The Recap of September 2023 Nintendo Direct

By Brandon Williams / September 18, 2023

RPG Mario Squad falls into Paper Mario Book

The recent Nintendo Direct showcased its upcoming releases this winter. Despite the Nintendo Switch reaching its seventh year, its lineup isn’t slowing down. Its library continues to grow with a few series returning, both from third-party and Nintendo. This is the summary of games coming to Nintendo Switch at the end of 2023 or later in 2024.

Nintendo Releases

Classic Puzzling Rivalry

DK stealing Mario toys

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is a remake of the classic Gameboy Advance title. DK stole all the Mario toys from the factory, so Mario must chase after him. Each level requires keys to unlock doors leading to the missing toys and DK. Use Mario acrobatics, such as vaulting and climbing ropes, to collect all the stolen toys.

Mario vs DK

The major key to the puzzle game is using observation and action. Players must examine the environment and correctly act, such as using an enemy to traverse spike pits or using Mario’s handstand jump to reach higher platforms. 

A friend can also join locally, letting Toad accompany Mario to retrieve the key. The classic chase for toys will begin on February 16, 2024. Preorders are open today.

The Return of the Legendary RPG

Mario RPG squad with Mario, Geno, and Bowser

Super Mario RPG is a remake of Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars, a Nintendo classic from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). Follow Mario and his gang on the journey to stop the Smithy gang and save Star Road. This faithful game isn’t just updated visually, but also included new additions.

In battles, timing inputs are essential to increasing damage and minimizing injuries. In the new remake, timing attacks perfectly on one enemy will damage all other enemies with a certain percentage of damage.

Triple Move with Mario, Bowser, and Mallow

 Every action command will build a meter gauge within the bottom left corner. Once full, the Triple Move becomes available to deal tremendous damage on the field. The Triple Move will change depending on the active party members, thus can be more effective against certain enemies.

Mario facing a boss

After beating the game, Mario can return to different bosses to fight them again. However, the bosses are now in their much stronger form. Surprisingly, some might even have unblockable Instakill moves. 

The game will launch on November 17. Players can preorder it today.

Princess’s Spotlight

Princess form change at Nintendo show

Princess Peach Showtime! is a brand new entry spotlighting Princess Peach. A Toad shows Peach an ad flier for a new place called Sparkle Theater, which piques her interest. However, after reaching their destination, the new villainous Grape and the Sour Bunch take over the entire theater. Now, Peach and the theater guardian, Stella, must save the play.

Sour Boss released

Peach will use Stella’s Ribbon to face the sour baddies and cleanse the thorns off each play scene. The ribbon won’t be enough to handle all the sour obstacles, so Peach must change her role. By standing on certain pedestals, she can transform into various roles. The princess can turn into a swordfighter, detective, baker, martial artist, and more. 

Peach’s show will begin on March 22, 2024. Preorders are open today.

Bolt of Brilliance Comeback

Drama with Investigating duo

Detective Pikachu Returns follows Detective Pikachu on a two-year case within Ryme City. Detective Pikachu is a shockingly good, coffee-loving detective searching for his long-missing partner, Harry Goodman. During his search, he teams up with his partner’s son, Tim Goodman, to solve different mysteries. Solving other cases may lead to clues about Detective Pikachu’s partner

Detective teamwork for Nintendo

Tim interviews people while Pikachu interviews Pokemon to gather information and find the truth together. The duo can use different Pokemon to unveil the truth. For example, players can take advantage of Growlithe’s sense of smell, Darmmanitan’s absolute strength, and Luxray’s keen hearing. 

The mysteries within the city will be revealed on October 6, 2023. Preorders are open today.

Third-Party Revivals

Prince of Persia Return to 2D

Traditional POP on Nintendo Switch

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a new entry that revitalizes its original 2D adventure roots of Prince of Persia. The story follows Sargon, a warrior of the group called “The Immortals”. 

The Immortals’ main task is to save the kidnapped Persian prince in Mount Qaf. Sargon must use his acrobatics, time-powers, and weapons to face the mythological dangers within the mystical cursed lands. He can even equip amulets to customize his skills and techniques.

The game will release on January 18, 2024. The game can be preordered today, which unlocks the warrior within outfit from Prince of Persia 2.

Remastered Adventures of Lara Croft

traditional Tomb Raider on Nintendo Switch

Tomb Raider I – III Remastered revamps the original Tomb Raider trilogy in one collection. Play as Lara Croft to explore a variety of ancient areas, solve puzzles, and discover lost treasures and historical knowledge. 

