Tag Roundup #78 – Scavengers in the Apocalypse

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The articles are from well-known sources (like IGN) and more niche blogs that you may not have heard of. In the previous TAG Roundup post, we talked about Deck of Ashes, Door Kickers, Saga Frontier, and more!

At the top of the hour, we’ve got a new BR game that should’ve been in the gaming world at least a decade ago. Scavengers combines shooting, crafting, and a unique leveling mechanic in a cocktail of battle royale madness!

Scavengers in a Post-Apocalyptic World – IGN

This blog started because of a battle royale game, so I never feel bad talking about another BR title. Scavengers is the latest to join the fray and I’ve got some hands-on reactions on the team-based shooter!

Imagine a global virus outbreak that was caused by the destruction of our moon. Some stayed on Earth, others went to work for an AI bot, and now it’s time to do battle.

Scavengers is a PvPvE shooter that combines elements of fighting real-life players and CPU-controlled monsters. Through the first few minutes of the IGN review, I was immediately reminded of my short tenure with The Cycle.

Between fighting off humans and infected beasts, you’ll need to gather data required for creating a cure for the virus. Unlike most battle royales, Scavengers lets you respawn as long as any member of your team is alive. This likely makes players commit to fights more aggressively knowing they can rejoin their team on the battlefield.

Scavengers is exactly what I’ve been expecting from Naughty Dog as a multiplayer extension of The Last of Us Factions. This game has more of a Borderlands-type art style while still building on the idea of a zombie apocalypse. 

20 teams of 3 work to collect the most data points, infiltrating strongholds, and escaping on a dropship at the end of the game. A feature I really like about Scavengers is that whatever team has the most points is highlighted on the map!

A third enemy to look out for is the environmental storm, a staple of the BR genre. Cold affects your character, similar to what happens in Don’t Starve, and you’ll need to find shelter or heat to get your temperature back up.

Scavengers brings a League of Legends-esque leveling system which makes your character stronger over time. At level 4, each player gets a unique bonus weapon, effectively making you more powerful.

Players have access to two weapons, so you can play around with combos of SMGs, assault rifles, snipers, bows, and melee weapons. On top of your weapons, the Explorers have an ability at their disposal.

IGN’s review suggests that the game’s UI is clunky, but Scavengers still has enough in its feature set that I’ve signed up for the close beta. Scavengers is set for a 2021 PC release, but you can sign up for a beta code on their website to start playing today!

Sandbox Survival Strategy – Go Nintendo

Sticking with the survival theme, HeatWave places you in the middle of 2080-Alaska. In a sullen, yet realistic, view of the future, we see a land decimated by climate change and an enemy invasion.

HeatWave lets you control guerilla units, stealthily moving through the forests, using cover to your advantage to take out unsuspecting opponents. Build camps, craft tools, trade with NPCs, recruit soldiers and search for resources in this multi-dimensional strategy game.

After you’ve set up camp, it’s time to prepare for battle! The turn-based combat mechanic requires careful planning and precise execution to adapt to the changing environments.

HeatWave combines exploration, tactical-thinking, and diplomacy in a grittier, more layered form of Mario v Rabbids. The release date is TBD, but this guerrilla simulator will be available on PC and Switch eventually!

Dungeon Crawling with Friends in VR – Android Life

With many people still living the quarantine life, gaming companies are finding new ways to let gamers enjoy their favorite pastime with the squad. Demeo is a D&D player’s dream, bringing the fantasy RPG, co-op multiplayer, virtual game night to your living room in 2021!

Resolution Games wanted to revive the atmosphere of having friends sit at one table conquering a dungeon world. The trailer showed off some miniature characters, a large dice rolling through the battle, and a few monsters that will be in the corrupted catacombs.

Outcomes depend on your choice as well as whether you get a favorable dice roll. The devs are looking to add another virtual game night option as friends join forces to fight monster-infected realms. Demeo will be available in both non-VR and virtual reality next year!

That’s All For Now

There were plenty of other highlights from last week but these ones really stood out. Be sure to check in next time to read about video game current events. 

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Thanks! I dont have enough time to try out all these games, and this article helps me only pick and choose the ones likely to be in my wheelhouse. Appreciate your posts

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Glad we can help! Hope you get some more gaming time in the future!! 😀

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