Think Outside the Grenade: Pro Tips for The Finals

The neon lights pulsate, the announcer’s voice booms, and your heart thumps against your ribs. Welcome to The Finals, where champions are forged, and legends are born.

Amidst the adrenaline rush and bullet fire, victory hinges on more than just raw skill. It’s about outsmarting, outmaneuvering, and exploiting every hidden gem this arena offers.

This article will unleash a tactical arsenal of tips and tricks to turn you into The Finals’ undisputed champion!

The cash out box in The Finals

Defying Gravity and Cashing In

Forget those pesky fall physics. In The Finals, the ground floor is just a suggestion. Embrace your inner parkour enthusiast as you scale, climb, and leap without fear. 

Think walls are impassable? Think again! Most surfaces can be climbed, so don’t underestimate the power of a well-timed jump. Remember, high ground often holds the tactical advantage, and sometimes, the most unexpected route can lead to a surprise flank.

And while you’re scaling the scenery, keep your eyes peeled for those shiny cash boxes. Interestingly, you can actually throw the cash box! Fling it across platforms, launch it into teammates’ waiting arms, or even use it as a makeshift distraction.

Just remember that when you pick up the cash box, enemies will see the location of the cash box on the map for a brief period before your location becomes hidden. If you decide to toss the box around on your way to cash out, note that enemies will see the exact location of the box every time it is picked up. Consider placing a C4 on the cash box in case it ends up in the wrong hands. Speaking of explosives…

Explosives in The Finals

Bombs Away: Mastering the Mayhem

The Finals’ arsenal is a playground for pyromaniacs and demolition experts alike. However, wielding fire and fury requires finesse. 

Did you know you can burn gas mines with incendiary grenades for a fiery surprise? Additionally, you can set fire to goo. It’s a good idea for at least one person on your team to have incendiary grenades in their loadout to combat the impending enemy gas.

Ever accidentally place a device on the ground mistakenly or in the wrong place? Lucky for you, players can pick up things like their own mines and turrets by holding the interact button. Try to set these items in tactical locations that will give your team the best chance of winning fights. Place gas mines near the cash out box to deny incoming enemies. 

Use your turret to set up a crossfire from a different angle than your team. Also, keep in mind that turrets only rotate along a 90-degree sweeping path. Anything outside this cone will not be targeted by your turret. These automated sentries are formidable, but don’t let them intimidate you. A well-placed smoke grenade or even a strategically positioned wall can block their line of sight, rendering them harmless metal husks. 

When it comes to goo, clever players will use it for more than just blocking off sightlines. While a wall of goo can be a decent temporary barrier, it has several other uses in The Finals. The heavy class has a goo gun which can be used to quickly build. It opens up the door for creative bridges and stairs. This is especially helpful for a class that doesn’t have many movement abilities in the arsenal.

You can also use the goo to displace things. Goo is one of the few ways to move a cash out box. This comes in handy when you need to get the box to a better location for your team to attempt a steal. 

Lastly, goo can be placed on vault pads to prevent enemies from using it. This strategy works well when you are rotating around the map with the vault and need to slow down an enemy that is chasing you.

Listen for intel from the announcers

Gadgets and Gimmicks: Your Unexpected Allies

The Finals throws a smorgasbord of gadgets your way, and each one holds the potential for a game-changing play. Additionally, there are some interesting in-game mechanics to look out for outside of the class loadouts.

Remember those helpful announcer dudes? Their banter isn’t just background noise – they actually give out valuable intel. Turn on captions and listen carefully for information about the number of remaining players on an enemy team. If you kill a player and aren’t notified that a team has been wiped, their teammate is likely lurking nearby to attempt a revive. 

Keep your ears open for announcements to supplement the visual information on your screen. Knowledge is power, and you can get plenty of it from the in-game commentary.

Take advantage of your characters utility

Mastering The Finals Meta: Advanced Maneuvers for the Elite

Ever notice the long, shimmering trail left by the cash box in Bank It? Follow it, and you might just stumble upon a gold mine. The longer the trail, the more cash that person is carrying. Target these high-value opponents to secure loads of cash for your team.

If things aren’t working out, try swapping to your alternative loadout. Your reserves should be different enough from your main kit to give you an advantage in specific maps or against specific enemy team comps. For example, you can switch from close-quarters chaos to long-range sniping, and keep your opponents guessing.

There’s also the aspect of movement in The Finals. Sliding into a jump pad gives you an extra burst of speed, perfect for a quick escape or a daring ambush. Interestingly, sliding is only faster than running if you slide down a slope. It can still be helpful to dodge bullets in a firefight, but you won’t receive any speed boost from sliding on a flat surface.

One of my favorite aspects of The Finals is the destructible environment. Floors are optional too – break them to drop the cash box off high ledges and leave your pursuers scrambling for scraps. And while we’re talking scrambles, don’t underestimate the humble melee attack. When health bars are flashing red, a well-timed melee can finish off an enemy quicker than you can say, “game over.”

Make sure to reload from behind cover

Survival Tips for the Arena Savvy

The Finals is a brutal ballet of bullets and booms. Staying alive is only half the battle. Here’s a survival kit for the cautious gladiator: ziplines and ladders can be destroyed, so don’t rely on them as permanent escape routes. And speaking of escapes, remember that handy defibrillator? It revives teammates with half-health, not full, so factor that into your post-revival strategy. Don’t forget to reload after being revived, or you might find yourself staring down the barrel of your own demise.

When you find yourself in a heated battle, make sure to target the enemy with the heal beam first. Just like in Overwatch, you want to kill the support character initially to give your team a better chance of winning the fight.

Finally, a word on everyone’s favorite pain-in-the-neck: APS turrets. These automated revive-stoppers can turn the tide of battle in an instant. But fear not, savvy slayers! A well-placed EMP grenade or even some good old-fashioned cover can shut down their reanimation shenanigans. Don’t let these metallic menaces dictate your fate!

Sharpening Your Skills in The Finals: Beyond the Basics

Now, you have enough knowledge to make jaws drop and highlight reels explode. But remember, practice makes perfect. The training grounds are your canvas, so experiment, refine, and hone your skills until they’re sharper than a freshly looted katana. Master the art of zipline acrobatics, perfect your grenade throws, and learn to predict enemy movements like a futuristic chess grandmaster. The more you train, the more your instincts will kick in, transforming you from a bumbling brawler into a strategic sultan of the arena.

Remember, The Finals is more than just twitch reflexes and trigger fingers. It’s a puzzle waiting to be unraveled, a tactical dance where every move holds meaning. Think outside the box, exploit the environment and, most importantly, have fun! Because at the end of the day, that’s what The Finals is all about – the rush of adrenaline, the thrill of the unexpected, and the sweet satisfaction of emerging victorious in a neon-soaked arena. So, step onto the battlefield, champions, and claim your crown!

Bonus Tip: Keep your eyes peeled for secret areas and hidden shortcuts. The devs love to tuck away little surprises for eagle-eyed contenders. Who knows, you might just discover a game-changing flank route or a stash of legendary loot!

With these tips and tricks in your arsenal, you’re well on your way to dominating The Finals. Remember, knowledge is power, creativity is king (or queen), and a little bit of mayhem never hurt anyone (well, maybe the other contestants). Now go forth, champions, and paint the arena with your victories!

What other tips and tricks do you have for The Finals? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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