Use acrobatics and equipment to overcome challenging platforming and maneuver around ancient enemies like dinosaurs and cursed creatures. Every previous expansion and secret lost level are included in the remastered games. There’s even an option to toggle between the original and remastered graphics anytime during gameplay. 

The adventurous desire for discovery will release on February 14, 2024. Players can preorder it today.

A Reimagined Arcade Classic

Arcade Classic on Nintendo Switch

Contra: Operation Galuga is an enhanced reimagination of the classic 80’s run’n’gun, Contra. Elite Contra commandos, Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, are tasked to stop the Red Falcon Terrorist Group on the Galuga Islands before any harm is caused.

Run, jump, and shoot with an immense arsenal of weaponry to take down the terrorists. Many enhancements were made, such as new graphics, stages, enemies & bosses, a variety of difficulties, control options, super attacks, multiplayer, and much more. 

This explosive reimagined mission will set off soon in early 2024.

Perfect Collection of Ashley’s Past

Another Code Recollection is a remade bundle of two games making its return for modern play. New explorable environments, voice acting, music, puzzles, graphics, and more are included in the new remade pack. 

Optional hints and navigational systems are added for new players. This allows anyone to experience the full story of the protagonist, Ashley.

Another Code Two Memories is an enhanced version of the DS game, Trace Memories. Ashley gets a letter from her father, who she believes passed away. She ventures to Blood Edward Island to find her answers about her past, which may include seeing haunted figures. Her journey will be filled with puzzles, which include finding codes or fixing broken obstacles. 

Another Code R – Journey into Lost Memories is a sequel that never released in North America until now. Ashley’s journey starts again two years after her previous adventure. This time, she sets off to Lake Juliet to find the truth about her mother. 

A lot of mysteries for Ashely will come to light on January 19, 2024. Preorders are open today.

Friendly Nintendo Releases

An Unlocked Sequel from 3DS

Luigi filling in for Mario in 2nd game

Luigi Mansion 2 HD is a returning 3DS installment of Luigi Mansion Dark Moon. The Dark Moon lingers over Evershade Valley which emanates a relieving effect on the ghosts. The professor, E.Gadd, has been using this chance to study the friendly ghosts for research. However, a certain occurrence causes the moon to break, which makes the ghosts more hostile and chaotic. 

Nintendo Scarescraper

Now, Luigi must explore multiple mansions and collect the missing shards of the Dark Moon. The Poltergust 5000 will help him light up the dark areas and vacuum up heaps of debris and unfriendly ghosts. 

Additionally, the Scarescraper is available to play. This is a tower filled with ghosts and challenges. Players can bust ghosts together in local and online coop. 

Ghosts will haunt in the revamped sequel later in the summer of 2024.

Return of the 3-Decade-Old Racer

Nintendo F-Zero Royale

F-zero 99 lets 99 players race in the original F-zero. F-Zero is a futuristic racing game released on the SNES in the early 1990s. Similar to Mario Kart, though it’s much faster, aggressive, and high tech.

In each race, players must maneuver through the racetrack and other racers. There’s a power meter that will drain from hitting other players and obstacles. Players can use part of the power meter for a speed boost. Once it reaches zero, the player is blown out of the race. It is necessary to avoid collision and conserve the power meter.

Nintendo F-Zero

When other vehicles collide, super sparks will drop in their place. Collecting super sparks fills up the sparks meter. Once it’s full, players can use the skyway to easily zoom over the rivals in a higher, easier raceway. 

Winning races and completing different missions can unlock customization options for vehicles. This game is a special offer for Nintendo Switch Online members that’s playable right now.

Nintendo SNES controller

There’s another special offer for Nintendo Switch members, which is the SNES controller for Nintendo Switch. Each Nintendo Switch member account can purchase up to four orders for the offer.

New Form of Warioware

Nintendo Warioware fun

Warioware Move It forces Wario and his wacky gang on an island resort trip, despite Wario’s disapproval. Players can play over 200 quick minigames for Wario to escape the Woods Watchers. 

Players must get into poses called “forms” to complete certain actions as soon as possible. These forms involve using the joy-con movement or IR motion camera. Up to four players can play the wacky games locally.

 The resort trip will set sail on November 3, 2023. Preorders are open today.

