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We read a ton of video game articles each week and wanted to share some of our favorites with the Average Gamer community. We’ll feature everything from previews to reviews and everything in between.

The articles we share will be from a combination of well-known sources (like IGN) and more niche blogs that you may not have heard of. In the previous TAG Roundup post, we talked about Ghostrunner, Fall Guys, Valorant, and more!

At the top of the hour, we’ve got 11 minutes of PS5 UI, showing off what we can expect from Sony’s next-gen console. There’s a lot to look forward to so keep reading for the highlights!

PS5 UI first look

What to Expect from the PS5 UI – IGN

I’ve been a Sony fanboy ever since the days of PS2, but I’ll be the first to admit that Sony’s user interface hasn’t been as good as what Microsoft puts together. Screens are often clunky, unintuitive, slow, or a combination of these adjectives.

This could all be changing with the PS5!

UI Highlights

In IGN’s First Look video, we see some of the features that have me hyped for the PS5:

  • Control Center – provides immediate access to everything you need without leaving the game. Similar to the PS4 home button but better
  • Cards – lets you interact with the system by seeing news, taking screenshots, fast-traveling to levels, and more!
  • Progression Info – shows the player how far they are into a specific level in a game (only works for some games)
  • Game Help – quick video walkthroughs or hints to help you complete the game
  • PIP – picture in picture for party’s, screen share, and videos!
  • Share Screen Upgrade – allows players to broadcast to an entire group vs just screen sharing with one person
  • Quick Join – join your friends in a game to automatically boot into their lobby. Possibly my favorite part of the PS5 UI
  • Screen Capture – you can now take screenshots in 4K right in the game
  • Explore – trending media from the community and official news from Playstation
  • PS Store – now integrated into the system so browsing for games is easier
  • Speech to Text – talk into your microphone to have your voice translated to on-screen text

Additionally, backward compatible PS4 games will benefit from some of these upgrades.

Overall, I really like these changes. The menu looks sleeker and the player has more control with the PS5 UI. I’m excited to give my hands-on reaction in a few weeks and let me know your thoughts on the PS5 UI in the comments section!

Stardew Valley Update – IGN

Stardew Valley’s upcoming 1.5 update brings splitscreen co-op to console and PC. You and up to 3 other friends can farm, mine, and upgrade your way to agricultural greatness!

Additionally, you can move your bed and hang out with ducks! The developer is currently working on two new games, but it’s awesome to see that he is still pushing out new content for Stardew Valley.

Horror/Mystery RPG – nme

Inspired by Castlevania and Salt & Sanctuary, Vigil: The Longest Night puts you in the shoes of a sword-wielding protagonist who needs to find her sister and end the darkness. There are hidden paths, locked areas, and plenty of secrets to find as you explore.

With four types of weapons, the combat has great potential for a changing playstyle. There are elements of enchantment, forging, and character development through a classic skill tree.

If you’re in the mood for a fluid 2D RPG, go check out Vigil now on Steam!

Stealth Action from PQube – Gematsu

Though the trailer for Quantum Replica doesn’t show much, the game has been out on PC since 2018:

It’s 2084, and the world bows to a ruthless corporate alliance known as the syndicate. Under the flickering neon lights of an endless metropolis, citizens scratch out a living, fearful of mercenary armies and their faceless masters. Here, secrets are buried bitter and deep. Secrets that you must find. You play as “Alpha,” a vigilante with no recollection of your past.

The game will feature ultra-fast stealth, exploration, tough bosses, and plenty of neon effects when it launches next year on console. 

Dungeon Crawling Action RPG – Geeky Gadget

Torchlight II was praised for its fun exploration, ambition, and exciting combat since its 2012 release. The sequel will build on these foundations with 4 unique classes, full customization, and a collection of epic gear.

This game looks like a cross between Diablo and Magicka and will likely appeal to anyone who loves dungeon crawling titles. Pick it up now on console or PC to test your mettle!

Oceanhorn Ports to Switch – Go Nintendo

In what looks like a combination of Breath of the Wild and something out of the Fable series, Oceanhorn 2 is a gorgeous open-world adventure that has great reviews on Apple Arcade. Last week, the devs announced they are bringing the adventure to the Switch so even more players can embark on the journey.

To defeat the Dark Army, you’ll have the help of a robot and the grandaughter of Arcadia’s leader. The game blends puzzle-solving and tactical battles in this 20-hour RPG. You can pick it up on Switch starting October 28th!

Card-Battle Murder-Mystery RPG – IGN

I never thought I’d see this combination of adjectives used to describe an RPG! The Magister tasks you with solving the mystery of a slain victim while using “tactical diplomacy” to acquires clues among the townsfolk.

Randomly generated levels allow for a high degree of playability while placing time pressure on the player to solve the mystery in 14 days. You can pick up The Magister on Switch and PC early next year to try to solve the mystery for yourself!

Among Us in 3D – Screen Rant

Among Us has been a favorite in the Average Gamer community since early this year and it continues to pick up steam through 2020. Fan-made creations have been popping up more frequently in the last couple of months, and we now have a 3D version of the popular social deception game!

I can’t even imagine how difficult it was to create this in Unreal Engine 4. I can only hope that InnerSloth will take notice and build a full mod of this prototype for the masses to enjoy.

I Turned Among Us 3D! from r/AmongUs

XCOM-Style Fantasy RPG – Gamespot

King Arthur: Knight’s Tale is a turn-based RPG that uses mechanics from XCOM as well as roguelike titles. The game has been in development for over a year now and the creators brought their title to Kickstarter for funding.

Graphically, the game looks fantastic and you’ll have plenty of customizing to do as you outfit your warriors. Build your Knights of the Round Table and take on King Arthur when the game launches on Steam in Q1 2021!

That’s All For Now

There were plenty of other highlights from last week but these ones really stood out. Be sure to check in next time to read about video game current events. 

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