The Best Places to Drop on Broken Moon in Apex Legends

What you should know about Broken Moon in Apex Legends

Broken Moon is the newest map introduced to Apex Legends in Season 15. It’s described as a “terraforming project” which is being funded by the Apex Games.

As with any new map, we get a bunch of fresh points of interest (POIs). Interestingly, it looks like there are fewer named places on this map than on prior maps. Broken Moon is the second largest map to date, which places its total area between that of Storm Point and World’s Edge.

Broken Moon introduces Zip Rails, rails built on predetermined paths which can quickly transport you between POIs. Zip Rails function similarly to Zip Lines and you can maintain momentum entering and exiting the rails. They are noisy to ride and you have the same reduced control, like on Zip Lines,  over your weapon when traveling, but they are great if you need to make a speedy rotation. 

To minimize the RNG of Respawn’s popular battle royale game, you’ll want to set yourself up for success early in the match. Here are some of the best places to land on Broken Moon to increase your chances of winning!

Broken Moon Production Yard

Production Yard

The Production Yard is an enormous building on the west side of Broken Moon. On the farthest north and south edges of the POI you’ll find a few bins, but the real magic happens inside the building.

This massive structure is jam-packed with high-tier loot. The key is to enter from one of the sides to get your squad kitted up before the inevitable fight at the center of the Production Yard. 

This location also has plenty of verticality and players are able to easily climb to the top of the building. High ground here grants a nice vantage point on enemies leaving the building. 

When you leave the Production Yard, you can head south toward another high-tier loot POI, The Foundry, or start to make your way toward the center of the map to third-party the Promenade. As an added bonus, a crafting station sometimes spawns at the Production Yard to further increase your team’s overall power!

The Divide from Broken Moon - Credit: Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends

The Divide

The Divide is fairly unassuming at first glance, but it is a great landing spot on the east side of Broken Moon once you learn the layout. There are four buildings separated by a gaping channel, the divide, and high-tier loot to get your team ready for battle.

This POI has been fairly popular so you’ll need to pay attention to how many squads are landing there on drop. In general, you want to land on the opposite side of your opponents. When that isn’t possible, make sure to have your team land tight and then push whatever enemy is out of position.

Beyond the great loot options, The Divide is incredible for its Zip Rail infrastructure. Not only will it loop you within the POI, there are also connections to the north, west, and south of this location. This optionality gives your team more freedom when rotating from your drop spot.

If The Divide is at the end of the dropship path, you can often get this POI all to yourself. Your team will have upgrade shields, weapons, and healing items to carry you to the end of the match.

Broken Wharf from Broken Moon - Credit: Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends

Breaker Wharf

This is one of the more quiet POIs on the list. Breaker Wharf is situated in the northwest corner of Broken Moon and it doesn’t get a lot of traffic. This is perfect for teams who want to loot in peace and prepare for the mid to late-game.

Breaker Wharf is a high-tier loot area with symmetrical buildings on either side filled with upgraded items. The two buildings are connected by a Zip Line in the middle, but you are better off walking to the other side if there are enemies nearby.

Wharf has a solid number of supply bins and a crafter spawn location, so it has a high potential for stellar mid-game loot. Once your team has what they need, rotate to The Core POI to clean up whatever fights are ending. Alternatively, you can continue south toward Dry Gulch and then the Production Yard for even better loot.

Breaker Wharf is likely where I’ll be landing at higher ranks to maximize my RP gains!

The Promenades - Credit: Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends

Places to Avoid in this Ranked Split on Broken Moon

The center of any map in Apex Legends is typically a “death zone”. Teams converge quickly from all surrounding POIs and it’s tough to make it out of there alive. If you want to improve your chance of being the last squad standing, avoid these areas: 

  • Stay away from North and South Promenade at all costs. This area is third-party central and you will be frustrated quickly.
  • Terraformer is bad, especially if you land at the center building. If you do need to land here, land on one of the edge buildings then third-party the fight in the middle.
  • Cultivation doesn’t have great loot so you’re better off landing at The  Foundry, which has high-tier loot. It can also be third-partied by people leaving South Promenade.

How to win on Broken Moon in Season 15 Ranked Apex Legends

This map is fairly open and you’ll end up in mid-range engagements frequently. Try to have at least one squad member run with a sniper rifle. Also, check out the other top weapons to get an upper hand on your opponents. 

Select one or two places for this season to consistently drop so you can develop an effective looting route. It also helps with creating a rotation plan out of your drop spot. 

For more in-depth explanations for improving your ranked play, check out our guide with 10 tips for climbing the ranks to Masters!

What are some of your favorite places to drop in this split of Apex Legends Season 15? Are there any other spots on Broken Moon that you like? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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1 year ago

promenade is a cluster lol. 40 people show up every time there’s shooting there

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Mike
1 year ago

So much death 🤣😭

1 year ago

Great list! I’ve also really enjoyed landing at backup atmo if the dropship comes from the north

Two Average Gamers
Reply to  Greg
1 year ago

That’s a pretty good POI too!

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