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Writing is a skill that takes practice like anything else! Whether you’re looking to become a journalist or just want to share your thoughts online, you’ll get a chance to hone your craft and become a better writer. We’ll teach you how to craft an engaging article, SEO techniques, promote your work on social media, and more!

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Our site is visited by tens of thousands of gamers every month and we’ve been selected as one of the top 200 gaming blogs to follow. Additionally, we have partnerships with other publications so you’ll have opportunities to get your work in front of new communities. Let TAG be the place where you solidify your voice in the gaming community and establish yourself as a knowledgeable source!

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TAG is an independent publication that has posted hundreds of articles in the gaming space since 2017. Since we’re independent, we have full control over what we post and allow our writers to fully express their creativity. As an established company in the gaming world, we also have connections to popular organizations and conferences. We’ve worked with companies like Mcdonald’s, Microsoft and Dream, Hustle, Code and have attended events including the Game Developer Conference and the GamesBeat Summit. With our connections and your passion, you’ll jumpstart your way into the game-writer world!

If you’re passionate about gaming, a curious learner, and are excited to learn more about creating content, you’re probably a good fit! We’re looking for people who love talking about games and are open to constructive feedback on their writing. You don’t need any experience to get started and we’ll share the tricks of the trade we’ve learned over the years!


  • Cover whatever gaming news you are most excited about and write engaging content
  • Monitor day-to-day trends in the industry and recommend topics for the team to cover
  • Take editorial feedback to enhance your posts for higher engagement and readability

Getting your content on the TAG website as a simple, two-step process:

  1. Fill out your contributor profile to create an author account
  2. Submit your digital draft post to news@twoaveragegamers.com with the subject line “Guest Post – {your gaming topic}”

The best content checks off at least one of these boxes:

  • Entertaining – How can you describe something in a comical manner or bring a smile to the reader’s face?
  • Educational – What information do you have about a topic that will inform the reader and leave them with new knowledge that adds value to his/her life?
  • Inspirational – What achievements have you attained in the gaming world? What challenges have you come up with for the community? How can you spur action on the part of the reader?
  • Provocative – Do you have a hot take on a commonly-accepted idea? Did you come up with a truly unique way to revamp a game? What can you write about that will make readers think about a fresh perspective?

In the spirit of simplicity, we try to streamline the process from profile creation to publishing your article. 

Once you send us your draft, we’ll send back feedback within about 72 hours. The feedback will touch on content, syntax, structure, and SEO, and we may ask you to add some clarity around certain concepts. 

In most cases, we’ll do two rounds of feedback, giving you time and space to make necessary changes. When the article is reader-ready, we’ll align on a publishing date and work with our social media team to create promotional assets.

Today, we can move as quickly as you do! We cannot pay for guest posts right now, but we expect to share our profits with contributors as we grow our revenue streams.

We thank you for scrolling all the way down this page and we are excited to have you contribute to the pool of community content! Feel free to send any questions or comments using the form, below:

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