Why Five is the Best Zombies Map

By Thomas Hernandez / August 17, 2023

Anyone who has played the Zombies game mode in the Call of Duty franchise has had a one-of-a-kind experience, and for me, that experience came from playing Five.

While there is a large variety of maps as of August 2023, Five is easily the best map. Many people may disagree with me, but I have the evidence to support my case.

If after reading this article you feel as though I am incorrect, I would love to see your thoughts on the best “Zombies” map in the comments section. Who knows, your point of view may change my mind about which map is the best.

An image of the starting room.

Overview of Five

An overview of Five. Where to begin? 

First and foremost, this game mode is set within the Pentagon. Spawning as one of four historical figures, players have to fight to survive for as long as possible by fending off hordes of varying zombies.

It is a classic Call of Duty “Zombies” game mode, oriented towards surviving as long as possible. There is no larger storyline because the game mode is about survival, unlike the newer Call of Duty “Zombies” maps.

While it can be played solo, the best way to play Five is with a group. Because it is so difficult to find a proper means of survival on this map, utilizing a team effort often leads to longer survival records.  I have had the best luck with either running circuits or holding out on the elevator near the starting area.

Playable characters in Five

Five Characters

The characters make Five the best map. Not only can you play as the historical figures, but their commentary adds another layer to the overall game experience.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Starting with the most recognizable out of the four playable characters, players can utilize JFK himself. Yes, JFK. The 35th President of the United States of America. If that is not enough, he produces a plethora of famous quotes that gamers can tap into while playing like him. “Do not pray for easy lives, my friends. Pray to be stronger men” is one of the many.

Robert McNamara

The next potential playable character is not too recognizable. However, if you know your United States history, you will be able to figure it out pretty quickly. Robert McNamara, the 8th United States Secretary of Defense, who spent his first few years working with JFK, is available to Five players. While he is not that recognizable, he is still just as interesting as any of the other playable characters because of his impact during the Cold War.

Richard Nixon

Third on the list of potentially playable characters is Richard Nixon. The 37th President of the United States may not have been in his most memorable position while JFK was in office, but he still was added as a character because of his significance at the time.

Like JFK, Richard Nixon offers interesting quotes to listen to during gameplay. “Take no risks, suffer no defeats! Take no risks, win no victories” is one that comes to mind.

Fidel Castro

Last on the list is another recognizable figure. Coming all the way from Cuba for a meeting, Fidel Castro is among the potential playable characters for Five players. Even though there isn’t evidence of Fidel joining the other characters at any point inside the Pentagon together, this unique inclusion offers gamers another layer of interesting history to the game.

Overall, each character brought something fun and exciting to Five. As I previously mentioned, it is for this exact reason that I put Five at the top of the list when it comes to Call of Duty “Zombies” maps.

The Pentagon Thief.

Unique Elements of Five

In addition to the characters, the map gets pretty interesting as players explore it. It is fairly insignificant compared to the newer Call of Duty “Zombies” maps, yet it still has certain elements that push it past the ordinary. The characters interacting in the environment only make it that much more fun.

Map Components

The map has a variety of rooms. Starting off, there is the Pentagon’s main briefing room. Then, there is a security corridor with elevator access to go downstairs, leading to the Pentagon’s war room. 

Upon reaching the war room, players can find another elevator to another lower level. This lower level includes laboratories and many of the experiments within. Players do have access to another room that includes the Pack-a-Punch machine, but players gain access only after activating all five Defcon controls.

Pentagon Thief

The Pentagon Thief is another unique feature of Five. This zombie has the capability of stealing weapons of all calibers, even the most powerful. He is destructible, but it takes power to put him down. If you ever encounter him, make sure you are well prepared to stop him from taking your defense by using wonder weapons with assistance from the Pack-a-Punch.

Bonfire Sale

The final significant aspect of Five is the Bonfire Sale. While Bonfire Sale has appeared in other games, it all started with Five.

It is a powerup only available to use after defeating the Pentagon Thief. It reduces the cost of Pack-a-Punch, making players who grab it in a much better position to continue surviving the hordes of the undead.

There are a few more features of Five that make it at the top, like the introduction of the Winter’s Howl wonder weapon. Nonetheless, these three unique elements only add to my opinion that Five is the best Call of Duty “Zombies” map.

The teleporter in the labs.

Closing Thoughts

What more is there to say about this map? Five is a fun experience for everyone who gives it a go. It has great playable characters, and the map layout has some great components that make it not the everyday survival map.

Of course, you need to get past the fright factor of zombies before playing. However, once you can move on from that, you can have an exciting time playing solo or with friends.

I would love to hear any feedback or thoughts about top Call of Duty “Zombies” maps. Feel free to leave those thoughts in the comments!

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