These are the Best Heroes to Play in Season 4 of Overwatch 2

Season 4 of Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 launched Season 4 on April 11, 2023. We’re seeing major changes to some of our favorite heroes and the latest addition to the roster, a support character named Lifeweaver. 

While Lifeweaver doesn’t appear to be OP from his base kit, only time will tell if he can force his way into the meta. For now, he doesn’t make the cut as one of the best heroes to play in Season 4.

For a full breakdown of the Season 4 changes, refer back to the Blizzard forums. If you want to climb the ranked ladder this season, try out some of these strong meta characters! 

Best DPS in Season 4 of Overwatch 2

Strong picks like Cassidy and Torb have been nerfed entering this season. In their place, we’re going to see a couple of high-skill ceiling characters who have excellent carry potential!

Overwatch 2 Sojourn


Blizzard has been trying to balance Sojourn for a while, but she’s still strong in Season 4. She has high mobility, crazy damage output, and rewards players with refined mechanical skills.

Since launch, her damage per shot has been reduced, her hitbox has increased, and her weapon’s spread is larger. Even with these nerfs, the Railgun has the potential to pick off squishy heroes and eliminate low-health tanks.

As Sojourn, you need to be mindful of your positioning and take advantage of her slide jump. Try to manage her energy levels and choose your targets wisely!

Tracer is a dominant DPS in Season 4


Tracer is another hero who is difficult to play, but has the ability to change the course of a fight quickly. Map knowledge is one of the most important things to develop to be effective. This includes knowing the best routes to rotate around the map and the location of health packs.

Additionally, Tracer players require excellent tracking to get the most out of her kit. You want to play at close-range and single out targets who can be burst down in a 1-on-1 duel.

Tracer is a versatile hero with a high skill ceiling and is viable in many different team compositions. 

Best Tanks in Season 4 of Overwatch 2

Tanks are the only role in Overwatch 2 where you can only have one on a team. There isn’t any surprise who the top tanks are in Season 4.

Sigma continues his dominance in ranked Overwatch 2


Sig was great in Season 3, and is still great even after a small nerf in Season 4. The Accretion rock now does less damage, but the stun duration was increased. This means you must land more primary fire shots on an enemy before attempting the Accretion-Hyperspheres combo.

Due to his unlimited fire capacity and high sustain, Sigma often has some of the highest damage in a game. Make sure to save the Accretion cooldown if you know the opposing team has offensive ultimates available, like Whole Hog, Nano-Blade, or Coalescence. 

Lastly, Sigma wants to play at a 10-20 meter distance from enemies to maximize his effectiveness. Try to develop a habit of bouncing Hyperspheres off walls when you don’t have a direct line of sight to an enemy.

Ram is scary in Season 4 of Overwatch 2


Ram rush is a scary thing. Pair a Lucio with Ramattra, and you have a combination that can quickly remove multiple enemies.

Playing Ramattra successfully means carefully cycling through his cooldowns. Generally, you want to poke from range with his primary fire. Use his barrier to close the gap, then go into Nemesis Form for close-range burst damage. As you look to end the engagement or rotate to safety, slow enemies in their tracks with Ravenous Vortex.

Even after Blizzard nerfed his ultimate ability, Annihilation remains one of the game’s strongest ults. In Season 4, try to pop Ram’s ult in the mid-fight after enemies have already taken some damage.

Best Supports in Season 4 of Overwatch 2

I think Season 4 has the highest number of strong Supports out of any prior Overwatch 2 Season. Aside from the two meta-picks below, feel free to experiment with Zen, Baptiste, and Lucio.

Brig got a major buff in Season 4


The changes to her ultimate ability have Brig sitting securely at the top of the charts for ranked play in Season 4 of Overwatch 2. She effectively turns into a tank with AOE heals and Rally will win fights in a similar manner as Kiriko’s Kitsune Rush.

This season, it will really be about playing for Rally. A few key things to note about Brig’s playstyle:

  • Her Rocket Flail is close range, but Whip Shot extends to 20 meters. Use the latter to maintain the uptime of Inspire
  • Brig’s Barrier Shield takes a full 5 seconds to start regenerating if it fully breaks. Try not to let the shield break since it only needs one health to block cooldowns and ultimates
  • Shield Bash range is double that of our Rocket Flail, so you can smack enemies around from a decent distance. It can be great for closing the distance on a low-health opponent or escaping when you need to disengage from a fight

Overall, I’d be surprised if Brigitte didn’t see a ton of play in Season 4 with her recent rework.

Kiriko is still an excellent pick in Season 4


There is just so much going on with her kit. Kiriko can cleanse friendlies, cleanse herself, speed boost, damage boost, secure kills, heal consistently, and teleport. It’s a smorgasbord of ridiculousness when you look at her kit.

With Kiriko, you want to focus on healing to build up her ultimate, while sprinkling in damage in between. Her Kunai are tough to hit at long-range, so you need to engage when you are close to the enemy. Also, prioritize landing headshots to confirm kills quickly before your target gets healed.

Kitsune Rush will typically win fights for your team, but it can be countered by most things that deny space or increase the enemy health pools. Beware of Lucio Beat, Torb Molten Core, Zenyatta Trans, D. Va Bomb, and Rein Shatter!

Overwatch 2 Season 4 Meta

Season 4 also removed competitive rank decay. This means you should see more players in your lobby who are at a similar rank as you, given that higher-level opponents won’t drop down after a hiatus from the game.

Additionally, map pools have been disabled. All maps are back in rotation for Season 4! Keep in mind match-specific picks when assembling your team comp.

Here’s a recap of the strongest heroes to climb the ranked ladder in Overwatch 2 Season 4:

  • DPS – Sojourn + Tracer
  • Tank – Sigma + Ramattra
  • Support – Brig + Kiriko

Who are your top picks for Season 4 of Overwatch 2? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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