The Best Pets in Super Auto Pets

How are Pets Used in Super Auto Pets?

Super Auto Pets is an autobattler that pits teams of 5 animals against each other. Each animal has unique properties, including an ability, health, and attack stat. When you combine certain pets, you can attain great synergies to form strong builds.

Pets are grouped into tiers based on their relative strength in the game. Players start out with access to tier 1 pets, then they are able to purchase higher-tier pets as they progress through rounds.

Generally speaking, the higher the tier of the pet, the more utility it has. As this is the case, this guide will focus on each pet’s strength as it relates to the other pets in its tier. Here are the best pets in Super Auto Pets broken down by each tier!

The Best Tier 1 Pets in Super Auto Pets

super auto pets ant


This bug has a solid base attack stat and provides a nice buff to a pet behind it. This increase in power is often the difference in winning the first few rounds of a match. At later rounds, you can use a Sleeping Pill on the Ant to secure a permanent buff.

super auto pets fish


The Fish is tied with the Beetle for the strongest base stats out of all tier 1 pets. Its team buff on leveling is incredibly powerful, and it’s no surprise that you see Fish in the mid- to late-game of Super Auto Pets.

The Best Tier 2 Pets in Super Auto Pets

super auto pets bat


The Bat has the ability to severely weaken the strongest opposing pet on the other team. At later levels, it overrides the equipment on 60% of the enemy squad! You get immediate value out of the Bat and it scales nicely into the end game.

crab feature image


If you’re able to get some good early scaling on your team, the Crab is the perfect secondary attacker for your squad. It copies the health of your highest health pet, and then becomes a menace once you equip a Meat Bone. While it’s reliant on having boosted the health of a previous pet, this is attainable in the majority of your games.

The Best Tier 3 Pets in Super Auto Pets

super auto pets turtle


Melon Armor is one of the strongest pieces of equipment in Super Auto Pets, but you can’t purchase it until Tier 6 items are available in your shop. That’s where the Turtle comes in. Use a Sleeping Pill on a Turtle early to maintain Melon Armor from the mid-game or level it up to provide multiple pets with armor during attack rounds. Make sure to throw a Meat Bone on the Turtle if you intend to keep it on your team.



You need patience and at least one strong friendly pet to make the Caterpillar work, but it’ll pay off 9 times outta 10. If you are lucky enough to obtain one early in your rounds, it can usually scale close to level 3 by the time a Bison comes around. At that point, you’ve pretty much secured a 10-win victory with two chonky bois leading your team!

The Best Tier 4 Pets in Super Auto Pets

super auto pets bison


Once Tier 4 pets are available, you need to be thinking about scaling for the end game. The Bison scales itself as long as you have a level 3 pet on your team. This leaves additional gold for purchasing food or upgrading the rest of your team.

super auto pets buffalo


If you haven’t obtained a level 3 pet by this point, the Buffalo is a solid alternative to the Bison. Ideally, you have a Swan in your party for the extra gold to maximize your shopping power. For Buffalo strats, you can have one slot on your team where you just buy and sell as many pets as possible each turn.

The Best Tier 5 Pets in Super Auto Pets

monkey feature image


This is probably the fastest method for getting a pet with max stats in Super Auto Pets. The Monkey is a single-target scaler who will quickly strengthen your front-most pet. If you have the space available, feel free to use two slots to house a Monkey in each. Once you find a third Monkey, or a Chocolate, get that level 2 Monkey for extra fast scaling!

super auto pets turkey


The Turkey is the best way to round out a summoner build in Super Auto Pets. It will often replace the Horse on your team and pairs well with the Fly (another elite pet in the game). Try to protect it with Melon Armor to ensure it doesn’t get sniped before it can do its job.

The Best Tier 6 Pets in Super Auto Pets

fly feature image


A Fly can deal the finishing blow to an opposing team, especially when paired with a Turkey. It becomes even scarier as you level it and is surprisingly cute for a bug that is so menacing in real life. Its base stats are among the weakest in the tier 6 class, but it’s Zombie Fly spawn are really difficult to deal with as a defender.

t-rex - best tier 6 pet


The T-Rex is the strongest team scaler in the game. If you have a build where you are going for wide scaling, then the Tyrannosaurus should be purchased ASAP. Make sure you end your turn with 3 or more gold to receive the buffs!

Honorable Mentions

Ox (tier 3)

You’ll want to place the Ox behind a summoner – like a Cricket – to ensure you trigger its ability twice. Ideally, you can feed the Ox a couple of Apples to make it even tankier.

Snake (tier 6)

If you have a tanky pet to hide behind, the Snake can work really well. Make sure to give it melon armor to avoid being picked off by Chili attacks or snipers.

Dragon (tier 6)

The Dragon can work as a wide scaler if you have a slot that can be repeatedly swapped out. It relies on tier 1 animals popping up in the shop, but can quickly increase the power level of your team if your luck works out.

Finding the Right Balance

While these are the strongest pets in the game today, most rely on external factors to ensure their success. Winning in Super Auto Pets comes down to having a clear strategy and being able to adapt. Try these pets with many combinations of animals and equipment to see which builds work best for you!

What do you think are the strongest pets in Super Auto Pets? Are there any pets you would remove from this list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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