Ultimate Guide to Super Auto Pets Game Mechanics

What is Super Auto Pets?

We’ve explained Super Auto Pets in a few prior posts, but here’s the Spark Notes version. You compose a team of pets, each having unique abilities, to battle against another team of pets. Win 10 rounds before losing all of your hearts and you’ll achieve victory!

Even though the premise is straightforward, there isn’t a tutorial mode to explain all the game mechanics. This can leave new players, and even experienced battlers, puzzled about what’s happening in-game.

In this guide, I’ll explain all the core game mechanics of Super Auto Pets so you know what the heck is going on!

Economy in Super Auto Pets

Every round of Super Auto Pets starts with a shop phase. In the shop, you start with 10 gold to spend on a combination of pets and items.

All pets cost 3 gold each, and the same goes for the majority of items. The one exception to this is the Sleeping Pill which costs 1 gold.

Additionally, you can “Roll” your shop for 1 gold to get a new batch of pets and items to purchase. At any point, you can Freeze a shop item or pet to ensure it isn’t refreshed when you Roll. The pet/item will stay in your shop until you unfreeze it. 

Experience is tracked in a yellow bar above your pets’ heads. Each pet starts with 0 experience at level 1. When you combine two of the same pet, you end up with one pet that sums up the total experience of the individuals. Combining two level 1 pets that have no experience gives you a level 1 pet with 1 experience. 

You’ll need two experience points to level up from level 1 to level 2. An additional 3 experience points are required to go from level 2 to level 3.

You can also sell pets to receive extra gold. Each pet is worth its level regardless of how much experience it has earned. For example, a level 2 pet will sell for 2 gold regardless of whether it has 0 exp or 2 exp.

You can’t carry over any gold between rounds so you should make sure to take full advantage. In most cases, you’ll want to maximize your spending and end the round with 0 gold. For certain pets, like the Puppy and T-Rex, you need to end the round with gold remaining to receive their buffs. 

Super Auto Pets Shop

Buffs and Status Effects

Pets and items can buff your team. Some of these buffs are temporary, lasting only for the round you acquire them, and others are permanent.

Generally, any buff applied during a battle is a temporary buff. These will wear off at the end of the battle. For example, when the Ant faints in battle it will apply a temporary buff to the health and strength of one friendly pet.

Inversely, buffs that are obtained during the shop phase will usually be permanent. In the Ant example, applying a Sleeping Pill in the shop phase will grant a permanent buff to a team member.

One exception to the shop rule applies to certain foods and pets. These exceptions are called out in the description of the buff. The Cupcake, for example, applies a buff for the current round which disappears after one fight.

Luckily, there’s also a visual indicator when your pet gains a temporary buff. The buffed stat will have a white line beneath it to highlight the non-permanent status.

Temporary buffs are a great way to secure early wins, but you’ll want to prioritize permanent buffs in the long term.

The Tier System in Super Auto Pets

Pets and items are grouped into Tiers based on their relative strength in the game. Tier 1 pets/items are the weakest overall and Tier 6 has the strongest abilities/effects in the game.

When you first start the game you’ll only have access to Tier 1 pets. Every 2 turns, your available pool of pets + items will add the next Tier to be purchased. Here’s a quick cheat sheet of which Tiers you have access to based on your turn:

TurnPet Tier

Beyond Turn 11, you’ll continue to have access to all pets in your shop.

Once a new Tier becomes available your total pets and items in the shop pool will increase. This means the probability of seeing a given pet will decrease. Simply put, you are more likely to see more Tier 1 pets than Tier 6 over the course of a game. For a more in-depth look at the percentages, check out this helpful wiki.

The game rewards you for leveling up pets by gifting you one pet from the next available Tier of pets. You can level up your pets either by combining two of the same pet or by feeding one of your pets a piece of Chocolate.

Experience gets added together when combining pets. Since each level 2 pet has 3 experience points, and 6 EXP are required to get to level 3, you can combine two level 2 pets to level up to level 3.

The Super Auto Pets shop has a maximum of 6 slots to display pets for purchase. You only get the bonus pet in the shop if you have enough space in your shop to spawn a new animal.

It’s advisable to level up your pets on odd-numbered rounds to get a nice power spike. For example, leveling up a pet on turn 3 will grant access to one Tier 3 pet for purchase. If your opponent hasn’t yet leveled up any pets, you should have one animal that is a higher Tier than theirs!

match up in super auto pets

Super Auto Pets Summons

Some pets “Summon” other pets when they faint. Other pets gain a buff anytime you Summon an animal. But what exactly is a summon in Super Auto Pets?

Any time a new pet is purchased or spawned on an empty slot of your team, that counts as a summon. Buying a Duck on an empty slot? That’s a summon. Your Deer faints in battle and spawns a Bus? That’s a summon. Purchasing a Sheep and immediately combining it with a sheep on your team? NOT a summon!

Pay close attention to which buffs require a Summon to trigger vs just purchasing a pet.

How do Stats Work in Super Auto?

Each pet has both an attack and a health stat. The attack stat is overlayed on top of a gray fist icon. The health stat sits on a red heart.

When you combine two of the same animal, the game will add +1 to the higher of both the health and attack stat. For example, if you combine a 3/1 Pig with a 4/2 Pig, the result will be a 5/3 Pig.

Experience points combine linearly, meaning you just add the total number of XP between the two pets. If the sum of this experience triggers a level-up, you’ll get your +1 Tier pet bonus in the shop!

Things do get a little more complex when combining pets that have experience points. The math works out to give you the higher stat + the lower XP. To visualize this, imagine combining these two pets:

  • Level 1 Fish | 2 EXP | 4 Attack | 3 Health
  • Level 2 Fish | 3 EXP | 5 Attack | 4 Health

The resulting Fish will be level and have 7 attack and 6 health. This mechanic is a little complex, so it’s better to play the game yourself to see it happen live!

Passing on Items

Item transfer isn’t too complicated in Super Auto Pets. If only one of the pets has an item, the combination will keep that item. If both pets have items, you will lose the item from the animal being dragged over. Put differently, the animal that receives an upgrade will keep its food.

Turn Order in Super Auto Pets

Animal turn order is determined by the animal’s attack stat. The animal with the highest attack stat will trigger its ability in battle first. Then, abilities are triggered by remaining pets by decreasing attack stat.

This is important to note when competing against sniping opponents like Dolphins and Mosquitos. If you need a specific in-game ability to be triggered to win your battle, try to buff the attack stat of that pet!

victory screen

Tying it All Together

You should be better equipped to win matchups now that you know more about the game mechanics in Super Auto Pets. There’s plenty more to learn when it comes to animal-specific abilities though! 

The best way to improve your game sense is to practice different combinations of pets and items. You’ll be a Super Auto Pets pro in no time!

Does Super Auto Pets make more sense to you now? Are there any other game mechanics that you want to know about? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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