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A new season of Warzone drops this week, and we got to check out an awesome trailer for the upcoming update. The game introduces a new map, vehicles, and wildlife in the December 8th iteration.

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Warzone’s Latest Update Emphasizes Air Battles – Games Radar

Call of Duty is still wildly popular among FPS enthusiasts. Warzone regularly gets new content and the game’s player base remains strong even with the growing number of hackers disrupting the lobbies.

Last week’s trailer gave a glimpse of what we can expect in Warzone Pacific. As the name suggests, CoD’s new map is a tropical island with beachside views of the ocean. Eagle-eyed gamers will notice a trend from another popular battle royale title that recently began its new season!

Aside from the incredible visuals of the new map, Warzone looks to bring more diversity to the game by emphasizing the ability to fight wherever you’re comfortable. The airplanes caught my eyes, mostly because I haven’t played a flight shooter since Starfox 64.

In Vanguard Royale, players can try to take each other down in the skies while maneuvering through the air! Air battles are typically a hit or miss mechanic in traditional shooters. You’re either terrible at flying and struggle for the entire match, or you’re a seasoned Air Force veteran who cuts down foes with ease.

Thankfully, you can still stick to the standard ground-based battle royale if you don’t feel like dealing with airplanes. I think most people will at least try it out, but I’m curious to see how much it catches on in the CoD community.

If you already own Call of Duty: Vanguard, you can check out the new content starting on the 8th. All other soldiers will need to wait until December 9th to test out the new Warzone mode. Either way, this week is sure to see a surge in CoD viewership on Twitch!

What are your thoughts on the new Warzone map? Will you become a fighter pilot or stick to the ground game? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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