The Best Squad to Use in Ranked Apex Legends Season 14

What you should know about Season 14 Ranked First Split of Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Season 14 ranked split started on Tuesday, August 9, 2022. We’re back on King’s Canyon, a map which has undergone significant change since the Season 12 ranked split. 

Players’ ranks will be dropped 6 divisions from where they left off at the end of Season 13. This is a 1.5 rank downward adjustment as you start off Season 14. 

The devs made a bunch of key changes to King’s Canyon this Season, including: 

  • The removal of many jump towers. Along with the nerfs to Valk this season, third-party teams arrive slightly later to your fighter than before.
  • Skull Town has been revived as “Relic”, with similar attributes but a slightly different look. This includes dozens of loot bins on the outskirts of the POI.
  • So many choke points have been removed, which changes map rotations a bit.

While it remains the smallest map with the highest frequency of third parties, it’s still possible to climb the ranked ladder in King’s Canyon. Try these legends to gain more SR in Apex Legends Season 14! 

Apex Legends Gibraltar

Best Defensive Legend for Season 14 Ranked – Gibraltar

Mad Maggie got a major buff which knocks out Gibby’s bubble this season, but very few people are playing Maggie this split. The big boy remains one of the most dominant characters in the game in Season 14.

His tactical ability is a literal lifesaver, especially in open terrain, and is the best way to protect your squad from incoming damage. With shotguns being popular again in Apex, close-range bubble fights will continue to occur frequently.

Gibby’s gun shield makes him one of the toughest legends to 1v1 against. Finally, his ultimate ability is perfect for confirming kills and forcing opposing teams to reposition.

apex legends valk

Best Movement Legend for Season 14 Ranked – Valkyrie

With several jump towers having been removed in Season 14, this is a slight buff to Valk given her powerful ultimate ability. Even though it has received significant nerfs over the last two seasons, it remains the best way to quickly reposition around the map.

It’s important to note that the Valk nerfs mean your team is easier to hit when taking off. Additionally, you don’t fly nearly as far as she used to. Keep this in mind when choosing a spot to launch from, as well as when choosing a place to land.

Her passive jets grant her a great deal of mobility. By taking the high ground mid-fight, you can change the direction of the battle. The stun from her tactical ability is a nice bonus on a well-rounded kit.


Best Offensive Legend for Season 14 Ranked – Horizon

Horizon’s value goes way up on King’s Canyon, where there are several valleys. Her tactical ability allows her entire team to escape from low ground and can be a great tool for pushing enemies at a higher elevation.

The real key to using Horizon offensively is to land a well-placed ultimate followed by a barrage of explosives. Even if you only catch one enemy in her Black Hole, it’s practically a guaranteed kill. This gives your team the opportunity to get a numbers advantage at the start of an engagement.

While I’ve got Horizon listed as an offensive pick, she can also be used defensively to disengage from a battle. Make sure to communicate where and when you are placing her Gravity Lift since it only stays active for 10 seconds.

How to Rank up in Apex Legends

Team composition is only one aspect of a winning strategy. There are also many other great picks that aren’t on this list, including Wraith, Caustic, and Seer.

Experiment with different combinations of weapons, new team combos, and landing spots. Use each game as an opportunity to learn and refine your strategy.

For even more knowledge, check out some tips and tricks that are sure to improve your game sense. Additionally, join the Average Gamer community to find other legends to team up with!

What team comp have you been using in this split of Apex Legends Season 14? Are there any legends you would change on the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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