The Best Squad to Use in Ranked Apex Legends Season 15

What you should know about Season 15 Ranked First Split of Apex Legends

In Season 15, Apex Legends introduced the new Boken Moon map. Along with a new zip rail mechanic, the layout of this map rewards a very specific style of play.

In addition to landing on the best POIs and using the strongest weapons, players can maximize their RP gains by using “meta” legends. This means taking advantage of the relative strength of certain picks in a given team fight.

If you’re looking to climb the ranked ladder in Season 15 of Apex Legends, consider trying these legends to gain RP fast! 

Apex Legends Season 15 Best Utility Legend - Seer

Best Utility Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Seer

This season, I’m changing the first slot from “defensive legend” to “utility legend”. In Season 14, I had the big bubble boi Gibby as the team’s anchor. On Broken Moon, the game rewards teams who play aggressively using a Seer to take fights.

The added information via wall hacks has become an invaluable part of a winning team’s strategy. The developers tried to slow down the scan meta with the introduction of Catalyst, but her pick rate has remained low in Season 15.

With a Seer on your team, you will likely know the enemy team’s position at least every other fight. This allows you to effectively plan the engagement and even leave the fight if you notice an incoming third party.

Try not to become overly reliant on the Seer’s information, though. You should still keep your head on a swivel while rotating around the map to avoid being caught off guard by lurking enemies. You can be a “seer” even when you don’t select this legend by checking our blind spots frequently!

Valkyrie Remains a Strong Pick in Season 15

Best Movement Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Valkyrie

Even after being nerfed last season, Valk remains the dominant movement legend in Apex Legends. That update removed her ability to rotate while launching and reduced the max height of her ult.

She can quickly reposition her team, which lets your squad take riskier fights in the storm. Valkyrie is also one of the best ways to escape from a sticky situation if your team finds itself in a bad position.

Aside from the enormous value she provides to her team, Valk also has some of the highest potential to win 1v1 fights. Her VTOL Jets let her reach high ground that many other legends simply can’t reach. 

While her tactical ability, Missle Swarm, can be tough to land, it can be a great way to push enemies out of safe cover. If you do manage to land the missiles, you can often capitalize on the stun with a quick kill.

Horizon is the best offensive legend in Season 15

Best Offensive Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Horizon

Horizon is an interesting one because she does a couple of things well. Her Gravity Lift gives the team a way to push enemies on high ground while her ultimate ability can quickly shift the tides of battle. Even if you only capture one enemy in the Black Hole, it’s still an easy kill with a grenade and a few well-placed shots. Horizon can also use her ultimate defensively to prevent enemy teams from pushing you when your team is low. This works especially well in buildings or small choke points.

Horizon’s passive ability is also one of my favorites in the game. Since Apex rewards players with good movement, Horizon’s Spacewalk gives an immediate advantage. The animation delay that results from falling from high ground isn’t much, but it’s certainly significant enough to impact 1v1 fights.

One reminder about her Gravity Lift, enemy teams can use it as well so keep an eye out for opponents rushing toward your tactical ability.

How to get Better in Apex Legends

Legend choice is only one part of the winning formula. The best players also work on positioning and mechanics to outplay their opponents.

As always, read some tips and tricks that are sure to improve your game sense. If you need some people to squad up with, join the Average Gamer community!

What team comp have you been using in this split of Apex Legends Season 15? Are there any legends you would change on the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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1 year ago

im also still finding success with gibby. his bubble is so clutch out in the open

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Steve
1 year ago

so true! i had a few really god games with gibby this week!

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