The Best Skill Moves to Use in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 launched on October 1, 2021 on console and PC. With the new release came new skill moves to help you create space on the pitch. 

In this guide, I break down the dribble moves by the number of stars you need on a player to perform the action. Here are the best skill moves to use in the latest FIFA release! 

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Best 1-Star (Basic) Skill Moves in FIFA 22

Shot Fake

Button Press: O/B + X/A
The Shot Fake can be pulled off by any player on the field and is perfect for getting a defender to overcommit in a certain direction. You can perform this move on the run or release the left joystick after a dribble to do a shot fake while standing still.

Best 2-Star Skill Moves in FIFA 22

Ball Roll

Button Press: Hold the right joystick to the right or left of your player
The Ball Roll was great in FIFA 21 and continues to be a strong ability in ‘22. It allows your player to quickly change momentum, and is a great way to move the ball to your dominant foot. If you continue to hold the joystick perpendicular to your player, you will continue to perform multiple Ball Rolls. 

Drag Back

Button Press: L2/LT + R2/RT + flick the left joystick toward your player

This move is a craft option when your player is about to dribble out of bounds. It can also be very useful to create space for a subsequent pass to a nearby teammate. 

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Best 3-Star Skill Moves in FIFA 22


Button Press: Right joystick down, then rotate the right joystick 270 degrees in either direction

If you’re crowded by defenders, this can be a good way to try to draw a foul. It puts the defense in a position where they either need to chop at your legs or give up space on your run. Try to take advantage of this at the top of the box.

Best 4-Star Skill Moves in FIFA 22

Four-Touch Turn

Button Press: L2/LT + flick the right joystick twice back toward your player

This is a slower skill move, but the Four-Touch Turn is very effective inside the box for getting the right angle on goal. Combo this with a finesse shot to improve your chances of converting a goal. Additionally, you can pause this move midway through with the super cancel or chain it to a new move. This move is great against human players!

Skilled Bridge

Button Press: Hold L2/LT then double tap R1/RT

This move is high on the maneuverability scale while on the move. You can’t perform the move standing still, but the Skilled Bridge has a high chance of picking up a foul from the opposing team. It’s important to note that this move always exits to the right-hand side. Keep this in mind when deciding the appropriate time to execute the move.

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Best 5-Star Skill Moves in FIFA 22

Scoop Turn Fake

Button Press: Fake shot then hold the left joystick in the opposite direction of your player

This is one of the more complicated moves to pull off. You start off with a Scoop Turn by doing a fake shot in a 45 degree angle to either side of the dribbler. Halfway through the Scoop Turn, you need to change direction with the left analog stick. You can exit behind, to the left, or to the right, depending on which side gives you the most space or best angle. It’s a devastating move once you get it down but will take a lot of practice to master the timing.

First-Time Spin

Button Press: Hold down L1 + R1 / LT + RT as your player receives the ball

This move needs to be executed once the ball arrives at your feet. With congested play in the box, this can be used to ensure the defenders don’t immediately steal the ball from you. You can keep the opposition guessing and end up with wide open shots at the net!

Honorable Mention

Super Knock On

Button Press: Tap right joystick twice in the direction your want to move

Players are slower with the ball at their feet than just sprinting freely. To make the most of your player’s top speed, use this skill to cover a lot of ground quickly with the ball. You must be sprinting – no jogging or walking with the ball – and you will hit the ball further the longer you hold the second joystick press.

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What are your favorite skill moves in FIFA 21? Are there any moves that you would add to the list? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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