Try this Hack to Get Better at Video Games

Video games can be a great way to relax, have fun with friends, and enjoy impressive storytelling. They’re even more enjoyable when you are good at them!

As you’re reading this, you can probably think of at least one video game where you’ve struggled to improve. You may not always have time to go through all the steps necessary for getting better at video games. Lucky for you, there’s a low-effort, straightforward way to improve at any video game!

Try this hack to get better at video games in any genre.

Learn from Others

In the internet age, you can find just about anything you’re curious about online. For gamers, there’s a wealth of knowledge from content creators. I’ll break this into three categories for simplicity.

First, find a streamer who excels at your game of choice. You may choose a streamer specializing in a specific genre, like iitzTimmy who focuses on shooters. Alternatively, select a streamer who primarily plays one game, like Guzu with World of Warcraft. The keys here are to find someone who plays at a high level who you enjoy watching for hours. This typically means the person is both entertaining and educational.

By watching streams, you can pick up on the best approaches for being successful at a game. You’ll see what’s best to focus on to excel and hear valuable insights on winning strategies. If you can’t dedicate time to watching the stream, you can still get value by listening to the audio in the background! This is one of my favorite ways to get better at video games.

Get better at video games by watching your favorite streamer

Next, head to YouTube with your newfound learnings from your favorite stream. There’s a guide for just about any aspect of a given game on this platform. If you don’t have a unique focus area in a game, just search for “Top 10 tips for XYZ game”. The default search results are usually shown by relevance and view count, so you can click on the top 2-3 to get an excellent overview.

Similarly to the streamers, if you find one who is consistently insightful, consider subscribing to their page to be notified of new videos. This ensures you’ll never miss out on new content and can continue learning from a top content creator.

Finally, check Google for relevant articles. You’ll find similar ‘tips and tricks’ articles that mirror what you saw on YT. Additionally, you’ll get more in-depth guides that explain the nuances of specific strategies and tactics.

This last option may feel like you’re going down a rabbit hole. However, an hour spent browsing through potentially helpful articles will save you a dozen hours of in-game confusion. Instead of doom-scrolling through social media posts, take the time to improve your knowledge of your favorite game!

As a bonus, there are many Discord servers out there catered toward helping the player base. Join a few that are centered on your game and browse the chat to see what kind of information they are sharing. Stick around the most valuable servers and start contributing when you feel comfortable joining the chat.

How to Get Better at Video Games

Whether you’re a casual game or consider yourself more hardcore, there’s always somewhere you can improve in the game of your choice. The internet is a vast knowledge resource, and it can significantly improve your skills as you learn to filter out the noise.

If what I’ve described above sounds like a chore, remember why you put in this time and work! It’s rare that anyone will enjoy studying, but you will see immediate, lasting effects on your gameplay by considering this hack.

What other hacks do you have to get better at video games? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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