The Best Squad to Use in Ranked Apex Legends Season 16

What you should know about Season 16 of Ranked Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Season 16 began on Tuesday, February 14, 2023. This Valentine’s Day came with a ton of changes to the pool of legends, including: 

  • The developers are trying to get rid of the scan meta, meaning Seer and Bloodhound are weaker
  • Legends have been separated into new classes (more on the classes in this post)
  • Each class has an exclusive passive ability in addition to their standard kit

Additionally, for the first time ever maps will rotate on a 24-hour clock. This means you’ll want legends who can perform well on the three available maps – Broken Moon, Storm Point, and Worlds Edge.

If you want to climb the ranks in Apex Legends Season 16, try out these picks who add a crazy amount of value to your squad! 

Apex Legends Gibraltar

Best Utility Legend for Season 16 Ranked – Gibraltar

With the reworked class system, the support legends may be the most essential group in season 16. Their passive lets them craft teammates’ banners even after they have timed out. This change means your team can regain their full strength without collecting banners from death boxes.

Gibraltar’s ultimate ability is perfect for forcing enemies to move from an exposed position. It can also confirm kills after your team has dealt sufficient damage to opposing teams.

Gibby also gets an indirect buff from shotguns coming back into the meta. You should practice ‘bubble dancing’ by fighting your friends in the practice range. If you don’t have friends to practice with, join the Average Gamer community to squad up!

Wraith is the Best Skirmisher in Apex Legends Season 16

Best Skirmisher Legend for Season 16 Ranked – Wraith

Wraith is back! She got a massive buff to her ultimate ability, now letting her double the distance to place a portal. Additionally, she’ll move faster while placing her portal.

This is one of the best tools for safely rotating a squad in and out of combat. You can be more aggressive with the portal early in the game, but try to be more conservative with your usage near the end of the match.

Wraith also benefits from having one of the smallest hitboxes in the game. Finally, the Skirmisher passive lets Wraith see the most valuable item in a care package. It’s not hugely beneficial, but you’ll at least know if it’s worth it to go after a care package located in a risky position.

Wattson is a Great Controller Legend

Best Controller Legend for Season 16 Ranked – Wattson

In Season 16, controller legends received the ability to scan Ring Consoles. These function the same way as the previous scan beacons, showing you and your team the location of the next ring.

Wattson should be your go-to controller for getting to the ring early and locking down a position. Regarding the end game, you can section off a protected area for your team and drop her Interception Pylon to ward off incoming explosives.

Some people, myself include, also forget that she slowly regenerates her shield over time. This can extend her life if you find yourself short on healing items.

How to Dominate in Season 16 of Apex Legends

The name of the game is versatility in Season 16. This new 24-hour map rotation combined with legend class passives means there’s more variety in your situations.

Now that there are five distinct classes, you’ll at least want to have a Skirmisher, Controller, and Support to take advantage of their strong kits. Specifically, you must be able to move your team quickly, hold down a position, and craft respawn beacons.

Practice with several different legends and choose a handful of POIs to land on each map. This will help you get more comfortable looting and rotating in the mid-game.

As always, join the Average Gamer community for more tips, tricks, and teammates!

What team comp have you been using in Apex Legends Season 16? Are there any legends you would change on the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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