Pixel Beauty On Nintendo Switch

The Rising Band of Heroes

hundred heroes on Nintendo Switch

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes takes place in the corner of Allraan, where many nations rest together with different cultures and worldviews. War and rune-lenses, a powerful magical artifact, have significantly affected the land’s history. 

The story focuses on three protagonists, Nowa (humble villager), Seign (imperial officer), and Marissa (forest guardian). Fate brings the trio together before forcing them into a nationwide war within the Galdean Empire to find the hidden truth of the lands.

Fated Heroes releasing the truth

In this tactics RPG, players can recruit an immense variety of heroes; each has a backstory and motivation. Gathering more allies will bring more facilities, which will strengthen their home base, AKA the Headquarters. 

More activities will open up as the game progresses, such as opening stores, growing crops, and more. Some heroes may not get along, though facing their resolves may strengthen their bonds. 

This heroic tale will begin on April 23, 2024.

The Comfy Parallel World

Parallel universe on Nintendo Switch

Eastward Octopia is paid DLC for Eastword, which takes place within the remote mountainside village. Sam and John join together once again in a new adventure to live a calm country life in a parallel universe. 

The duo can accomplish many things as farmers, such as growing crops, talking to ghosts, tending the animals, cooking, foraging wetlands, and more. They will even meet familiar, yet different characters in their journey. 

Players can do whatever it takes to help Octopia flourish for the better. The game can be played without going through the main story, letting newcomers immediately jump into the country life.

 The expansive country journey will start soon within the holiday of 2023.

Colorful Grooves in War

Sequel of Wargroove on Nintendo Switch

Wargroove 2 returns with new dangers ariving on the shores of Aurania. A new faction, The Faahri, has uncovered forbidden relics that can cause catastrophic consequences, henceforth, piqued interests and concerns from other factions.

Players can explore Aurania in 3 interwoven story campaigns. This new tactics RPG includes new commanders and units, new super grooves, conquest mode, cutscene and campaign editor, and multiplayer with local and online play. 

The game will exclusively launch on October 5, 2023. 

Diver vs. Blue Hole

Diving into Nintendo Switch

Dave the Diver focuses on Dave, who dives to explore the hidden secrets of the Blue Hole. By day, he explores the vast ocean to collect and witness over 200 underwater creatures. Equip different equipment to prepare for the hidden dangers of Blue Hole and gather rare ingredients. 

By night, he tends to his exotic sushi restaurant. Dave will meet a colorful cast of characters interested in the Blue Hole. Multiple storylines, minigames, and sidequests will bring hours of enjoyment while progressing the main quest. 

The Blue Hole investigation will start its dive on October 26, 2023. Players can preorder and play its demo today.

Third-Party Releases

Music-Filled Castle

Musical Castle on Nintendo Switch

Super Crazy Rhythm Castle sets up to four heroes on the journey within Rhythm Castle. Players can band together to venture through the musical castle in local or online play. 

Overcome King Ferdinand’s challenges while keeping up with the musical beat. Solve different puzzles and battle bosses in rhythm, including iconic Konami soundtracks from games like Castlevania. 

The music beats will drop on November 14, 2023. Preorders are open right now.

Operation Family Time

Spy X Family on Nintendo Switch

SPY X ANYA: Operation Memories is the first gaming entry of the show SPY X FAMILY. The game starts with Anya heading to school before being assigned a task to create a photo diary of memories. 

On weekdays, Anya will head to school daily before interacting with her family in the evening. Anya can go to many places with her family on weekends, such as the beach and aquarium. She can make wonderful family-time memories of 10 outings to unique destinations. 

The calm assignment will start later in 2024.

Mythological Battle Royale

Battle Crush is a battle royale that pins 30 players worldwide to fight. Ten teams of three will use teamwork and strategy to be the sole surviving trio. There are two ways to take down opposing forces. Players must knock the opponent’s health to zero and use a finishing blow or push them off collapsing terrain.

  There are 15 heroes inspired by different mythologies. Controls are simple, though, action skills hold depth and complexity. Use items and 6 types of skills to take advantage of the mythical royale. 

The free-to-play chaotic battle will release later in spring 2024. A closed beta test will open in October 23 – 30 2023, so players can register right now.

The Rebirth of Tactical Fantasy RPG

Unicorn Overlord is a brand-new tactical RPG with an expansive world and vibrant, engaging combat. The story involves a certain legend of the unicorn ring that can purify the world’s evils, though, only a select few can wield such an ancient mystic artifact.

Gather allies to form a massive army with over 60 unique characters across different races, including beasts and angels. Complete heroic deeds and gain renown over five different nations. 

