What is The Division Heartland?

What is The Division Heartland?

The Division Heartland is an upcoming free-to-play third-person shooter. Building off the success of Ubisoft’s prior two Division games, Heartland will offer at least two modes at launch:

  • Storm – this is a PvPvE mode, which sounds similar to what Scavengers offers. You’ll see a combination of fighting NPCs and real human characters
  • Excursion – this is the standard PvE mode that serves as a training ground for the previously mentioned mode. This is a good mode to get used to the game’s mechanics and various CPU enemies

Heartland combines looting, scavenging, exploring, and combat for a fast-paced, ever-changing experience. Its Silver Creek map has been described as ‘massive’, so I’m hopeful that there will be plenty of variety in the natural landscape. 

Heartland continues the tradition of tiered loot in The Division. The different colors of loot correspond to the rarity, and relative strength, of the equipment.

As with many battle royale games from the last few years, Heartland adopts a gaseous zone that will damage players. Players can get knocked when their health is fully depleted, with an option for their teammates to pick them back up.

When will The Division Heartland Come Out?

Ubisoft hasn’t given an official date for release, but The Division Heartland is slated to launch by March 2023. If past experience tells us anything, we aren’t likely to see the game before then. It’s even possible that delays push the game further out to mid- or late-2023.

How Can I Play?

Currently, Ubisoft is allowing folks to register for a chance to playtest Heartland on their site. You can register on PC, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or Google Stadia, so I assume it’ll be available across these platforms. 

What Else Will We See From The Division?

We’re not even halfway through the planned roadmap for The Division, with Heartland being the 4th entrant in an 8-title series. The Division Heartland will have 6 classes to choose from, and we expect to see the classic talents tree for each.

AI enemies are called Vultures, with 6 different types ready to battle human players. Each of these will likely have varying difficulty levels and abilities.

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