The Oldest Halo Debate: Gravity Hammer or Energy Sword?

By Thomas Hernandez / July 28, 2023

Halo is one of the most famous franchises ever created. The logo itself is recognizable from afar for almost everyone who has heard of the game series. Even people who have never touched a video game are, for the most part, familiar with the extremely popular title. It is for this exact reason that I am uniquely approaching this piece.

I am using this article as a way to investigate the difference between the Gravity Hammer and the Energy Sword, two of the greatest melee weapons ever created in gaming history. I have always had a tough time finding an interesting way to approach the topic. With this article, I hope to challenge you to think long and hard about your favorite Halo weapons.

I always struggled with deciding which weapon I loved using more. It is difficult, especially because of each one’s unique looks and abilities. Nonetheless, I will decide whether or not the Gravity Hammer is better than the Energy Sword.

Spartan using a Gravity Hammer.

Inspecting the Gravity Hammer

To start. I’ll look at the alien weapon known as the Gravity Hammer. The Gravity Hammer was first introduced in Halo 2 and has been a staple melee weapon of the franchise ever since then. 

The look of the hammer could be more spectacular. Compared to other weapons, notably the Energy Sword, the Gravity Hammer is plain boring in terms of art and style. With that being said, its capabilities are quite impressive when in battle.

The Gravity Hammer is first and foremost a powerful melee weapon. It can not only be used to damage opponents, but it can also be used to damage vehicles. This is ultimately because it influences gravity. 

Because of the influence on gravity, the Gravity Hammer can be used to distance a player away from another, or easily bring them closer. This isn’t necessarily a vital attribute of the Gravity Hammer, but it sometimes helps when trying to separate yourself from an attacking enemy. 

To summarize, the Gravity Hammer handles business when business needs handling. It cannot hit opponents from afar because it is a close-quarters melee weapon. However, when you are in range, it can get the job done on a person or object. Whether it be a vehicle coming at you, an opponent running away, or a moment where you need to manipulate gravity, the Gravity Hammer is a classic melee weapon that is greatly appreciated. 

Player using an Energy Sword.

A Look at the Energy Sword

And now let’s switch focus to the uniquely made, and highly valued, Energy Sword. The Energy Sword, similar to the Gravity Hammer, was introduced way back in Halo 2 as an alien weapon. While the Gravity Hammer took the way of smashing people and objects, the Energy Sword went the route of slicing and dicing.

The Energy Sword is a sword through and through. It can be used to slash and stab. Although it doesn’t do much of anything to vehicles, the Energy Sword is more likely to kill an opponent when it is a one-on-one confrontation in an indoor environment. On top of the great attributes for fighting, it is probably one of the coolest-looking weapons in all of Halo.

Overall, the Energy Sword offers a compelling approach to fighting with a melee weapon. It may not be able to manipulate gravity like the Gravity Hammer, but its instant kill-level damage and quick-paced movements make it an ideal weapon on the battlefield. 

When fighting in Halo, it definitely helps to have an Energy Sword for protection. As a backup or primary weapon, an Energy Sword can always be counted on to hit its mark at close quarters.

The Halo Array structure.

Final Thoughts

It is a tough choice, but after years of playing Halo, I must go with the Gravity Hammer. I love the Energy Sword, and it does offer a lot of different options when it comes to dismantling opponents. It also is a much better-looking weapon, with the Gravity Hammer looking more like a metal pole than a true weapon. However, the ability to not only damage opponents but also affect gravity, is precisely why I believe the Gravity Hammer is much better than the Energy Sword.

I have gone many rounds with people in Halo, and at every step of the way, the Gravity Hammer has been quite handy for me. I enjoy running up to people and manipulating my surroundings, so I usually depend on the Gravity Hammer to win games. A classic tactic of mine is the simple jump and smash, which usually doesn’t do a disservice to me.

At the end of the day, a decision like this all comes down to playing this great game series. I recommend that any new or existing players take some time to figure out which weapon is preferred. 

Halo is a treasure I will value forever. I hope this article will drive you to hop into an intense game with friends! 

With that being said, which weapon is your favorite out of the two? Do you have another favorite Halo weapon? Feel free to hop in the comments section and share!

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