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The Day Before is precisely what I’ve been waiting for in the next iteration of The Last of Us’ Factions. You’re a survivor who needs to battle other players and very angry zombies. What more do you need?!

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The Day Before cover art

Zombie Madness in The Day Before – Massively OP

I got goosebumps when I watched the trailer for The Day Before. From the ominous Game of Thrones-like headline that “Winter is Coming” to the intense firefight with another squad, The Day Before perfectly captures the intense narrative of a zombie apocalypse.

From the very beginning, I got strong vibes of The Division. The city streets are similarly wrecked and even the character models look very similar.

As your player starts to explore, the movement mechanics had me leaning more toward The Last of Us. There’s a nod to “Woodbury Survivor Colony” that even reminded me of The Walking Dead!

This combination of highly celebrated titles, combined with the laughable commentary, set the stage for your early moments in The Day Before trailer.

There’s buying, selling, and teaming up at the colonies. My assumption is that you’ll be able to create clans of people to increase your chances of surviving in the wild.

Next, the trailer shows off how you can loot in The Day Before. The player enters a store and grabs a soda out of a nearby vending machine.

Subsequent moments of The Day Before trailer are far less relaxed. An incoming band of survivors is also searching for supplies, and bullets are soon flying!

Gunplay in The Day Before is very close to that of TLoU from what I saw, with a circular reticle to guide your shots and plenty of crouched pistol fire. A grenade is later chucked into the air, which suggests you’ll have access to more modern weapons than what Naughty Dog offers in their game.

Players can loot fallen enemies and the inventory system shows space for plenty of consumables. While the game displays slots for a primary and secondary weapon, I’m hoping that you can store additional guns in your backpack.

As expected, making noise brings out the zombies in The Day Before. A horde can be seen racing towards the player as he ducks into a working elevator. There’s a certain I Am Legend-esque feel to the mob of walkers, huddled together with frightening focus.

Crafting in The Day Before also recreates the experience from The Last of Us. Players can build consumables on the fly if they have the necessary materials.

It looks like zombies can also just hang out in one place when undisturbed. Groups of the undead occupy conference rooms and it doesn’t look like they respond to the glow of a flashlight.

While there’s no release date, the devs have stated that The Day Before is ‘coming soon’. If it happens to hit the shelves before TLoU puts out their online multiplayer mode, I’ll likely be picking this one up!

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