Unleash Your Inner Kong: Dive into the Captivating World of the King Kong Video Games

“He was a king in the world he knew. But he comes to you now a captive. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Kong, the 8th wonder of the world!”
~ Jack Black as Carl Denham in Peter Jackson’s 2005 adaptation of King Kong.

The above quote comes from one of the most successful films ever created by Peter Jackson, King Kong. Coming off the success of The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson’s devotion to King Kong shined bright, ultimately leading to a phenomenal film experience. For it being another iteration of the beloved skyscraper-climbing primate, Jackson’s film stands out for its overarching themes and deeply fascinating story.

Equally as great was that along with the King Kong film, a companion video game was released. King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie. This title was created alongside the film and was a smash hit. 

It has been almost 20 years since the release of the 2005 multi-console game. With the success of the new Godzilla v. Kong movies, it is ever clearer that a new Kong-focused game must be made.

A Vastatosaurus rex attacks the search party

A Look Back at the King Kong Video Game

King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie starts off with the crew of the SS Venture making their way to Skull Island. Their arrival is abrupt, and immediately they are put to the test of surviving Skull Island. From initial fights with smaller creatures and Skull Island natives to terrifying interactions with big creatures, including Kong, the game offers an immersive experience. 

Like the movie, Kong is eventually taken off the island and back to New York City. Once he arrives in the Big Apple, Kong goes on his rampage. This rampage ultimately ends when Kong is killed by soldiers, falling to his death after being shot. It is important to note that there is an available alternate ending. In it, Kong returns to Skull Island, but this is only after obtaining a certain amount of points. 

In terms of gameplay, there are two main perspectives. The first one is from the first-person perspective of Jack Driscoll, the heroic writer who takes on all of the perils Skull Island has to offer. Jack’s journey to save Ann Darrow from Skull Island, particularly in the game, is met with life-threatening obstacles at every turn. It is the nature of Skull Island, especially for those unfamiliar with the landscape.

The other playable character is Kong himself. Playing as Kong is quite interesting because it is a third-person experience. Players fight against the terrifying creatures of Skull Island. You can use many of Kong’s abilities, including climbing and fighting, all while protecting Ann from the threats of Skull Island. This does not fade away once Kong arrives in New York City. In fact, Kong’s fascinating abilities come in handy for fighting against soldiers.

The video game directly coincides with the movie. It is, after all, the companion video game. There are a few moments that stray from the movie, often containing new monsters and scenarios. Some creative liberties are also taken in the game, including the crew’s first interaction with Kong, the crew’s interactions with the tribe, and Kong’s final moments. Still, it all lines up perfectly with the overarching storyline. Even the characters are voiced by the actors who played them. This is rare in the case of a lot of video games derived from films. 

Carl Denham and Ben Hayes face off with a V. Rex

An Argument for a Kong Virtual Reality Experience

Over the years, there has been much speculation about what a new King Kong video game might look like. Although there is an array of possibilities, I believe that the greatest option is a virtual reality experience. VR has come a long way, and the beauty of it is that the industry is still growing. 

No matter the storyline, a Kong VR experience would surely give the story of Kong and Skull Island a fresh face. If one is to simply look at it from the perspective of the film companion game, there is an opportunity to make the first-person experience of Jack Driscoll that much more intricate. Being able to experience Skull Island up close and personal would be thrilling. Add survival elements to the mix, and any player would get a kick out of fighting creatures of all sizes to save Ms. Darrow.

Along with being able to play as Jack, the ability to play as Kong presents new challenges and more to the story. The first challenge I could see would be having the player move like Kong. Since Kong’s movements are similar to a gorilla, it would force players to have to use their bodies in ways that distinctly contrast with playing as Jack Driscoll. However, the new edge would be enhanced abilities because of Kong’s superior strength and knowledge of Skull Island. 

Overall, a VR experience would assuredly bring a beautiful take to the Skull Island experience.

King Kong in New York City

Final Thoughts on the Future of King Kong

The future of any King Kong film or game will always be interesting, and it has been that way since the release of the first movie in 1933. As of recent, there have been some reports of a new Kong-centric game being developed by DeVito Artworks and Gamemill Entertainment. Outside of the companies involved and that it is intended to be a multi-platform game, no additional information is available.

It has been nearly two decades since the film’s companion game. I still can’t foresee another King Kong game coming close to its impact. This is why a VR twist would be phenomenal. I offer the idea of making a new game in VR format. This could shine a new light on the story of Skull Island and Kong, just like how Peter Jackson did with his interpretations of the story. 

At the end of the day, I am eager to see what lies ahead for King Kong. I have loved Kong since I was young, and I will continue to support any Kong-related developments. Who knows, maybe the next game will include more dynamics related to Godzilla and the modern-day kaiju-universe.

What new features would you want to see in a King Kong game? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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