The Best Squad to Use in Ranked Apex Legends Season 15

What you should know about the Second Split of Season 15 Ranked Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Season 15 ranked split started on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. This ranked split moves players back to Olympus, and there are some clear winners regarding the current meta.

While there weren’t any changes to the Olympus map, some of its features make it distinct from other Apex Legends maps: 

  • Tridents can be used to drive around the map quickly
  • The Phaserunner will teleport you through a portal that goes through the map
  • Phase Driver exists and is a source of endless high-tier loot

As usual, the rank reset drops players four ranks from where they ended the first split. Players can use a service like Boosting Factory which specializes in Apex Legends boosting to gain back this RP quickly. Additionally, you’ll want to use these meta-legends to give yourself the best chance of pushing even further up the ladder in Apex Legends Season 15! 

Best Utility Legend in 2nd Ranked Split of Apex Legends Season 15 - Seer

Best Utility Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Seer

It isn’t easy to fine-tune a legend who can see through walls. The developers at Respawn have continuously tweaked Seer’s kit since he was introduced, but he remains one of the strongest characters in the games after all the nerfs.

Seer is made for giving his squad ample information while in-game. His tactical ability highlights enemies, stops heals, and stops revives. Additionally, his passive ability lets him quickly see if there are any opponents nearby.

His ultimate ability can often be a fight-winner, given its large area of effect and the vital information provided to his team. Use Seer to add value to any squad in season 15 easily.

Best Mobility Legend in 2nd Ranked Split of Apex Legends Season 15 - Valkyrie

Best Movement Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Valkyrie

Even though Olympus has many mobility options, Valk’s ultimate is still a great ‘get out of jail free’ card if you need to disengage from a heated battle. The ult has been nerfed a few times in the last several seasons but it is the only ability that enables an entire squad to redeploy.

Her tactical ability is nice for pushing enemies out of cover, and the stun is a nice bonus. She also can fly, which lets Valk players quickly take high ground against their enemies.

As Valk, try to be vocal about when you want your squad to group up to use your ult. By being vocal, you can prevent your squad from staying in an unwinnable fight for too long.

Best Offensive Legend in 2nd Ranked Split of Apex Legends Season 15 - Horizon

Best Offensive Legend for Season 15 Ranked – Horizon

Horizon is another legend who continues to get nerfed but still adds a ton of value to her team. Her passive ability is underrated, and her tactical enables an aggressive style of play by her entire squad.

Your job as Horizon is to ensure that your team has better positioning than the enemies when it comes time to battle. Ideally, you have your ultimate ability ready to rain explosives down on your opponent to shift the fight in your favor quickly.

Consequently, it’s important to carry plenty of explosives when playing Horizon. Her ult is pretty useless without some AOE splash damage to follow up with.

Maximizing your Potential in Apex Legends

Get familiar with a few legends to ensure you can fill a different role in case your main gets picked before you select. You should have a base understanding of their abilities and playstyle before hopping in a ranked game.

Separately, you’ll want to work on your game mechanics to win more 1v1 fights. Time spent in the training grounds will pay dividends in the future!

Lastly, join the Average Gamer community to find other legends to team up with!

What team comp have you been using in this split of Apex Legends Season 15? Are there any legends you would change on the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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