Ultimate Super Auto Pets Tier List – All Tier 3 Pets

Super Auto Pets Tier 3 Pets

We’re approaching some of the pets that you’ll keep through the end game of Super Auto Pets! This week we look at tier 3 pets – refer to these two posts for tier 1 and tier 2 rankings. 

Tier 3 pets are available at turn 5 if you’ve got an animal in your party to evolve. Organically, you can purchase these pets at turns 7 and above in the normal pool of animals.

I strongly feel that Tier 3 pets in Super Auto Pets dominate the mid-game. They’re early enough that you can get them to level 3 consistently and there are a handful of Tier 3s that you can carry all the way to a 10-win victory!

S-Tier Pets

It’s the Puppy for me. This good boy has enormous potential and has regularly ended up as my strongest pet. It’s a self-scaling animal, which means it doesn’t rely on other foods or pets to get stronger. As long as you remember not to overspend during the buy round, the Puppy will become a strong tank that anchors your team through the late game.

Puppy scaling in end game of Super Auto Pets

A-Tier Pets

  • Caterpillar: This one is slightly rage-inducing. On one hand, the Caterpillar scales on its own to effectively give you a second strong animal in the end game. On the other hand, it takes several turns to reach its final form and can be easily sniped by several opposing pets. I’m keeping it in A-Tier since you get the added bonus of 2 free level-ups to grant you access to a stronger shop pet.
  • Rabbit: Initially, I didn’t really understand the Rabbit and it was at the bottom of my Tier 3 pets list. Once I fully understood its ability, I realized that this furball is the best way to achieve wide-scaling on your team early on. Super Auto Pets is definitely in a “health meta” right now, where whoever has the largest health pool will generally win. It doesn’t matter if you have 50 attack if you can be one-shotted by a mosquito. Add the Rabbit to your party if you want a nice buff to your team’s survivability.
  • Snail: Snail is a weird one since it means you lost a round. Its base stats aren’t good and you will likely never level it up, but it provides an immediate, lasting buff to your entire team! I’ll almost always find short-term space for a Snail on my team following an L. There are even times where I freeze the Snail in the shop if my team is in a rebuilding phase. Hopefully, you won’t need much of the Snail, but you’ll be glad it arrives in your store after a devastating loss.
  • Turtle: By now, everyone knows that Melon Armor is OP. Since it’s a Tier 6 item, you can’t buy it until the later rounds. However, the Tier 3 Turtle gives you immediate access to this valuable piece of equipment. The Turtle can be given a Sleeping Pill to give a key pet a permanent Melon Armor or you can level it up for some fascinating synergies. It pairs well with the Whale (Tier 4) and can be a great counter against the ever-powerful enemy Bats.

B-Tier Pets

  • Blowfish: This is kind of a weird one on its own. At level 1, it’s fairly ineffective given the base stats. However, if you can get it to level 2 and throw a couple pieces of food at it, an early Blowfish can wreak havoc on opposing teams. It also pairs nicely with the Tier 4 Elephant, giving you a formidable fish turret to deal consistent damage.
  • Camel: The Camel is another one that really only excels when paired with another animal. With 2/5 stats, it will typically only grant 1 buff before fainting. In this sense, it feels like a more advanced Ant. Yet, when you beef up the Camel, it can be a great companion to the Kangaroo (more on this later). It just seems there are better alternatives to buff your team, especially in the Tier 3 pool.
  • Dog: Am I crazy for putting the Dog in B-Tier? Maybe. But, I don’t care. It just takes way too much to scale this thing. You end up spending a bunch of money buying and selling pets when that gold could be spent rounding out the rest of your team. Back at launch, the Dog was OP. The devs quickly noticed and it got patched, which dropped it from S Tier. At later levels, it can scale pretty quickly, but I much prefer its Puppy counterpart.
  • Kangaroo: Just like in real-life, the Kangaroo can pack a punch in Super Auto Pets. If you have a tanky animal in front of it, it will become an absolute monster. BUT, having a tanky friend is key to making this animal work. I’ve lost to several strong Kangaroos. I’ve also demolished many Kangaroos before they can scale. It’s too inconsistent for me to rank any higher.
  • Owl: The Owl is fine for a quick buy-and-sell, but it’s rare that you’ll ever take it beyond level 1. It has surprisingly good base stats to place on your team in a pinch, but you aren’t really gonna hold onto this bird for very long.
  • Ox: I know I already talked up Melon Armor, but you usually want it on something with high attack to take advantage of the free hit. The Ox starts off with 1 base attack, which goes to 3 when the friend ahead faints. In most cases, this means you will dish out 6-9 damage before your Ox passes out. There’s an interesting strat to pair the Ox with a Badger, but I don’t think it’s strong enough to justify.
  • Sheep: I used to really love Sheep, but they’re honestly just not very strong beyond the early game. At level 1, you effectively field three 2/2 animals on your team. All of these will be killed in one shot and will likely just chisel down the health of the opponent’s tank. After several playthroughs with the Sheep, I’ve come to accept that it’s just not top tier. 
  • Tropical Fish: The Fish is an okay way to have semi-wide scaling on your team. It gives a solid health bonus to two pets, but there are food options available soon after the Tropical Fish becomes available. If I buy it, I only keep it around for a turn or two before selling it for something more valuable.

C-Tier Pets

  • Badger: You can create your own Honey Badger to secure cheeky wins in the early- to mid-game of Super Auto Pets. As I mentioned before, it pairs well with the Ox as well as the Hedgehog, but the kamikaze strat can be countered by armor equipment. 
  • Giraffe: If you’re really in need of +1/+1, just buy an apple. Better yet, level up your pet to unlock a new animal in the shop! Level 1 Giraffe just takes up space in your squad. Investing resources to get it to level 2 is a waste. I could be convinced to drop Giraffe to D tier, but I’m feeling generous today.
  • Hatching Chick: I’m a bit torn here. At level 1, the temporary boost almost guarantees you a win in the early turns of Super Auto Pets. However, once you get to the mid-game, level 1 just won’t cut it. If you’ve had lucky rolls and are able to get the Hatching Chicken to level 2, I can see it being viable as a mid-game scaler. Beyond turn 8 or so, you won’t want to keep this pet.

D-Tier Pets

I’m not putting any Tier 3 pets in the D-tier. I promise this won’t become a recurring theme.

Super Auto Pets Tier 3 Pets Tier List 

Again, the major caveat here is that these are the Super Auto Pets power rankings as of early January 2022. Tier 3 pets seem largely in the “okay” category and any are playable in the right scenario. I’m still picking up Puppy any day of the week though! 

What do you think of this tier list? Would you move any pets around? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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