The Best Video Game Accessories

Building Your Ultimate Gaming Setup

When it comes to gaming, your base console or PC can deliver hundreds of hours of entertainment. Those hours can be made even more enjoyable when you have the right accessories!

There are hundreds of gaming accessories out there though. Which ones are right for you?

In this post, I’ll share my favorite accessories which have made for a better gaming experience!

Console Gaming Accessories

Back Button Attachment

While game controllers are usually easy to pick up and get comfortable with, they are limited in the number of inputs on the pad. My first recommendation for upping your accessory game is to equip yourself with back buttons for added flexibility.

I’ve tried out the Scuf controllers back in the day and wasn’t impressed by the build quality. They worked great when fully functional, but the back paddles would break a couple of times a year. For the price, I couldn’t stick with the product.

Instead, I picked up the Sony Back Button attachment and have loved it! It’s easy to install and lets you program the paddles on the fly.

There are a few different versions out there depending on your console, but the key is to allow your pointer and middle fingers to press the buttons so you can keep your right thumb on the right joystick.

PS4 back button attachment

Joystick Extenders

Stock joysticks are fine for people with small hands but can be a little shorter for folks with longer fingers. This handy accessory lengthens the joysticks and has the added bonus of improving the grip on the otherwise smooth surface.

Joystick extenders come in all shapes and sizes. You can get flat, concave, or convex depending on your preference. These accessories can be purchased in an array of colors, materials, and textures.

I suggest at least having one extender on the right joystick to give you more precision in your aiming. It’s made a big difference for me while playing Apex Legends!

PS4 joystick extenders

USB Extension Cable

Most game controllers are wireless at this point, which gives gamers the freedom to sit further away from the console. However, you don’t want to end up in a situation where the pad loses charge in the middle of the match!

An extension cable is one of those low-cost accessories that should be in everyone’s box of goodies. They typically come in packs of 2 and will give you an additional 6-10 feet of chord length to ensure you can always have charged peripherals.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

The Joy-Cons are nice, but they aren’t ideal for playing a hardcore game on the Switch. A pro controller lets you bring the form factor of an Xbox controller into the world of Nintendo!

The official Nintendo Switch Pro controller will run you $60, but there are plenty cheaper alternatives to this handy accessory available from third-party providers. PowerA is notorious for making high-quality gamepads and they offer a great selection of designs on their pro controllers.

I’d also throw the Hori Pad Pro into the conversation since it gives you the much-needed improvement over the Joy-Cons when playing on the go. 

Hori pad pro nintendo switch accessories

PC Gaming Accessories

One-Handed Gaming Keyboard

This is a must-have for anyone who plays shooters on a desk with limited surface area. These miniature keyboards give you access to all your primary buttons without taking up a ton of space!

Many of them have keys that you can use for macros to make up for the reduction in the number of inputs. These accessories are still fairly costly for a high-quality keyboard, but it’s worth it if tabletop space is a concern.

pc accessories - one handed gaming keyboard

Gaming Mouse

I used to think gaming mice were a sham. Then, I tried one and was immediately a convert!

A good gaming mouse is essential for anyone looking to play competitive games, namely RTS titles and shooters. They have reduced input lag, customizable DPI for improved precision, and additional buttons that can be mapped to any in-game action.

Additionally, wireless mice are now at a point that they can perform at a similar level as wired mice when it comes to input lag. When reviewing these accessories, make sure to compare a few while prioritizing customization options, responsiveness, and price.

All-Around Gaming Accessories

Gaming Chair

Whether you play on a console or PC, you want to make sure that you’re comfortable while seated for extended gaming sessions. Gaming chairs offer excellent support for your limbs, back, and neck, while sporting a sleek look in your game room.

Secretlab is my personal favorite in this category of accessories. They have a few options depending on your size and preferences, offer great add-ons, and have one of the best customer service teams that I’ve spoken to. 

Things to look out for include the quality of the material (leather is generally best), the ability to adjust lumbar support, and the default warranty on the chair.

secret lab gaming chair

Gaming Headset

This is another accessory for gamers who are making the jump from casual to hardcore. One trademark of more serious games is a focus on in-game sounds to provide important information to the player. A good gaming headset delivers this audio clearly and will sit comfortably on your noggin for hours at a time.

Any gamer who joins an online world will also want to make sure that their gaming headset has a good microphone attached. This means the player can be heard distinctly without the mic picking up a bunch of ambient noise.

The best headsets will even let the user customize the audio equilibrium and set the balance between game and party chat. Steelseries and ASTRO are two of the most prominent brands in this accessory category. You can’t go wrong with their headsets, but the price range is fairly wide from $50 to $400. They all do roughly the same thing, but the most expensive ones target gamers who want top-of-the-line technology.

My Favorite Gaming Peripherals

Gaming accessories add to the total cost of ownership of your console or PC but return a crazy amount of value for the cost. If I had to only choose a couple, I’d make sure to pick up back buttons for your controller and a quality gaming headset.

Make sure to do your own research too! There are hundreds of youtube videos out there that give an in-depth comparison between products. You can also test-drive a few accessories and return them within a couple of weeks if you don’t see a noticeable difference in your gaming experience.

What are some of your favorite gaming accessories? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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