Ultimate Super Auto Pets Tier List – All Tier 2 Pets

Super Auto Pets Tier 2 Pets

Super Auto Pets is my current obsession. Last week, I released a tier list for the tier 1 pets. As expected, here’s how I’ve rated all of the animals in tier 2! 

Even though you can technically attain a tier 2 pet in the second round by leveling up a tier 1 pet, this usually leaves you with four or fewer animals in your squad. More realistically, you will gain access to tier 2 animals at level 3 and beyond.

In this tier list, I’ll break down each of the tier 2 pets, including DLC pets, as they stack up to the other options in that category. This strategy considers the available animals in the first several rounds of the game and how they can set you up for the mid-game. Check out the best pets to purchase from the pool of tier 2 pets in Super Auto Pets!

S-Tier Pets

I’m not putting any tier 2 pets in S-tier! I know I’m going to get some hate here, but I don’t care. None of these animals blew me away.

Super auto pets swan victory

A-Tier Pets

  • Bat: The Bat starts off as a nice way to take off a chunk of health from an opposing pet. Since the target is randomized, it prevents the Bat from being OP. By the mid- to -late-game, you should have a level 2 Bat who can hit two opposing pets. This becomes even more important in the last few rounds where equipment is more common. In the early game, you can get rid of pesky bees. Later you can effectively negate melon and garlic armor by having a Bat weaken the opponent! 
  • Swan: Getting extra gold is a fantastic way to increase the strength of your squad. At level 1, the Swan’s ability lets you roll an additional time in the shop. By level 2, you have the ability to purchase 4 pets and/or items from the shop in a given turn. Additionally, the Swan has decent starting stats so you’ll get immediate value from this animal.

B-Tier Pets

  • Dodo: This is one of the strongest supporting pets that are available in the first half of the game. The Dodo gives one friendly pet an added attack bonus. Ideally, you can buff an animal which has a decent amount of health to ensure that you perform at least two high-damage attacks in a round. The level 1 attack damage increase is okay, but you’ll really want to focus on getting the Dodo to level 2 for it to be a formidable support.
  • Tabby Cat: Tabby Cat is the hardest-hitting pet in the first two tiers of Super Auto Pets. Its base attack lets it eliminate any level 1 opponents as long as they don’t have equipment. As far as buffing friendly pets, you’ll need to invest cash into purchasing food. If you get good early rolls, this can be an effective strategy to secure early wins. Beyond the mid-game, you’ll probably want to swap out the Tabby Cat for a pet that provides permanent buffs.
  • Flamingo: Even though the Flamingo can get sniped by a level 1 Mosquito, you still get the buff to two friends when it faints. It has a modest base attack stat and you can give it a Sleeping Pill from the shop to secure a permanent buff. The only reason why I can’t move Flamingo further up the list is the low starting health. It reminds me of a more sophisticated Ant which rarely gets leveled up.
  • Spider: The Spider is just a more advanced Cricket. Depending on how early you see it in the shop, your Cricket may even be stronger than the base Spider. This is another placeholder animal for me in Super Auto Pets. I usually buy it for one or two rounds without investing any additional resources into it, then drop it as soon as something better shows up.
  • Hedgehog: There are plenty of hilarious Hedgehog builds on YouTube which demonstrate the devastating potential of this critter. Often referred to as a “kamikazee build”, these squads rely on damaging themselves to do subsequent damage to the enemy team. It requires careful planning and positioning, but can be unstoppable in the mid-game when executed properly.

C-Tier Pets

  • Crab: Even with solid base stats, the Crab relies on you having a stronger pet to benefit off of. In the first 5 rounds, you might have one animal that has built up a good base of health. However, it’s more likely that you are still building up your squad with level 1 pets who haven’t eaten much food. Buy the Crab if you have a high-tier pet, otherwise, it’s not worth the buy.
  • Dromedary: This is such a unique concept. At first, I thought it was just a weird-looking Camel with no value. Then, I realize it has the potential to help gain a slight advantage over your foes. The +1/+1 boost is small, and relies on a bit of luck to find an animal in your shop that you don’t already own. You can even keep a pet frozen multiple rounds to the effect of a targeted Canned Food.
  • Elephant: Strangely, the Elephant doesn’t really get its core value until you’ve got some later-stage pets available to you. It is the perfect counterpart to pets that get a boost from taking damage – Blowfish, Camel, Gorilla. The only pet in the available tier 1 and 2 pool that benefits is the Peacock, which you’ll soon see isn’t all that powerful. The Elephant can be a good team member in the mid-game of Super Auto Pets, but do you really want to wait that long?
  • Peacock: At first, I was impressed by the high starting health of the Peacock. After several attempts at making this pet work, I saw it just takes way too many resources to make it effectively. You’ve got to equip it with Garlic Armor, boost the base stats with food, and, even then, hope that you can get in more than two attacks before fainting. In most cases, you will do a total of 4 damage to the opposing pet before your Peacock goes down. For this type of output, I’d rather pick up a Spider that I don’t have to invest any additional gold into.
  • Rat: This rodent has some of the best starting stats in its tier. It belongs at the front of your lineup to dish out solid damage, with the potential to take down 3 enemy pets. There are two downsides to this pet: it gives the enemy team an additional attacker AND the spawned enemy is called a ‘Dirty Rat’. Ew.
  • Shrimp: What is it with these random buffs? The Shrimp is okay to pick up if your team already has several throw-away pets in the squad. This way, you at least get a boost to whatever animal you hope to keep in the team. In a best case scenario, you are probably getting a +1 health bonus on two pets. Meanwhile, you are losing two pets from your lineup. The overall cost will be 1 Gold after buying a Shrimp and selling two friendlies, but then you need to invest another 6 Gold to build back your team to full strength. It has some utility, but it’s an expensive process to get a couple of extra hit points.

D-Tier Pets

I’m not putting any Tier 2 pets in the D-tier either, so sue me.

Super Auto Pets Tier 2 Pets Tier List 

Again, the major caveat here is that these are the Super Auto Pets power rankings as of early January 2022. Most of the pets in tier 2 could move up or down a rank, but this is the relative strength I’ve seen over the last two weeks. 

What do you think of this tier list? Would you move any pets around? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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