The Best Places to Drop for Ranked on Olympus in Apex Legends

What you should know about the second ranked split of Apex Legends Season 15

The second split of Apex Legends Season 15 started on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. The first split was on Broken Moon. In the second half of the season, we’re back to Olympus. 

This map features balloons, trident vehicles, and plenty of great spots to land. You’ll want to have a few different options to drop depending on the flight path of the drop ship.

As expected, players were dropped four ranks in this ranked reset. If you don’t feel like working back to your old rank, feel free to try Apex boosting. Services like the Boosting Factory will gain RP for you so you can continue right where you left off!

Consider one of these POIs to improve your chances of winning in this ranked split of Apex Legends! 

Apex Legends Phase Driver

Phase Driver

I affectionately refer to this POI as “push button, get loot”. At the center of Phase Driver, you can feed on an endless supply of high-tier loot. The button which drops the loot canisters is on a 45-second cooldown so your entire team can be kitted up within a few minutes.

It’s also a large area with enough buildings for each member to land separately. Additionally, you’ll find plenty of loot bins spread around the area.

Since this area is so great for loot, you are likely to have a team contest you on drop. Furthermore, the ‘loot dispenser’ makes a loud noise anytime it releases goodies. Keep these facts in mind and stay on your toes if you land here!

Apex Season 15 - Elysium


This is my favorite place to land on Olympus. It’s tucked away in the southwest corner of the map and you’ll often get it to yourself.

It features a crafter, survey beacon, and balloon for quick rotations out of the area. This region is predominantly attacked via ziplines on either side, so it’s fairly easy to defend.

Elysium offers a nice rotation to Hydroponics once you’ve fully cleared the area. Alternatively, you can fly out a bit further by hopping on the balloon.

This is a great place to drop if you prefer a quieter match. You can often third-party the ongoing fight at Hydroponics or make your way toward the center of the map.

The Rift is a great POI to land in this ranked split


This area is huge and features almost a dozen buildings. The crafting area isn’t ideal, but you can get good equipment out of the Rift’s ground loot.

What makes this area interesting is the teleporter in the center of the POI. This orb can take you toward the center of the map within a few seconds, saving a bunch of time if you need to rotate quickly.

If you land here, make sure to have your entire team within spitting distance. Since the POI is large and popular, it often has several other squads. Loot quickly and be the team to third-party the fight!

Avoid Hammond Labs at All Costs!

Places to avoid in this ranked split of Apex Legends

If you’ve been keeping up with the previous articles, you’ll know to avoid the center of the map in Apex Legends. This area is a death zone, and you will immediately regret it.

In Season 15, playing on Olympus means staying away from Hammond Labs at all costs. Teams rush into this area blindly, and bullets fly from all directions. 

More generally, you want to avoid any areas that are too hot in the ranked mid-game. If you are heading in the direction of a fight, at least one other team likely has the same idea. Instead, try to play defensible positions and maintain map control as you rotate toward the end game.

Winning Strategies in Season 15 Ranked Split of Apex Legends

Olympus is an interesting map for ranked because of the diversity of POIs. The combination of vehicles, rifts, and balloons makes it fairly easy to traverse the map. As much as possible, you should try to have one person on your team who can scan beacons to get a better sense of your rotation path.

Planning is only one part of the equation, though! You’ll want to practice your gunplay and get familiar with a few different legends. As your game sense and positioning improve, you’ll be sure to climb the ranked ladder.

If you want even more tips, check out our guide with 10 tips for climbing the ranks to Masters!

What are some of your favorite places to drop in this split of Apex Legends Season 15? Is there a POI you would add to the list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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