers and advanced audio technology for the Pulse headset. Even though the Playstation 5 remains laughably out of stock, it’s good that the Hell Let Loose experience on Sony’s console has some benefits over playing on a PC.

Players must manually create their own spawn points, outside of the initial three spawns on either side of the map. The three starting locations will feature vehicles to help you get back into the action quickly.

Interestingly, spawn points also act as radars. These strategic locations will give you much-needed information around your controlled zones.

Hell Let Loose allows you to choose from various factions. Each ‘class’ gives you access to a loadout and special abilities. In this sense, there’s some benefit to having a squad with several different perks.

Maps are based on WWII locations, lending authenticity to the way the battles play out. The developers took some creative liberties in their shooting simulator, but it’s cool to see this dedication to historic detail.

At its core, Hell Let Loose relies heavily on the squad leaders and team coordination. Those who want the run ‘n gun firestorms should stick to shooters that are more arcade-y.

Reviews have consistently stated that this is a tough game for new players given the complexity and reliance on working together. This likely means that Hell Let Loose has a low skill floor and a high skill ceiling.

Hell Let Loose recently got a performance upgrade, which was a nice boost before the open beta. Surprisingly, there is no aim assist on console, but I like that this makes hitting a target more satisfying.

Hell Let Loose is currently available on Steam and will be coming to next-gen consoles on October 5th.

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