The Best Places to Drop for Ranked on World’s Edge in Apex Legends

What you should know about the Season 13 Ranked Split of Apex Legends

The Apex Legends Season 13 ranked split started on Tuesday, June 28, 2022. Competitive players will drop into World’s Edge with some revisions to the ranked system from the first half of the season.

As a new change from prior seasons, this split drops players down four divisions instead of six. This means players will be one full rank below where they ended the first half of Season 13.

World’s Edge seems to be a fan-favorite for ranked, and it remains the prominent map in competitive play. There are several factors that make it great for ranked games:

  • There are several high-tier loot spots around the map
  • Third parties are not as frequent as on other maps
  • Vaults offer access to incredible loot

As always, you’ll want to choose 2-3 locations for the season. Get really familiar with them to improve your chances of looting quickly and winning team fights. Check out these POIs that are great landing spots in this split of Ranked Apex Legends! 

The Tree on the South End of World's Edge

The Tree

Landing on the outskirts of the map can be a good way to loot safely without taking enemy fire. The Tree sits on the south side of World’s Edge and is one of the best places to drop in this ranked split of Apex Legends.

There’s enough loot in the buildings for your entire squad to get weapons with plenty of cover from enemies who landed at the center triangle platform. Once you’re kitted up, you often have the advantage of high ground against the opponents who opted for the middle of this POI.

If no other squads land here, you can rotate out to the center to pick up better attachments for your weapons. There’s also a crafting station that often spawns here so you can craft invaluable shield batteries.

The Tree also has great rotation options once you’ve finished looting. Your team will often go to Lava Siphon or Harvester to get closer to the center of the map, or you can move west to Thermal Station if you still need equipment upgrades.

Lava Siphon is a Great Landing Spot in Apex Legends

Lava Siphon

Speaking of good rotations out of The Tree, Lava Siphon is another great choice on World’s Edge. It effectively has 4 distinct locations so you can often drop here even if 2-3 other teams are landing there.

Ideally, you can land in one of the large, multi-story buildings on either the SW or NE side of the lava pool. This reduces the chances of getting sandwiched between teams. It also gives your squad the opportunity to third party an ongoing battle.

Lava Siphon also has plenty of supply bins scattered around the area. Even if you aren’t able to find decent loot in the buildings, you are sure to find an acceptable weapon by opening bins around the edges.

As mentioned before, you’ll need to watch for enemies rotating in from The Tree, but this typically won’t be the case for the first 60-90 seconds after landing. Use this time to loot up, kill any nearby foes, and prepare for a rotation.

Once you’ve cleaned out Lava Siphon, Harvester and The Geyser are two great options to rotate toward to continue your journey. There’s even a balloon on the northeast side of this POI in case you have to make a quick escape!

Skyhook in Apex Legends


On the north side of World’s Edge, Skyhook can be a great place to drop in this ranked split. There are dozens of buildings in this high-tier loot POI. Skyhook offers plenty of loot spawn locations as well as cover from enemies.

If your team lands uncontested, try to break off from the jump master early to claim a section of Skyhook for yourself. If another team lands with you, your entire squad should land together in one building before pushing any solo enemies.

Skyhook also benefits from being right next to Trials. This cave is an easy way to get damage toward a shield upgrade. Additionally, you can pick up several key loot items.

Once you’ve cleared Trials, you can rotate toward Countdown or Lava Fissure for even more loot. Coming out of this northwest section of World’s Edge, you are almost guaranteed to enter the top 10 squads with some kill points and great loot!

Death Zone on World's Edge

Places to avoid in this ranked split of Apex Legends

As with any ranked season, you want to avoid “death zones” on the map. These tend to be areas with high foot traffic and a low likelihood of getting out with positive RP.

On World’s Edge, the place to avoid is the triangle formed by Fragment East, Fragment West, and The Epicenter. This region is exciting in pub games but it basically a death sentence in ranked, especially at higher ranks.

If possible, navigate around this zone while rotating to the circle. When your team does have to cross through, stay close to cover and keep an eye out for camping enemies.

Winning Strategies in Season 13 Ranked Apex Legends

It’s easier said than done, but you want to play for RP in ranked Apex. Even with the 10 RP reduction in entry across this split, it still pays to survive until as late as possible while trying to kill a few people.

Knowing where to land is only one component of success in ranked play. You’ll need to know when to retreat from a fight, get comfortable with several weapons, and play to your squad’s strengths.

If you want even more tips, check out our guide with 10 tips for climbing the ranks to Masters!

What are some of your favorite places to drop in this split of Apex Legends Season 13? Are there any other ranked tips you’d like to share? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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