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Breaking Down Set 7 of Teamfight Tactics 

Set 7 of Teamfight Tactics released on June 8, 2022, featuring Dragonlands! This set is focused on Dragons that are double the cost and team size of a normal unit but provide triple their trait. Raptors have also been replaced with a Treasure Dragon which allows players to better control what items they get later in the game. 

Here are 10 tips to help you out in the first week of set 7 before the next patch comes out!

Tip 1: Favorite early game items

Whether it was Sunfire Cape in Set 4 or Morello’s on Twisted Fate in Set 6, there has always been an early game item slam (making an item early to boost your team’s power) that can tilt the game in your favor. For this set, it appeared blue buff Ezrael might’ve been the best early game carry. However, that was quickly nerfed in the final Public Beta Environment patch. 

Without a clear item and champion combo, here are some of my favorite item slams:

  • Guinsoo Rageblade (GRB) on any Cannoneer, Swiftshot, or Warrior unit
  • Shoujin’s on Nami or specific backline units such as Jinx or Tristana
  • Dragon Claw on any Guardian/Cavalier unit or specific Bruisers such as Tahm Kench or Shen
  • Other slammable items including Blood Thirster, Titan’s Resolve, Giant Slayer, and Sunfire Cape.

Items to avoid slamming this set include Blue Buff, Infinity Edge, Jeweled Gauntlet, Bramble Vest, and Last Whisperer. Unlike Set 6.5, it feels like there is a higher priority on attack speed and less of a priority on Critical Hit damage. This could change if Talon gets buffed to become a viable Assassin, but that does not appear to be the case at Set 7 release. With this in mind, first carousel priority for me is Bow > Sword > Rod > Tear > Cloak > Glove > Armor > Belt.

Tip 2: Favorite late game items in Teamfight Tactics Set 7

Quicksilver Sash (QSS) feels like an absolute must in this set. While Crowd Control was prevalent in Set 6.5, it felt like with good positioning or maybe a Trap Claw, you could get away with not putting QSS on your carry. 

In set 7, CC is extremely prevalent and QSS is a near must. As per usual, Zephyr and Shroud are both very good late-game items. They should be taken from Treasure Dragon or Carousel every time. Dragon Claw is another great late-game item, especially for any Dragons you run, since it gains a small bonus when equipped on one.

Some items to avoid in this Set of Teamfight Tactics include ZZ’Rot, Warmogs, and Deathblade. It feels like these items are still underpowered and I have not seen them succeed in PBE.

Tip 3: Vertical Traits

As with every new set, it usually takes a couple of days for the meta to get sorted out. With this in mind, players can take advantage of vertical traits. My favorite vertical traits are Ragewing, Tempest, and Astral. 

The ten-cost dragons (Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, Ao Shin) that correspond with these traits are all viable carries. Whispers also used to be viable, but a large nerf was applied right before release and it doesn’t feel as strong as before. With the increased prevalence of gold and prismatic augments, it will be easier to hit vertical traits and take advantage of the big power spikes they provide.

Tip 4: Favorite early game teams in Teamfight Tactics Set 7 

These teams focus on building around one and two-cost units in case you don’t hit any three-cost units early.

Here are  3 of my favorite early game teams:

  • Team 1: Taric, Gnar, Leona/Nidalee, Ashe/Karma
    This team starts with three Jade as its core competency. From there you can add additional Swiftshots or Dragonmancers to help scale Ashe. Gnar is also an underrated unit that should see more play as the meta is sorted out.
A strong early game team in Teamfight Tactics
  • Team 2: Aatrox/Tahm Kench, Shen, Sett/Kayn, Senna
    This team focuses on Ragewing. You can add additional warriors to buff Shen or cannoneers to build off Senna.
Ragewing Team
  • Team 3: Shen/Tahm Kench/Heimerdinger, Skarner, Nami, Nidalee/Vladimir
    If you hit three Astrals early with either Bow or Tear start, Nami and Varus are low cost carries that have been doing extremely well in ladder. This team lacks front line so Nami with shoujin or two-star Skarner/Vladimir is needed.
Astral Team

Tip 5: Mid-Game Transitions

At around level 6, you will start to look to transition off your one-cost carries and move to three-cost carries. Here are a few viable carries and supporting casts for people who couldn’t hit a dragon early.

