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At the top of the hour, we’ve got a unique couch co-op game that you’ve probably never heard of: Duck Game. The game just came out with a huge update and we’ve got all the deets for you below!

Duck Game Feature Image

Duck Game Massive Update – PC Gamer

Duck Game reminds me of what you’d get if you crossed Worms with Super Smash Bros.

As evident by the game’s title, you take control of a duck. What isn’t obvious from the title is that you have ducks battling it out with “an irresponsible number of weapons” across platformer maps!

Duck Game is a highly rated title that launched about five years ago. IGN named it 2015’s Most Insane Multiplayer Game, and I’m shocked that I’ve never heard about it until now!

You’ll need quick reactions to keep up in this fast-paced battle, as bullets are flying across the screen at all times. Duck Game is described as being ‘easy to pick up’, but it’ll take some time to try out all the weapons and get used to the game’s abundance of weapons.

The devs dropped tons of content in last week’s update, including new weapons, new maps, a spectator feature, and breathing ducks (because, why not?)!

On top of an incredible fighting experience, the game offers a level creator to build the battlegrounds of your dreams. Duck Game 1.5 – the cleverly named update title – increases the replayability of the game by giving the community a generous helping of level editing features.

Duck Game also now supports eight-person levels for even more madness with your friends! This is in addition to the 4 spectators, so try to find 11 other people to create the ultimate duck-fighting tournament!

The indie title is only $13 on Steam (or pick up a 4-pack for $40) so it’s a great investment for game night!

A Dark Fantasy Action Adventure on Switch – Nintendo Everything

In Celebration of Violence hits the Nintendo eShop on November 26, from the developers of The Binding of Isaac and Dark Souls. In this permadeath roguelike title, players will need to carefully plan their attacks, learn from each life, and upgrade stats for your future self.

Anyone who’s seen Secret of Mana will feel a bit of nostalgia with this game, given the battle mechanics and co-op modes. The devs describe the game as being largely about exploration, but the combat looks really cool across the procedurally generated maps. 

In Celebration of Violence is a brutal game and will challenge all masochist gamers who step up to the challenge! 

Bond is Back – Polygon

Like many 80s babies, my intro to shooters was GoldenEye 007. James Bond has had plenty of games released over the last few decades, and the latest one tells the origin story of one of my favorite secret agents!

Project 007 lets players earn their 00 stripes, and I’ve got high expectations for the team that brought us Hitman 2 and 3. Even though the trailer is short and non-descript, we can expect to see plenty of shooting, sneaking, and intel gathering in the upcoming Bond title! 

Survival Games Where You Definitely Die – CBR

Most survival games have an end goal that players can reach by avoiding death over a long enough period of time. CBR’s latest list shows 5 games in this genre where the goal actually isn’t to survive!

I wrote about Don’t Starve last year, but the list also features the likes of RimWorld, Cataclysm, Project Zomboid, and Kenshi. If you’re into failing over and over again for fun, pick up one of these deadly survivor titles on your next Steam shopping spree!

Unreleased Green Lantern Game – Kotaku

Even though most people are focused on the PS5 and Xbox Series X release, some historians continue to focus on the older games. Liam Robertson found a prototype of a never-released Green Lantern Game and shared some gameplay.

I can’t really do the game justice in words, so just take a look at the footage!

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