Who’s the Top Season 5 Fortnite Player?

A Quick Recap

With Season 5 a couple weeks behind us, many players are trying to forget about the changes which nerfed building and introduced the SMG meta. Epic Games obviously read our Season 5 wishlist and made some recommended changes.

Rifts are cool and all, but part of me still misses Moisty Mire.

The usual big names were in full force and were able to adapt to the changing dynamics of the game. Most of the greats are able to quickly master new game mechanics and equipment within days of a patch update. That’s one of the things that separates us average gamers from the pros.

If I had asked you a few weeks ago who you thought was the best player in the game, you’d probably have guessed a player from our list of favorite streamers. Interestingly, you’d be wrong.

Even if I gave you a thousand guesses, you likely wouldn’t name the correct person. And that’s ok. You can’t know everything.

Now that I have you on the edge of your seats, I’ll spill the beans…I AM THE TOP FORTNITE PLAYER FROM SEASON 5!

Yes, you read that correctly. No, I’m not making this up. The cover image is indeed a screenshot of my performance from last season. As you can clearly see, I finished in the top 0.04% in both win percentage and score per match.

I know, right?!

Let me guess what you must be thinking…those aren’t Fred’s real stats, he’s not actually that good, that image is doctored, etc. Well, you’d be correct on one out of three of those things. I’m not that good. But I did post my most impressive stats in any video game in a very long time.

Allow me to recount the life-changing accomplishment which began three months ago, in mid July, when the new season began.

How it Went Down

It was a warm summer eve out on the west coast. I had just eaten dinner and was ready for a couple hours of battle royale madness. Never in a thousand years could I have imagined that this would be the most memorable night of my Fortnite career.

No one in my squad was online so I hopped into the solo queue. I flossed a few times and then chose my drop location.

It looked like the soccer field would be crowded since it was an early drop location in the bus path, but I only found one other player there. I took him out quickly then spent a few minutes looting and farming mats.

When my kit looked good, I started moving east towards Tilted. An unfortunate soul challenged me to a build fight. He ended up falling to his doom. Cool.

The Towers were a little less forgiving. I did some very mediocre building near a guy who was also very mediocre and then I ended up running away. I’m not proud of this, but it happened.

I made my way towards the circle, got high ground and was able to hit the enemy with one shot from my burst before I lost sight of him. He didn’t even flinch.

The ensuing minute or so is a blur, but I got another kill.

Now I was up to two kills and down to the final 3 players. I missed a few shotgun blasts on the remaining two enemies then scurried away towards the loot lake factories while they dueled it out.

Beast_2008 eliminated shot_slap with an SMG as the storm was closing in. Due to my earlier scurry, I was in between Beast and the safe zone. With about 150 mats left and several rockets, my best bet was to blow this guy up while he was running.

So I did it. (video below for proof; please excuse the annoying high-pitched sound in the background…I’ll fix this eventually)

And that concluded my only solo match in Season 5. At that moment, I committed to waiting until Season 6 to re-join the solo queue. This meant skipping all solo daily challenges (although Epic made a point of swapping my solo challenges for other solo challenges) and entering the duos lobby any time I wanted to work on my solo game. It took a lot of discipline but I was able to go 1 for 1, effectively making my mark in Fortnite history!

Given the stat tracker listed me as “top 0.3%” for win rate, I’m assuming there are other people out there who took a similar road as I did. I applaud all the players out there with the combination of luck, skill and willpower! Also, if you kept that 100% win rate with more than 1 win, more power to you!

What Happens Next

I wish I could say that this will be a regular thing for me. In game 1 of the current season, I was so close to replicating these exact stats!

While in the top 2 of my first solo game, I had 2 kills on my way towards the next circle. My opponent had a bit of a head start on me and caught me with a rifle several times. My may count hit zero and, shortly after, my body evaporated…leaving behind a rainbow of loots.

The back-to-back occurrences would have been legendary, but this at least provides me an opportunity to work on my solo game this season. I’m getting better but still have a long way to go. One of my main goals this season is to improve my edit speed and sniping. On the back end, I’ll be trying to improve my video editing.

Either way, it’s been fun bragging to my friends about how great I am for achieving this. Most of them called me stupid/ridiculous/useless, but ‘stick and stones’, ya know? It’s more than likely that they are jealous and too afraid to ask me for an autograph.

What’d you think of Season 5? Did you have any epic accomplishments? Leave a comment below!

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