There are a variety of tasks to help build the kingdom, such as mining and eating delectable foods. Players can even battle each other in online play.

 The stylized game will launch on March 24, 2024.

A New Welcoming Saga

Saga Emerald Beyond is a new entry for the well-acclaimed RPG Saga franchise. The series emphasizes its replayability through engaging combat, colorful world, and many narrative choices. At the start, there are 5 protagonists to choose from:

Tsunanori Mido is a puppetmaster of Kugutsu, animated puppets who hold their free wills. He came from a long lineage of the important Mido family in Miyako City. Traditional culture and harmony filled the serene place before the last great war brought its lands into ruins. Now supernatural corruption has overwhelmed the city.

 Tsunanori has been chosen for the Cathedral Project to find a way to restore his homeland. He ventures away with Kugutsu to find the four elemental spirits that will hopefully bring peace to his city home.

Ameya is a witch from WitchdomPulchra, a world ruled by witches. She visits Miyako City as part of her witch-in-training graduation exam. To protect herself, she disguises herself as an 11-year-old schoolgirl named Yumeha Izumi. She also brings her cat familiar, LoLo. 

During her visit, she was suddenly attacked by a stranger, which drained all her magic. Now, she must venture off to recover her powers in time for her graduation exam.

Bonnie (former marine) & Formina (renowned sharpshooter) join the police force to chase a mysterious organization. They work together to solve the case involving an assassination attempt on the president of Capitol City. Their only clues are suspicions of the president’s betrayal and a mysterious triangle piece. The pair ventures across other worlds to uncover the mystery of the case before it turns cold.

Diva No. 5 used to be a human entertainer who could swoon anyone who watched her alluring performance. One day, she sang a forbidden song found within the Royal Museum, thus sealing away her own voice and memories. This sudden tragedy broke her mentality, which led to her decision to give up her human body.

She now performs as a songstress mech in the world of Avalon. Soon, she gets an invitation to join the Society for the Exploration of Other Worlds. Curiosity leads her to  join the group before leaving Avalan behind.

  Siugnas is the immortal vampire who became the Dismal King of Yomi, a world of darkness. After being betrayed and stripped of his rule, he fell into deep unconsciousness. He soon awakens in Brighthome, the gathering place of dead warriors. 

Despite being weakened, he joins the king’s army to battle the invading forces of disorder. Mystery surrounds the reason for his stripped powers and ruling title. With his dead comrades, he journeys to rekindle his dark powers and figure out the mystery behind being left for dead.

Each protagonist will explore seventeen interconnected worlds to accomplish specific goals. The Saga series is known for letting players create their adventures. How the story progresses rests entirely on the player’s decisions. The world continues to evolve, which can open up new opportunities, though not forever.

Players will take on enemies in the engaging turn-based timeline battles. The major importance is when fighters can act in battle. There are special techniques that can control the order of battle. Players can also use united attacks, team combos, to take over the battle advantage.

It’s a game for anyone to enjoy, including newcomers to the series. The jam-packed journey will be released later in 2024.

The Magical Story of Bandle

Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story: Bandle City is a magical place with furry, expressive beings called yordles. During a wild party, the portal holding the island together breaks apart, causing chaos. 

The player must patch the islands back together with their knitting magic and backpack house. Players will explore five islands to gather crafting materials, meet colorful creatures, and socialize with other yordles. 

The game will launch later in 2024.

The Legends of the Snowfighting Duo

Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story focuses on Nunu, a small boy searching for his missing mother. He journeys into the lands of Freljord with his accompanied beast, Willump. 

The duo must work together to overcome the harsh, freezing dangers that will test their abilities and bonds. Strong League of Legends champions may appear during the duo’s quest as allies or hindrances.

The legendary journey through the mystical cold will begin on November 1, 2023. Preorders are available today.

Shadow-Dropped Releases

Sequel to Ol’ Arcade Racing

Horizon Chase 2 is a sequel that revitalizes the classic arcade racing genre to modern consoles. Players can speed through colorful tracks around the world while listening to the soundtrack made by Barry Leitch. It even offers different customization options so that players can change their vehicle’s rims and colors. Up to 4 players can test their metal locally or online. It is available for anyone to play today.

Wacky Trombone Talent

Trombone Champ is a wacky game that lets players express themselves through the trombone. Hold the trombone well while playing the notes as best as possible with the Joycon or Joy-Con IR motion camera. There are over 45 music tracks to play from different genres. Some might be easier than others. Players can choose from their difficulty preferences. Up to four players can harmonize their wonderful trombone prowesses locally together. It is playable right now.

