Win More Fights with the Best Weapons in Apex Legends Season 17

Apex Legends Season 17 Weapon Pool

Apex Legends Season 17 started on Tuesday, May 9, 2023. While we aren’t getting any new weapons, the devs did some tuning to the available loot pool to change up the meta. Unfortunately, things are shaping up to be just like Season 16

Most care package weapons – Hemlok, RE-45, Bocek, and Kraber – continue to be OP, but I have reservations about the L-Star. The floor loot has good balance, but some choices still stand above the rest. If you want to win more fights in Season 17, pick up this collection of weapons! 

Even after the nerf, the Charge Rifle is still the best long-range option

Best Long-Range Weapon in Season 17 – Charge Rifle

The Charge Rifle got a slight nerf this season, reducing the shots per mag from 4 down to 3. Additionally, Respawn has reduced the spawn rate of this weapon. Even still, the Charge Rifle remains the only hitscan weapon in Apex Legends. This means there is no bullet drop-off, and you can literally laser people from across the map.

This weapon is optimal for leveling up your evo shield from a comfortable range. Unsurprisingly, this sniper continues to dominate from the pro leagues down through the ranked ladder. Pick up the Charge Rifle if you prefer initiating fights from range.

The Nemesis continues to dominate in Apex Legends

Best Assault Rifle in Season 17 – Nemesis

In Season 16, the Nemesis was oppressive. There have been no changes in Season 17, and it continues to be the most dominant assault rifle in the game. Some will argue that the R-301 is more versatile, but the damage potential of the Nemesis is way too high, especially once you start to charge up the fire rate.

Prioritize getting a decent barrel stabilizer on this AR to maximize your damage output. The base recoil is manageable, but you’ll be outdueled if you miss a couple of shots from each burst. Aim for the body at mid-range to land more shots on your enemies.

The Peacekeper is the best shotgun in Season 17

Best Shotgun in Season 17 – Peacekeeper

Last season we got an increase in shotgun projectile sizes. As expected, the PK was the go-to shottie in Season 16. It is the most consistent shotgun when considering high-burst damage, and it has surprisingly long range.

With most shotguns in Apex, you want to peek quickly from cover, fire a shell, then duck back into cover. This is especially the case with the Peacekeeper, which has a pretty slow fire rate. You’ll probably end up back in the lobby if you miss more than two shots. 

Apex Legends R-99

Best SMG in Season 17 – R-99

In Season 16, this SMG got buffed from 11 damage per shot to 12 damage per shot. In Season 17, Respawn is dialing back the damage output by removing one bullet from each clip of the R-99. Even with this small nerf, it’s still the top close-range weapon if you prefer not to carry a shotgun. 

The crazy thing about this weapon is that it’s surprisingly effective at mid-range once you get the recoil pattern down. It’s not uncommon for people to run this alongside a PK for a super-aggressive style of play. 

R-301 is still a great option in Season 17 of Apex Legends

Honorable Mentions for Top Weapons in Apex Legends Season 17

If I made a tier list, there’d probably be 7-8 S-tier weapons in Season 17. If you want to stay away from meta picks, try out some of these other strong contenders:

  • R-301: You’re either a light ammo purest and go with the 301, or you prefer the heavy ammo feel of the Flatline. Each has a different recoil pattern, with the 301 being more straightforward, but can replace the Nemesis if you want an automatic option.
  • Prowler: If you land your shots, this SMG can do more burst damage than the R-99. You’re dead if you miss more than half, like I do.
  • Wingman: Continuing the thread of hitting your shots, the Wingman is feast or famine. It feels so good to knock someone with this weapon, and it feels so bad to miss all your shots and then spectate your teammates. 

Also remember to practice areas of your game! We’ve got you covered with a ton of tips to improve the way you play in Apex Legends.

What weapons are you picking up in Season 17? Join the conversation in the comments section!

What are the best guns in Apex Season 17?

The best guns this season are the Charge Rifle, Nemesis AR, Peacekeeper, and the R-99. Depending on your playstyle, try to carry at least one of these weapons to maximize your chances of winning more fights.

What is the strongest weapon in Apex Legends?

While it largely comes down to preference, the Nemesis AR is considered one of the strongest weapons in Apex Legends in Season 17. It has high damage potential and is versatile at many different ranges.

What are the best loadouts in Apex Season 17?

In Apex, you want to have weapons in your loadout that serve different purposes. In most cases, you should have one weapon that is effective at close range and another that is geared toward the mid to long-range battles. A great loadout for Apex Season 17 is the Nemesis AR and the R-99.

What is the best AR in Apex?

As of Season 17, the best AR in Apex is the Nemesis AR is the best assault rifle. It has a high fire rate and manageable recoil pattern, which results in excellent damage output.

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