The Only Zeraora Guide You Need For Pokemon Unite

What is Zeraora?

Zeraora is an electric mythical Pokemon that was released in the 7th generation of Pokemon games (Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon). This shocking feline produces magnetic fields via its paw pads, making it a lethal combatant.

Zeraora Pokemon Unite

In Pokemon Unite, Zeraora is a melee speedster that specializes in offense and mobility. It has great burst damage and is a true terror in the jungle of the arena. This is the middle of the map where there are camps of wild Pokemon and routes to assist your team on the top and bottom lanes.

In its current form, Zeraora is definitely one of the most OP Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. This guide will show you the best build and play style for this lethal beast!

Best Moves for Zeraora

Zeraora’s move-set lends to quick movement and high DPS.  While all of the moves are viable in competitive matches, I’ve found this build to be particularly effective when operating from the jungle.

  • Slash (lvl 1): Always pick up slash as your first ability to help you make quick work of the early wild Pokemon. It briefly lifts the opponent in the air and is a great finishing move when trying to confirm a kill. 
  • Agility (lvl 3): This is a decent early-game movement ability that lets you close the gap on enemies or reach a scoring goal more quickly. It also gives Zeraora a short DPS boost by increasing its attack speed.
  • Volt Switch (lvl 6): At level 6, Agility is replaced by Volt Switch. Not only is the great for both engaging and disengaging enemies, but it also gives you the ability to effectively teleport through walls!
  • Discharge (lvl 8): This is an excellent AOE attack which works well for clearing the Vespiquen-Combee swarms. It is also a nice tool for bursting groups of enemies who have clustered on your scoring zones.

Best Items for Zeraora

When it comes to held items, Zeraora players should prioritize damage output. These three items are great for making this electric Pokemon an even stronger duelist in the arena.

  • Muscle Band: As the name suggests, this item is all about flexing your muscles. You get an improvement to base attack damage, attack speed, and a subsequent damage boost after landing an attack. This is a must-have for any Zeraora player.
  • Float Stone: As a speedster, Zeraora wants to be as quick as possible. The float stone provides a nice boost to movement speed. Additionally, this item grants a speed buff out of combat to help you get across the map faster. This is great for attempting to score a goal or providing assistance to your team on the opposite side of the arena.
  • Scope Lens: Critical hits, often referred to as ‘crits’, are one of the best ways to end a fight quickly. This item increases both the frequency and damage of Zeraora’s crits. While the boost is fairly small, it makes a big impact over the course of a 10-minute match since you are executing hundreds of attacks in this period.

For the battle item, I swap back and forth between two picks. My go-to is X Attack. This damage boost potion raises your attack and special attack for a short period of time. Occasionally, I’ll instead equip the Eject Button to increase my mobility. As the name suggests, it boosts your Pokemon in one direction in the blink of an eye. This mostly comes down to preference between damage and speed.

Battle Prep for Pokemon Unite Zeraora

Pokemon Unite Play Style

Zeraora gets a nice power spike at level 6, and again at level 8. Focus on killing the wild jungle Pokemon first, then head to whichever lane where your team needs help. If you can take out one human-controller Pokemon and score a few points, you should reach the first power spike easily.

Next, return to the jungle to work your way to level 8. By this time, you will likely be 1-2 levels ahead of the rest of the field and can really start to wreak havoc on the opposition!

Choose one lane to help clear out an opposing zone and then swap over to the other to help balance things out. If you hit level 10 before everyone else, don’t hesitate to pop the Unite Move to easily win 1v1 fights. Gaining even a slight advantage can snowball into your team winning an opposing goal. 

A good pace for leveling is level six within 2-3 minutes and level ten within about 4-5 minutes. Use these as a reference point to identify how well you are progressing in the game. 

Defending the bottom lane

General Pokemon Unite Tips

For more in-depth Pokemon Unite tips, check out my full guide for getting started. Below is just a subset of these tips to give you the best chances of winning the match.

  • Make sure to upgrade your items. The higher your item level, the stronger you’ll be on the battlefield.
  • There’s no shame in running away from a fight! Whether it’s darting away from the enemy with an ability or teleporting back to your base, it’s better to retreat than to expend resources on a lost battle. Remember that you lose some of your points when you are killed, and the respawn timer is especially long in the closing two minutes of the game.
  • Turn on the advance attack controls and target lock. This will give you more control over who you are attacking when there are several Pokemon on the screen.
  • Pan around the map using the L button to see what is happening around the arena. Paired with the minimap, you can get a significant amount of information without actually being in two places at one time.
  • Squad up with 1-2 friends for better coordination. Conversely, if you play with 4 other people in a full team, you are likely to get matched against much harder teams that are also grouped up. I’ve found 2-3 to be the sweet spot for party size.
  • This game is all about “last hitting”, which means whoever deals the final blow on an enemy gets the credit for a kill. Use this to your advantage to strategically steal boss kills from the enemy.
Defeating a boss Pokemon

Becoming the Most Dominant Jungler

While Zeraora can be a beast in the bottom lane, it seems to be an especially good fit for the jungle. Its high mobility and damage output let players clear wild Pokemon quickly and assist the team as needed.

It’s important to be selective about when you decide to clear the jungle. Aside from the initial clear, you should look for opportunities where your team has an even fight in both lanes (ie. 2v2) or there is downtime after scoring. 

Once you have two abilities, you should be able to clear your side of the jungle in about 45 seconds. From there, look to take out the wild Pokemon in the center of the map. Then identify gank opportunities to sway the battle in your favor on either lane.

Zeraora can be a hard carry in any Pokemon Unite match as long as you have the right build, items, and play style. Practice these tips to improve your win percentage and rack up the most kills possible! 

What are your best tips for playing Zeraora in Pokemon Unite? Have you found a stronger move combination? Let us know in the comments section!

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