  • Team 1: Olaf/Yone Carry
    This team focuses on running Guinsoo along with AD items on Olaf and Yone.
A strong mid-game team in Teamfight Tactics
  • Team 2: Ragewing Dragonmancer
    This team relies on Guinsoo Swain with a tanky frontline that allows Swain to ramp up
Guinsoo Swain Team
  • Team 3: Five Mage reroll Astral
    You need some early game fortune with getting Astral units to make this team work. You should also scout other players’ boards to make sure you aren’t competing with too many others.
Mage Team
  • Team 4: Swiftshot Astral
    Currently run by a lot of top pros. It appears to transition well into the late game
Team run by many Teamfight Tactics pros

Tip 6: Favorite Late game Carries for this Teamfight Tactics Set

It appears going fast level nine is the preferred strategy and top boards usually carry a big 2-star, 5-cost carry.

  • Aurelion Sol: Best in slot (BiS) items: Mage Spatula, QSS, Shoujins
    Has been nerfed multiple times in PBE but is still seeing play. 
One of the top late-game teams
  • Ao Shin: Guinsoo Rageblade, Shoujin, Jeweled Gauntlet/Rabadons/Archangels
    Very flexible but extremely high-roll. Requires a lot of gold to pull off. Doesn’t require QSS since your team already has so much CC
A Teamfight Tactics team for when you have a lot of gold
  • Yasuo: Titan’s Resolve, Bloodthirster, Last Whisper
    Fits right in with the four Warriors mid-game comp
Four Warriors Team
  • Ragewing Xayah: QSS, Infinity Edge, Last Whisperer
    Xayah has enough attack speed so Guinsoo Rageblade is not necessary
Ragewing Xayah in Teamfight Tactics

With the recent nerfs, 2-star Sy’fen is probably at best a top 4. I have yet to see Zoe work as a primary carry. Additionally, Sona without Mage Spatula is not a viable carry, leaving no Four or 5-cost Ability Power based carries.

Tip 7: Traits to Avoid in this Set For Now

Legends: Ornn is a tank and both Volibear and Anivia don’t feel strong enough as solo carries. I enjoy the idea of playing Legends as an alternative to Dragons, but the trait isn’t powerful enough yet to warrant play.

Dragonmancer: Three Dragonmancer feels like a nice plug-and-play trait, but six and nine Dragonmancer don’t feel strong right now. Swain and Volibear were nerfed and are not viable carries anymore. Finally, Yasuo scales better with the Mirage or Warrior trait.

Shimmerscale: The econ trait of this set, this trait doesn’t feel strong enough. None of the units synergize well and the carry of this trait, Zoe, needs three Mages active. This prevents you from going (with?) nine Shimmerscale.

Jade: Jade is a very powerful mid-game comp but falls off hard late-game. The five-cost Soraka is a support unit and the four-cost Shi Oh Yu/Neeko are support/tanky units rather than carries. This leaves three-cost Anivia as the only viable carry. In its current form, it lacks meaningful damage.

Tip 8: Favorite Augments

My favorite Prismatic Emblem is Wise Spending (when you refresh your Shop gain 2 experience points). If I get this as my first augment, I force Astral. Ince I hit 50 gold, I slow roll, which allows me to level and take advantage of the Astral trait.

Honorable mention goes to Verdant Veil. A 15-second QSS for every unit on your team? That sounds busted and I’m surprised it hasn’t been nerfed.

The best Gold Augments appear to be Dragon Horde and Dragon Alliance. In nearly every lobby, I’ve seen someone run these traits with great success. The goal is to have two of Idas, Shi Oh Yu, or Shyvana tank for you while one of Ao Shin, Aurelion Sol, or Daeja dish out the damage.

Honorable mention to Mage Crest/Urf’s Grab Bag. Mage Spatula is extremely overpowered right now and can be slammed on multiple AP carries.

Even though it’s not the best, the most interesting silver augment is Recombobulator. This transforms every champion on your board into a champion that is one cost more. As an added bonus, italso grants two recombobulators.

The most likely top Silver Augments will be Celestial Blessing or one of the Cybernetic Augments.

Tip 9: Get an Early Win Streak 

As with every set you want to get a lose streak or win streak in order to maximize your economy. However, this Set rewards win streaking even more than prior Sets. In the past, players would lose streak in order to get an earlier choice on the carousel. With Treasure Dragon, early-game items are not as important, and you can roll on Treasure Dragon to hit best in slot items. 

This makes it even more important to follow the above tips, slam away on items, and play the best board possible. It also rewards leveling early such as pushing level 7 before second carousel to keep the win streak alive.

Tip 10: Don’t Tilt!!!

If you’ve had a couple of bad beats in a row, know when to fold. Teamfight Tactics is a marathon, not a sprint. Take a break for a day or even a week. This patch might not suit your style and you can reset on the next patch!

I hope these 10 tips help and I’ll see you on the climb!

What are your top Teamfight Tactics tips and tricks? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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