Tainted Open-World RPG Filled with Work

Wartales is a medieval open-world tactical RPG. A devastating plaque drained the Edoran Empire for a century. Once the sickness ended, crime rose amongst the decrepit lands, leaving little honor among the people. Many inhabitants have fallen into thievery and mercenary work.

Players become mercenaries who journey through the dangerous empire for fame and wealth. There will be challenging contracts and bounties to take on which, of course, results in satisfying rewards. 

There are options for players to customize their group of mercenaries with many equipment, skills, and fashion. Up to 4 players can band together online to explore the vast world, share their findings, and have an end-of-the-day meal. Create a worthwhile adventure in the desolate timed console exclusive right now.

Miscellaneous and updates from Nintendo

Nintendo Side Order

Splatoon 3 Side Order takes place in the Spire of Order where Agent 8 will explore different floors while handling a variety of enemies. The agent isn’t alone. She also accompanies with a robot controlled by Pearl and the mysterious Agent Acht.

Nintendo Squids on elevator

Each floor will have different objectives, difficulties, and rewards that can upgrade Agent Eight’s equipment. Players will be exploring the tall spire to uncover the secrets behind the colorless area. This DLC is created to have tons of replayability for those with single-player preferences. It will release later in spring 2024.

Nintendo sneak peaking MK final wave

As a sneak peek from Nintendo, the final wave for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe includes Daisy Circuit from Mario Kart Wii. Four returning characters will race with Mario and the gang once again – Diddy Kong (Mario Kart Double Dash), Funky Kong (Mario Kart Wii), Pauline (Mario Kart Tour), and Peachette (Mario Kart Tour). The final wave will release this holiday season. More information about the final wave will be revealed in the future. Players can purchase final wave separately or become a Nintendo Online Expansion pass member.

The upcoming update for Among Us is a new map called the Fungle. Explore the mushroom-filled jungle with brand-new tasks before using the conch shell for emergency meetings. The free update will be released in October 2023.

Nintendo Pikmin Physical

Pikmin 1+2 will release physically on September 22. Its digital versions have already been released.

Nintendo Museum

Nintendo Museum is a new building that will showcase historical Nintendo products. The construction is located in Kyoto, Japan, where Nintendo’s old Uji Ogura Plant once was. The building will open within March 2024. The opening date will be determined later.

Nintendo Amiibo Zelda & Ganon

Zelda and Ganon Amiibos will release on November 3rd. Activating them in Tears of the Kingdom will unlock different Paraglider designs.

Nintendo Amiibo Noah & Mio

Noah and Mio Amiibos will release on January 19, 2024. Activating them in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 will unlock unique outfits for Noah and Mio, their N and M Mobius outfits.

Nintendo Amiibo Sora

The Sora Amiibo for Super Smash Bros Ultimate will release later in 2024. Sora is the last fighter that came to Smash Bros Ultimate and will be the last amiibo to join the tremendous amiibo roster. Soon, players will finally train any amiibo character in the game to become strong, terrifying fighters.

Nintendo’s Special Finale

Nintendo Revival of Paper Mario

Paper Mario The Thousand-Year Door is a faithful remake of the well-received 2004 GameCube version. The story begins with the Mario brothers receiving an invitation from Princess Peach to meet at Rogueport. 

The brotherly duo sails to rendezvous with the Princess to soon discover rumors of a mystic hidden treasure. During their search, aliens called X-Nauts kidnap Princess Peach.

Now Mario must venture to save the kidnapped princess while finding the hidden treasure. His journey will include a colorful cast of characters with engaging battles to show.

Squid vs Paper Mario on stage

The remade paper adventure will launch later in 2024.

Overall, the Nintendo Direct had a spectacular spread of gaming genres for everyone to enjoy. A good set of games are filling the end of 2023 while having more prepared in 2024. 

There were many announcements of remakes and remasters, which is great to give previous series a second chance in present day. This is especially the case for series that deserve joining the modern game library, such as 2D Prince of Persia and Super Mario RPG. Reimagined remakes help developers gauge how they can support the series through its sales.

 Even Nintendo is releasing a lot more faithful remakes to figure out its audience’s interests. Hopefully, the returning series will get the worthwhile support, which will affect the series’ future. Only time will tell how the console will grow as it reaches its 7th year in modern gaming.

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