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I’ve played a good number of zombie games and the premise is almost always the same. Kill all the zombies and survive until some epic conclusion. Undying takes a different route, one in which the player is already infected and has no chance of survival!

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Zombie Survival, But You Can’t Survive – PC Gamer

Undying is about a mother-son duo braving their way through an infested world. The mom, Anling, has already been infected by a zombie bite, so her sole purpose is to prepare Cody for a life without her.

The story is both dark and beautiful at the same time. On one hand, you watch as your child develops the necessary skills to become independent in the apocalypse. On the other, your mind and body are slowly deteriorating as you approach your inevitable fate. 

Undying uses a combination of a unique art style with a gripping musical soundtrack to evoke the emotions of the environment. There’s a surprisingly strong appeal to the faceless characters as they explore the wasteland and fight for their lives.

As in most other survival games, Undying has an element of foraging and crafting. It’s vital to maintain a steady supply of food, medicine, and equipment to ensure you last long enough to pass your wisdom on to Cody.

At first, Cody cowers behind cover as Angling beats zombies down. As he learns more and gains confidence, he can eventually assist in fighting off the hordes of the undead.

Undying has a cool skill tree which adds a nice RPG element to the action. In this way, you can commit experience toward learning abilities that increase your chances of survival.

Along the journey, the pair learns to cook, craft, and battle side by side. As the infection progresses, you also start to pick up zombie abilities! Your other base stats, such as stamina and strength, are reduced in order to balance out the buffs gained from zombie mode.

You’ll need to balance risk and reward as you search for loot while trying to stay alive. At times, you’ll notice some valuable consumables in the center of a zombie swarm. If you’re quick, you can make it out of dodge with items that will improve your overall sustainability.

The game is in Early Access for folks to try out and the initial reviews from streamers seem largely positive. Sick Critic claims Undying is “emotionally resonant and stylistically surprising” and other publications echo this sentiment. Pick it up on Steam starting October 19 to take part in this emotional tale!

Will you be trying out Undying? How long do you think you’d last in a real-life zombie apocalypse? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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