World’s Edge Is The Best Map In Apex Legends

We are about 3 weeks into the Season 10 version of World’s Edge in Apex Legends. After some consideration and allowing recency bias to subside a bit, I believe this is the best map Apex Legends has provided. Keep reading to find out why!

Kings Canyon

Apex Legends players can return to Kings Canyon this weekend | TechRadar

There are many players who still love the original Kings Canyon. It provided countless moments at memorable POIs. Skull Town remains the most beloved, chaotic area in Apex Legends history. Having 30-60% of the lobby dropping into this highly contentious area produced many laughs and screams.

Did this equate to an appropriately balanced ranked or competitive environment? Absolutely not. By and large, dropping into Skull Town was a suicide mission. A glorious one. 

Still, Kings Canyon suffered from unavoidable third-partying like no other. The popular POIs were mostly a singular jump tower away from one another. Many times the first big battle was also the last big battle. Plainly, the map felt too small. 

Now, Kings Canyon has undergone several changes to address some of these shortcomings, but it is doomed to this reality. If Skull Town isn’t in the map, the community wants it back. If Skull Town is included, everyone goes there no matter what. 


Olympus is the newest map. The developers tried to promote longer sightlines with the hope of encouraging more sniping and marksman weapon use. Additionally, Olympus is enormous. Because of that, it offers more modes of traversing the map. Large hovercrafts called Tridents are scattered around which provide quick, but loud, transportation. Also, there is a large portal system to move quickly between 3 POIs. 

Despite all of this, Olympus sometimes felt too large. If you don’t land in a popular area like Hammond Labs, Energy Depot, or Estates – all central POIs – you may spend most of the match searching for fights. Depending on the direction of the dropship, Oasis and Bonsai Plaza provided the chaotic feel of a Skull Town drop. Overall, Olympus felt too stretched out and the deliberate design to encourage longer-distanced fights directly clashed with the undeniable truth that Apex Legends is a close-mid range shooter. It’s virtually impossible to change that meta in any shooter. 

World’s Edge

World’s Edge has gone through many significant transformations. Most notably, the once renowned Capitol City has been split in two. The aftermath produced Fragment East and Fragment West. The former quickly became a condensed version of Kings Canyon’s Skull Town. Everybody and their mama were dropping into Fragment East, which is highlighted by a singular 4-story building. Naturally, this is not conducive to a ranked scenario.

The developers worked hard to combat that. This season I believe they have given us the best version of World’s Edge and the best map across all seasons. Primarily, the inclusion of these new POIs has led the charge:

Lava Siphon

The Sorting Factory was replaced by Lava Siphon. Lava Siphon gives the player base a triangular battleground that is large enough to have battles take place within or amongst all the major areas. The symmetrical large buildings are connected by a pair of gondolas. These gondolas are likely to hold purple armor while the entire area typically has higher-tier loot. 

This POI works because it is large enough to have several teams frantically running around while also providing multiple options to reposition or retreat completely. You have plenty of options to escape, including a jump tower, tunnels, ziplines, and even a geyser. Unlike Olympus, you won’t be as likely to be gunned down out in the open trying to get out. Unlike Kings Canyon, you won’t feel completely committed once you are in a fight. This is a pattern prevalent across all of World’s Edge.


Climatizer replaces Refinery and personally is my favorite POI in World’s Edge. It has similarities to Lava Siphon. However, it trades the third major drop spot within the POI for more cover outside of the two major buildings and more terrain and walkways between them. It is bordered by Survey Camp, Epicenter, and Overlook. After visiting any of these areas you can rotate into the ever-popular Fragment areas. 


Landslide is a net positive by subtraction. Getting rid of the insane POI that was Train Yard has allowed for this area of World’s Edge to become more stable. Instead of making life or death choices on how to rotate between the train tunnel and the vault tunnel getting from the north part of the map to the south (or vice versa), Landslide offers little reason to stick around for too long. Instead, fights are pulled further from these chokepoints into Countdown or Staging.

Admittedly, the first time I visited Landslide I laughed, questioning if the area was even complete. After more rotations into and out of it, I really like its purpose. It is a series of structures that are spread out in a smarter way. It also has a singular high point that is open in all directions, unlike the 4 suspended train cars found in Train Yard. 

Small Improvements In World’s Edge

There were a few quality of life map changes. Overlook has been opened up a bit to prevent being cornered on its coastal side. Also, the Geyser tunnel has been expanded to provide an additional escape route. This is a change I would love for the Landslide tunnel in the future. 

The lighting was brightened in this version of World’s Edge as well. You can check out the climate differences in Respawn’s blog post. 

Where to Drop

While Fragment East still draws most of the traffic in casual World’s Edge lobbies, smarter players are spreading themselves out in ranked scenarios. Areas from previous seasons like Countdown and Launch Site provide great rotations into the center of the map. Older areas like Thermal Station and Skyhook also give players a great start to a match. 

Looking over the map, it’s hard to find an area that is completely avoided. Something that Kings Canyon and Olympus can not say.

Overall, I hope to use this same title as Apex Legends continues to mature. Having the best version of the game ahead of us is a far better option than constantly looking back. For now, Season 10’s changes to World’s Edge make it the best map in the current rotation!

What do you think of World’s Edge? What is your favorite map between the 3?  When do you expect a 4th map to make an appearance and what would you like to see on it? Let us know!

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