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At the top of the hour, we’ve got a card battle RPG game to look forward to in the new year. Q2 2021 is the expected launch quarter for Deck of Ashes on consoles and we’ve got the deets below!

Deck of Ashes Hits Consoles – Gematsu

Deck of Ashes launched on Steam earlier this year and has garnered strong support among the early community. The devs describe their title as “an adventure game with tactical card combat” and there’s a heavy emphasis on building a powerful deck.

Among the deckbuilding elements, players will also need to become masters of resource management. Unlike other games in this genre like Legends of Runeterra, Deck of Ashes gives you the ability to craft specific cards for added control over your warriors.

For next year’s console release, the devs are introducing a new character that will be a timed exclusive! Sibyl is a Dark Soul and Elven Archer who utilizes a bow to do damage from long range. Her backstory is riddled with loneliness as she fights to reunite with the rest of her race.

Deck of Ashes takes advantage of procedurally-generated worlds to make each encounter even more unique. Through turn-based combat, players control one of four “antiheros” who each have their own story. This means you can enjoy four different campaigns through your Deck of Ashes journey!

Set in a dark fantasy environment, I really appreciate the hand-drawn characters in Deck of Ashes. The monsters look creepy, the background settings are detailed, and the animations are legit.

Fans of the game praise the voice actors, great variety in card combinations, and strong storylines for the characters. There’s an element of permadeath in Deck of Ashes, but supposedly you can bypass this by using Black Magic.

Deck of Ashes is set for console release in Q2 2021, but you can start practicing on the PC version if you can’t wait!

PS5 on GBA – Nintendo Life

If these abbreviations don’t make any sense, you probably won’t care much about this anyway. For all my 80’s kids out there, you’ll be excited to know that it’s possible to play your current-gen games on an old school Gameboy Advance!

YouTuber The Retro Future has a bunch of cool videos on his channel for a dose of nostalgia. His latest footage shows off smooth gameplay on the tiny device. The resolution is, of course, significantly lower than what you’d get on the PS5, but it’s still really cool to see!

Apparently, the adapter is expensive and hard to get a hold of, but if you do, you can replicate this feat!

Strategy SWAT Shooter – Nintendo Enthusiast

When I think of a strategic SWAT game, I think Rainbow Six. Door Kickers is essentially R6 gameplay from a top-down view.

You control a team of killers who need to clear buildings, plans, and compounds using all sorts of weapons and gear. With a well-executed plan, 5 squadmates easily take out dozens of baddies, and it’s so satisfying to watch a room get cleared after a perfectly timed flashbang.

You can grab Door Kickers on Switch starting December 26th for RTS on the go!

Remastering the PS1  – Push Square

Remasters have made quite the commotion in recent years, with devs looking to revive the old classics and gamers looking to relive the glory days. Square just announced a remaster of their 1990s KRPG, SaGa Frontier, with a Summer 2021 release.

The game offers multiple playable characters, numerous storylines, and the scrolling text that we’ve come to enjoy. This remaster will add an eighth hero, new events, cutscenes, and a “high speed” mode.

Another Cyberpunk Game – CBR

I know we’re all anxiously awaiting the inevitable release of Cyberpunk 2077, but dozens of cyberpunk games continue to be released by other development teams. The Ascent is an action RPG, with plenty of customization and beautifully designed cities.

You play in a top-down view as you try to take down the evil corporation that plagues the world. With co-op action that resembles Smash TV, this looks like a fun title to get addicted to while hanging out with a friend on the couch!

Unreal Engine for Movies – SYFY

While we typically think of video games when we hear about the Unreal Engine, it has plenty of uses in film as well. God of Mars will take advantage of this technology, making their production entirely virtual!

The producers essentially use a game controller an augmented reality node to project the 3D world onto screens. Their 13-minute mini-documentary is impressively detailed and gives a glimpse into the massive potential of UE outside the gaming world!

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