Unveil Every Princess: The Ultimate Guide to Slay the Princess

Each loop in Slay the Princess starts the same. A mysterious narrator tells you to take a path in the woods to a cabin and slay the princess within. Every route features a new princess to slay (or spare) based on your choices in each chapter. Keep in mind you will not be able to meet every version of the princess in a single playthrough. 

If you haven’t already played this spectacular game, I recommend doing a blind playthrough first and then coming back. But for those of you who want to return and see what more you can encounter, or those of you guided by the Voice of the Smitten, here is a guide to what you’ll need to do to meet every Princess. However, what you choose to do with each Princess, and what Vessel you choose to bring the Shifting Mound is ultimately up to you.

The cabin from Chapter I of Slay the Princess

Reaching Chapter II in Slay the Princess

Chapter I is where you will make decisions to reach Chapter II, where the big changes become evident. There are ten total Princesses in Chapter II. While there are multiple ways to meet many of them, here are some ways to easily meet each Chapter II Princess.

Turning away

After being told to “Slay the Princess,” you are given the option to turn away completely. To meet The Stranger in Chapter II, do just that and continue to turn away, even when The Narrator interferes. But be warned: if you avoid going to the cabin in any version of Chapter II, you will miss out on meeting any version of the Princess.

Meeting the Stranger as the first Princess on your run even offers an interesting variation of one of the endings. So if you’re on the hunt for the endings, also keep that in mind.

The Pristine Blade. You'll need it if you want to do this right.

Taking the Blade

The biggest choice determining what version of the Princess you will meet in Chapter II is whether or not you take the Pristine Blade. Taking the Pristine Blade is tempting, especially because it usually opens up more routes and dialogue options. This applies to all Chapters, not just Chapter I. Remember, taking the Pristine Blade doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Upon taking the Pristine Blade, several options for your next Princess become available. To meet The Spectre, you’ll need to slay the Princess without speaking to her. Don’t check her body to confirm she is dead. Once you’re “happy,” follow the Voice of the Hero’s instructions to escape your situation. You can meet the Razor by following the same steps for the Spectre and then checking her body for a pulse after you slay her. 

Talking to the Princess before slaying her gives you even more options. Choosing to slay the Princess after talking to her will allow you to meet the Adversary or the Tower. 

If you don’t give up and ensure the fight ends in a mutual kill, you’ll meet the Adversary. If you give up while fighting The Princess, you’ll meet The Tower. Be warned, if you question if the Princess has a weapon before or during your attempt to slay her, you’ll meet the Razor instead.

If you talk to the Princess and decide not to slay her, you can choose to lock her away and flee upstairs to meet The Nightmare. Alternatively, you can choose to defy the name of the game and attempt to free the Princess after talking to her, resisting when the Narrator interferes. You’ll then meet The Prisoner.

The Princess is smiling. A great reason to leave the blade.

Leaving the Blade

Proceeding to the basement without the Pristine Blade gives you the option to meet more versions of the Princess. This is a good time to mention that despite what you may think, refusing to take the Pristine Blade does not necessarily mean a peaceful or romantic path for you and the Princess. In fact, it rarely does.

To meet the Damsel, talk to the Princess and attempt to free her no matter what the Narrator pulls. If you take the steps for the Damsel but instead slay her when the Pristine Blade first appears, you’ll meet the Beast instead. If you instead slay the Princess a little later when the Narrator interferes, you’ll meet the Witch. You can also meet the Witch by talking to the Princess but going back upstairs to retrieve the Pristine Blade.

Many paths to many cabins.

Reaching Chapter III in slay the Princess

As wonderful as all the Princesses in Chapter II are, Chapter III is where this game really shines. The Princesses here are all further variations on a theme from their versions in Chapter II. Some of the Chapter III Princesses can actually be reached from two different Chapter II Princesses, giving you greater choice in what Princesses you want to meet. However, some Princesses can only be reached by interacting with specific princesses in Chapter II, so be careful.

Potential Realized

Many versions of the Princess you’ll meet in Chapter III represent an aspect of the Princess you met in Chapter II taken to a new conclusion. All of these Princesses are an experience. So sit back and gape in awe and horror at what you’ve wrought.

