The Best Food and Items in Super Auto Pets

How are Items and Foods Used?

While pets are the core mechanic of building a squad in Super Auto Pets, items and food play a key role in maximizing your team’s effectiveness. Food and items, often referred to as ‘equipment’, can provide either a permanent or temporary effect on your animals. Knowing which to buy can mean the difference between losing all your health or coming out with a victory! 

As with pets, equipment is purchasable in the shop and are grouped in tiers. At the start of the game, you have access to tier 1 items and food. As you progress through rounds, you gain access to higher-tier equipment. 

On each subsequent odd round, up until round 9, the available pool of purchased items adds a higher tier of things to buy. Check out our guide to Super Auto Pets game mechanics for a more detailed breakdown!

You’ll want to purchase the best available equipment to improve your team’s chances of success if there aren’t any pets that you want to buy. Check out the best food and items to use in Super Auto Pets broken down by each tier!

Note: This ranking is for the first two packs only.

The Best Tier 1 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

super auto pets honey


Equipping Honey to a pet summons a 1 health / 1 attack Honey Bee once that animal faints. This is useful in summoner builds and pairs well with a Badger. Make sure whatever pet you equip with Honey has an available slot to summon the resulting Bee!

The Best Tier 2 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

Meat Bone in Super Auto Pets

Meat Bone

The Meat Bone adds +5 attack per hit when equipped on a pet. At tier 2, this is great for low-attack pets like the Swan, Bat, and Turtle. If you’ve ended up with a bulky Crab on your team, throw a Meat Bone on it to create a devastating early-game pet.

The Best Tier 3 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

Garlic Armor

Garlic Armor

Garlic Armor, or Garlic for short, is a fantastic way to enable a friendly pet to dish out more attacks before fainting. It reduces the amount of incoming damage by 2 and is a popular choice for pets that trigger an ability when they take damage or knock out an opponent. Good candidates for Garlic include the Blowfish, Hippo, and Rhino. It is also a fantastic counter to summoning teams prior to having access to a Fly-Turkey combo.

The Best Tier 4 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

Canned Foods

This cylindric mystery edible gives both current and future shop animals a +2 boost to attack and a +1 increase in health. Since Canned Food can be stacked, you may find yourself buying multiple in a round to ensure your later-tier pets can be purchased in a stronger state. The only time I would avoid this is if your team is already set to carry you to 10 wins by the time Canned Food becomes available for purchase. In this case, pick up a Pear for the extra buff.

The Best Tier 5 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

Chocolate in super Auto Pets


Since Super Auto Pets’ success largely revolves around scaling and abilities, the team with the higher level pets typically has the advantage. Chocolate provides a +1 experience increase to the animal of your choice, bringing it closer to the next level. Additionally, it gives your pet a +1 boost to both attack and health. If available, make sure to use pet purchases from the shop to gain XP before using Chocolate, since this sugary sweet is most valuable on animals where you don’t have the option to buy the same one from the shop. 

The Best Tier 6 Equipment in Super Auto Pets

Melon Armor

Unless you’ve made it past the first 15 or so rounds, Melon Armor will be your best chance of preventing a pet from dying in one hit. Melons block 20 damage from opponents. In many instances, this is enough to absorb more than half the incoming damage! You usually want this on your first pet, and it also helps to have it on animals that buff during the round. Good candidates in the latter category include the Turkey, Horse, and Shark, which often sit at the back of your lineup.

Honorable Mentions

Sleeping Pill (tier 2)

This Pill makes a friendly animal faint, which is perfect for triggering buffs in the store. Good pets to ‘Pill’ include the Ant, Flamingo, and Turtle.

Chili (tier 5)

Chili is great in the late game for breaking Melon Armor on the opposing team. This pepper gives your animal a splash attack, which deals 5 damage to the opposing enemy directly behind the front enemy pet.

Mushroom (tier 6)

The Mushroom is rather niche, but is highly effective in certain builds. It gives animals an extra life, after which they spawn with 1 attack and 1 health. This works well on front-line pets like the Scorpion and Mammoth to ensure you maximize the impact of their abilities.

Buying the Right Food and Items

Timing is everything when it comes to purchasing equipment in SAP. At times, it is better to freeze a food or item in hopes of getting a specific pet on your next roll. Make sure to keep track of how your team is changing as you progress through rounds and be on the lookout for equipment that could make your team stronger!

What do you think are the strongest food and items in Super Auto Pets? Are there any pieces of equipment you would remove from this list? Join the conversation in the comments section!

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