Username Etymology

Here’s a quick post to find out how much little thought was put into the development of our names.


The “flash” part of my name has a few sources from my childhood:

The Flash is one of my favorite DC characters. I’ve always had a love for things that go fast and it doesn’t get much faster than The Flash.

As for Wade, at least back in the day, he was one of my favorite basketball players (I’ve since become much less of a fan).

That third one may be the one that caught you most by surprise, but that leads me into the second part of the name, “fx”. Those letters, when spoken out loud, are simply a play on the word “effects”.

21 is predictably just one of my favorite numbers. Growing up a big fan of sports, a handful of athletes donned that number. Most notably, and under the theme of fast things, was Deion Sanders.


Most people know Mario’s trusty, green dinosaur companion. Yoshi got so big that he received his own spinoff games, many of which were excellent.

Very few people know my friend Mike. I met Mike some time in Middle School. Mike was (maybe still is…I haven’t talked to him in about a decade) a character. I don’t remember exactly why it started, but one day Mike started pronouncing “yes” as “hyaes”. I found it hilarious.

At a time where my AIM screenname was ‘soccerx07’, I wanted to create an alias that was more video game friendly. I had used ‘Berserk’ as my log-in for Perfect Dark — side note, it was extremely satisfying to read “killed by Berserk” in the kill feed — but I wanted something a little more creative for gamers to know me as!

And then it hit me…I could combine Yoshi and hyaes into one word by dropping a single letter…wow. So creative, right?

So I did that, and now I’m Yoshyaes everywhere.

How about you?

How do you come up with a name for your online identity? Do you have more than one in case someone beat you to your main choice? Or are you so original that you never have that issue?

Let us know in the comments!

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