The Thorn, happy at last

The Thorn is the most explicitly romantic route in Slay the Princess, and getting here is a gauntlet. First, you have to meet the Witch, who hates you for betraying her. In order to meet the Thorn, you’ll need to take the Pristine Blade before meeting the Witch and then give it to the Witch. Once you do, you’ll meet the Thorn next. Pro tip: choose your parting words for the Witch wisely, and you may be able to earn a kiss with the Thorn!

The Den can only be met through the Beast. Reaching her is deceptively straightforward: die to the Beast, but don’t get completely eaten. You can achieve this most easily by choosing the dialogue options to dodge until the voices in your head mention you’re tired, then choose to keep dodging. It won’t turn out the way the Voice of the Hunted wants, but you’ll get to meet the Den instead.

The Eye of the Needle is what happens when you try to win against the Adversary and ultimately fail. When fighting with the Adversary, ignore her instructions and listen to the Voice of the Hero instead. This will lead you to try a more strategic approach to slay her. When you hit Chapter III and The Eye of the Needle, you’ll actually have the chance to do that. Heads up: slaying the Eye of the Needle is only possible if you also have the Voice of the Hunted.

The Moment of Clarity is an escalation from the Nightmare. This is one of the few paths where you’ll encounter all of the voices in your head, so it’s well worth braving the horrors of the Nightmare. When you meet the Nightmare, choose to stay with her, and you will reach the Moment of Clarity. Just remember: forever is a long time to deny the Princess.

The Apotheosis in all her glory.

The Apotheosis is a fan favorite and is one of the Princesses getting an update in the coming Pristine Cut DLC. This update will have more dialogue and choices. You won’t want to miss out on meeting the Apotheosis. In order to do so, you’ll need to meet the Tower first. Then, take the Pristine Blade and attempt to slay the Tower, but then give up and slay yourself instead.

The opening shot of the woods for the Wild. We are a path in the woods.

Different Streams, Same River

Some Princesses in Chapter III can be reached from different versions of Chapter II. This allows for more diversity when choosing your path.

The Burned Grey in Slay the Princess

The Grey is one of the sadder versions of the Princess you can meet, and there are actually two versions of her. The hardest part of meeting the Grey is mustering the emotional strength to kill some of the most sympathetic characters. If you need some motivation, just remember it’s speculated that the Grey will get an update in the Pristine Cut DLC. To meet the Burning Grey, you’ll need to slay the Damsel. In order to meet the Drowned Grey, you’ll need to slay the Prisoner (cutting off her head doesn’t let you meet the Grey).

The Wraith is another ghostlike variant of the Princess you can find. You can either meet her by encountering the Spectre or the Nightmare and choosing to slay them. You may or may not be successful in your slaying attempts, but the Wraith is none too happy either way. Good luck!

The Wild is unabashedly one of my favorite versions of the Princess. Reaching the Wild requires first meeting either the Witch or the Beast. If you chose the Beast, ignore The Voice of the Hunted and choose not to dodge and get eaten. As long as you die while inside the Beast’s stomach, you’ll meet the Wild. Alternatively, if you met the Witch, running from the Witch after meeting her will allow you to become the Wild.

The Fury. She's not happy to see you.

The Fury is one of the Princesses getting an update in the Pristine Cut DLC and is one of the most imposing versions of the Princess you’ll meet. To meet the Fury, first meet either the Tower or the Adversary. If you choose to meet the Fury, you’ll need to disappoint her and make her lose her will to fight. The easiest way to do this is to try and save her and avoid fighting her, no matter what she says. To meet the Fury after the Tower, you’ll need to slay the Tower. Resist her commands with all your might, and you’ll manage to meet the Tower.

The opening card to Slay the Princess. Reads: "Whatever horrors you may find in these dark spaces have heart and see them through. There are no premature endings. There are no wrong decisions. There are only fresh perspectives and new beginnings. This is a love story."

Leaving the Cabin in Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess is one of my favorite games. While I have my favorites, each version of the Princess has something new to offer, and the Pristine Cut DLC is sure to offer even more. I wish you luck facing the horrors in these dark places to reach the end of your love story.

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