The Best Squad to Use in Ranked Apex Legends Season 16 Split 2

What you should know about Season 16 ranked split of Ranked Apex Legends

The second split of Apex Legends Season 16 began on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. This time, your rank was only reset four divisions instead of six.

Maps continue to rotate every 24 hours, and Olympus is back in the mix! Players will encounter even more variety in the types of engagements and final circles for this split.

If you want to climb the ranks in the second split of Apex Legends Season 16, try out these picks who add a crazy amount of value to your squad! 

Newcastle is a staple of ranked teams in Season 16 of Apex

Best Support Legend for Season 16 Ranked – Newcastle

Newcastle has the best revive currently in the game. In addition to his revive shield, he has two other large shield options to protect his team. Separately, you can use his ultimate to relocate quickly if you are playing at an off-angle from your team.

The Castle Wall can save your team from a quick death if you are running through open areas. Ideally, you’ll want your team to watch different vantage points from the wall to gather the most information.

The Support class has two passives – access to Extended Supply Bins and the ability to craft banners at Replicators. You’ll get the most value out of the crafting perk, but the shield batteries from Extended Supply Bins are a nice bonus.

Wraith gives teams excellent mobility in Apex Legends

Best Skirmisher Legend for Season 16 Ranked Split 2 – Wraith

Wraith was strong in the first split and remains the best skirmisher in the second half of Season 16. Her portal is perfect for safely rotating your team, she can phase out of danger (as long as you properly use cover), and she’s got a small hitbox.

Her passive isn’t spectacular, but the ultimate makes up for this. The buffed portal distance allows your team to quickly cover a ton of ground, all while avoiding enemy fire. It is also on a fairly short cooldown so you can even use it aggressively to engage in fights.

To top things off, Wraith has a small hitbox, which makes her even more evasive. She’s a great skirmisher to main in the second split of Season 16.

Bloodhound is strong in the second split of Season 16

Best Recon Legend for Season 16 Ranked Split 2 – Bloodhound

Bloodhound’s tracking abilities have changed since the Season 16 rework, and they still provide a ton of information. Scanning the White Raven will direct you toward the nearest enemy team AND instantly charges part of Bloodhound’s ultimate. This enables aggressive play and safer rotations if you’d prefer to avoid a fight.

The scans from Bloodhound are still strong even though Respawn tried to kill the “scan meta”. It’s a literal wall hack that lets your squad know where nearby enemies are.

Bloodhound’s new kit takes a bit to get used to, but it is well worth it to put in the hours to learn how to play this strong recon legend in the second half of Season 16.

How to Dominate in the second split of Season 16 of Apex Legends

You still need to have some versatility in your arsenal. Make sure to have a couple of legends in each category who you are comfortable with. 

Each class has its own perk so assemble a diverse squad to increase your chances of winning. Having a Support and a Controller gives your team a good balance of defensiveness and sustain. 

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What team comp have you used in Apex Legends Season 16 Split 2? Did you find success with other legends? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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