Tag Roundup #80 – Stealth-Action Dystopia in Disjunction

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In this week’s Roundup, we’re taking a look at the latest cyberpunk game to hit the scene! Disjunction tells the story of three characters with an interconnected mystery. The game is set for a January 28th release on PS4 and Steam, and we’ve got all the details you need!

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Let’s dive right into the bleak future of New York City in Disjunction! 

Disjunction feature image

Stealth-action RPG Disjunction – Playstation

Disjunction has been described as a cyberpunk stealth-action RPG where players must uncover “unfortunate truths that will change the fate of their city forever”. New York has been hit with an economic downturn, warring factions, and environmental devastation. All this combined with corruption and lawlessness creates a backdrop of a bleak future.

The three characters in Disjunction look great! To reference Overwatch, they’re essentially Soldier 76, Doomfist, and Sombra, but the character progression allows you to customize their kit to your playstyle.

I’m a fan of the art style in Disjunction, and the animations fit really well. If you’ve ever played any of the old Shadowrun games, you’ll get all the nostalgic feels like I did.

From the trailer, the game definitely leans heavily on the stealth component. At one point in the video, your character gets spotted and he ends up dying pretty quickly. In this sense. Disjunction is more towards the Hitman end of the spectrum.

If you’re not convinced about the potential of Disjunction, let me remind you that you can place a holographic feline on the map to distract cameras! Enough said.

Disjunction’s skill tree is interesting in that upgrade choices aren’t permanent. You can quickly switch up your playstyle by redistributing skill points in different abilities.

Honestly, I appreciate that the developers created multiple endings that players can arrive at based on their story interactions. Your actions have consequences so you shouldn’t just speed through the dialogue parts of the game.

Lastly, Disjunction was developed by three brothers, which is a heart-warming thought to start the new year! The Disjunction demo is available now on steam and will have a full release on console later this month. If you want another cyberpunk game in your library that offers multiple characters, deep skill progression, and great visuals, look out for Disjunction on January 28th!

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