The Best Super Auto Pets Builds in Pack 3

Welcome to the Third Pack in Super Auto Pets!

If you haven’t played Super Auto Pets yet, you are missing out. It’s highly addictive, a great game for new parents, and is filled with strategy.

At its core, you have two teams of animals battling against each other. Each pet has unique abilities and you win a match by knocking out the enemy team.

The developers recently released their third pack of animals, introducing a slew of new strategies and synergies. Here are the best builds you can compile from Pack 3 of Super Auto Pets

Super Auto Pets Release 0.18

Fried Shrimp + Broccoli

In Pack #3, there isn’t a lot of early-game scaling. Luckily, this strategy is great for a variety of pets and leads to a very strong mid-game brawler.

This build relies on reserving two slots for the same pet. For example, you could have two Storks in your lineup. On one Stork, you load it up with Broccoli, granting it +3 health while losing -1 attack. On the other Stork, you feed it Fried Shrimp, sacrificing -1 health for a +3 boost to attack. 

Once you’ve bulked each pet up to 10 attack/health individually, combine the two pets to create a scary frontline animal. This boosted pet will likely carry you through 2-3 wins and serves as a solid #2 slot animal in the late game!

Super Auto Pets Fried ShrimpSuper Auto Pets Broccoli

Jellyfish + Clownfish

This build is all about leveling up your pets as quickly as possible. Both the Jellyfish and Clownfish have abilities tied to any level-ups on your team, so you need to prioritize buying many of the same animals.

For the Jellyfish, it gets a direct buff when any of your pets level up. The Clownfish, on the other hand, buffs a friendly pet when it increases in level.

This is an effective build that doesn’t require any crazy mechanics. These two animals also pair well with the Blobfish and Pug who grant temporary increases to experience within the battle. In some cases, this extra Exp will level up your friendly pets during the battle, compounding the abilities of the Jellyfish and Clownfish.


Push Build

Pushing is a new mechanic introduced to Super Auto Pets in this third pack. We actually suggested it in a January 2022 article, so we will take a small bit of credit here!

For a Push Build, you’ll want to combine an Iguana with Seahorses and/or Donkeys. The latter two animals will do all the pushing, then the Iguana dishing out damage to the pushed enemy.

Additionally, you can throw a Toad into your lineup for even more killing potential. This amphibian will make an enemy animal weak after your team has done damage. The Toad works well with the Iguana and is especially helpful in the mid- to late-game when opponents have more health.

This build is also great against summoner enemy teams since the Iguana ability triggers on summons as well.

Super Auto Pets Iguana

Vulture Summons

This is one of the most unique builds on the list because it relies on maximizing the number of friendly pets to deal the most damage utilizing the Vulture. This mischievous bird deals damage to a random enemy when a friend faints. Therefore, the more fainting that occurs on your team, the more damage output your Vulture will have!

Ideally, you place the Vulture at the back of your lineup and then fill the other four slots with pets that summon animals upon fainting. An Anteater is a great option here, as well as the Stork, and Orca.

Once you gain access to the Popcorn, you’ll want to immediately equip this to one of your summoning pets. This salty snack adds an additional summon to your team and a resulting extra snipe attack from the Vulture.

It’s important to recognize that this build is susceptible to the Push Build since it can displace your Vulture. Even so, it is an incredibly fun team that can produce a ton of damage!

Super Auto Pets Vulture

Hurt Build

We had a Hurt Build in the first article and it’s made a return for Pack #3! This time around, we’re picking up Leeches and Triceratops. The synergy between these two pets is incredible!

In order to make this build work, you’ll want to place the Triceratops in front of your Leech. At the end of the turn, the Leech will deal 1 damage to the Triceratops and gain a permanent health boost. Consequently, this damage will trigger the Triceratops’ ability to grant a random friend a boost to both attack and health!

Separately, the Triceratops will have its ability trigger during a battle, further increasing your team’s power levels. Ideally, you’ll equip a Cucumber to the Triceratops to counter the health loss done by the Leech damage.

Alternatively, you can swap out the Triceratops for a Piranha. This build is more attack-focused and relies on being able to put up big damage numbers.

Super Auto Pets LeechTriceratops

Creating the Best Super Auto Pets Build

While Pack #3 is still fairly fresh, these builds are sure to get you many wins as the community learns new combos! If you are still working with Packs #1 or #2, check out our best builds for the OG pets.

What do you think are the strongest builds in Super Auto Pets Pack #3? Is there a pet combo that you think works better than the ones on this list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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