The Best Super Auto Pets Builds

What is a Super Auto Pets Build?

In the cute auto battler, Super Auto Pets gives players 5 slots to fill with friendly pets. Some animals work best when paired with others, and you’ll want to understand these synergies when building a team.

The best Super Auto Pets builds will ensure you have a clear path to 10 wins! This means you will be able to hold off opposing squads consistently.

For new players, these builds will be straightforward to implement. For the more experienced SAP vets, you might find a new combo to try out. Here are some of the best Super Auto Pets builds to win more games!

Big Fish + Bison

The Fish is one of the best tier 1 pets in Super Auto Pets! It has great base stats and an excellent ability for scaling your team in the early- to -mid-game. 

This strategy relies on leveling up your Fish to level 3, then buying a tier 4 Bison and watching it scale to the moon. Tier 1 pets are the easiest to get to level 3 since you have access to them from the start of the game. You’ll benefit most from the Fish’s ability by boosting its level while you have endgame animals in your party.

Speaking of endgame animals, here are some of the best pets to pair with the Fish + Bison strategy:

  • Turtle for melon armor
  • Penguin for wide scaling (increasing the stats of your entire team)
  • Skunk for making the strong boi on the opposing squad less strong
  • Caterpillar to copy the stats of your tanky Bison
  • A sniper like the Dolphin to take out an enemy pet at the start of a fight and a Monkey to help scale the Bison even faster

This team gets countered by high-leveled Skunks, Penguins, a well-placed Scorpion, or a beefier team that has scaled faster than you. Really solid build in Super Auto Pets and is very beginner-friendly! 

Big Fish + Bison Super Auto Pets Build

Summoner Build

This build starts with the Horse and some Crickets. It typically yields several early victories, but you must pivot near the mid-game. 

Once you have access to spiders and sheep, you’ll want to start swapping out the Crickets for their chonkier counterparts. The one caveat here is that you may keep your Cricket if you can get it to level 3 early – this gives the potential for a Bison combo later.

Ideally, you can find a Turkey to replace your Horse in the end game. Additionally, you should grab a Fly at your first opportunity since this is a strong summon.

This strat is all about winning the numbers game as your team stacks 8-9 animals against the opponent’s five pets. It gets countered by a Hippo, Rhino, or a strong sniping pet like a Dolphin or Gator. However, if you can get 3-4 early wins in a row, it’s smooth sailing to a 10-win run!

Summoner Build in Super Auto Pets

Llama and More!

It took a while for the Llama to grow on me. Since I’ve learned of their potential, I’ve leaned heavily into the Llama strat!

You don’t get the Llama until you have access to tier 4 pets, but it is one of the few self-scaling animals in Super Auto Pets. Additionally, when you run this strategy, you will always have a slot empty on your team. This leaves room to purchase pets who give a buff on purchase, selling, or fainting.

The Llama needs a solid supporting cast around it. Ideally, you have a Turtle on the team that you can immediately Pill for Melon armor when you purchase the Llama. Then, you’ll want a Bat, Spawn animal (Deer is great here), and Caterpillar to destroy your foes!

The biggest risk here is having a 4v5 battle in the late game. If another team has 4 strong pets, it’s an automatic loss for you. Try to get your Llama to level 2 as quickly as possible to put yourself in the best position for a win!

Llama Build

Otter Madness

This is one of the most straightforward strategies in Super Auto Pets and results in 1-2 really strong animals on your team. You essentially buy one pet you’d like to carry into the endgame – think Mosquito or Fish – and then buy up all the Otters you can to make a beefy boi!

Then, drop a Garlic and some boosting foods like Apples on your bulky pet. At this point, you’ll have an animal capable of easily wiping out 3-4 enemy pets!

Additionally, you can pick up a Crab later to copy the high health of your strongest pet. Equipped with Meat, this Crab becomes an absolute beast and a solid number 2 on your team. 

Finally, the Otter-boosted pet is a great leading animal for a Kangaroo. It ensures that your Kangaroo in the #2 slot will receive 3-4 buffs before it has to attack. This combo will carry you with ease through the endgame.

Otter Madness gets destroyed by a level 2+ Skunk, but you rarely encounter these in the wild. The bigger risk is that you don’t find enough Otters to make a bulky boi to lead your team.

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Hurt Build

These are easily the most comical builds in Super Auto Pets. At the core of this strategy, you’ll have Hedgehogs and Pufferfish. Once you get Garlic Armor on the Puffer, your team will start a dominant chain reaction of counterattacks that destroys the opposing team.

Other combos include a Badger equipped with Honey, an Elephant to trigger damage on your Pufferfish, or a Whale to trigger the faint damage. 

At its core, this Super Auto Pets build is all about self-destruction in the hopes that you can take out the opposing team before they have a chance to attack. It is a highly risky strategy but is also one of the most satisfying to pull off.

This build gets destroyed by a strong Hippo, high-health Garlic armored units, or an even more-impressive Kamikazee team, but it’s worth trying out after you’ve mastered the other builds on this list!

Creating the Best Super Auto Pets Build

These Super Auto Pets builds have proven results, but you should mix and match animals to see if you can create an even stronger combo. Check out some of our Super Auto Pets tier lists to determine what other pet combinations may work well!

What do you think are the strongest builds in Super Auto Pets? Is there a pet combo that you think works better than the ones on this list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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2 years ago

I just got my first win today after reading this!

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Brink
2 years ago

Awesome, glad we were able to help! What strategy did you go with?

Reply to  Two Average Gamers
2 years ago

Big fish + bison

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Brink
2 years ago

nice! it scales really well :]

2 years ago

love these builds, the llama one is my favorite!

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Jack
2 years ago

Thanks Jack, the Llama can really carry a squad!

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