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The articles we share will be from a combination of well-known sources (like IGN) and more niche blogs that you may not have heard of. In the previous TAG Roundup post, we talked about Genshin Impact, Apex Legends, VR boots and more!

At the top of the hour, we’ve got highlights from the recent steam Game Festival, with Ghostrunner looking like an especially intriguing upcoming title. The game combines elements of sword fighting and parkour in this fast-paced action-adventure experience! 


Ghostrunner Steals the Show – Kotaku

The Steam Game Festival features plenty of upcoming indie adventures. Leah over at Kotaku put together the 7 that she’s most excited about, and I chose one from the list to feature in this week’s roundup.

Ghostrunner breaks away from the typical first-person action convention and lets players fight with a sword as the primary weapon. In this cyberpunk world, you’ll climb, wall-run, and slice your way through baddies as you seek revenge on a Keymaster.

The game’s trailer reminds me of titles like Mirror’s Edge and Dishonored., with a dystopic skin on the level designs. Your character exhibits bullet-dodging, superhuman powers to make up for the fact that you’re grossly outnumbered in your fights. 

What makes Ghostrunner unique is that you can kill enemies with one swipe of the blade. Instead of wearing your enemies down with multiple blows, a perfectly timed slash will end your foes. The game is best described with this developer quote:

Blood and gore in realistic graphics. Violence on human and human-like characters. Mutilated and dismembered bodies. Mature coarse language. The fear-inducing atmosphere, events, and characters.

Battles are bloody, movement is quick and the distant future is bleak. In Ghostrunner, you’ll fight to bring peace during a deadly rebellion. Use your katana to hack into the squishy bad guys!

To say that people are itching for a cyberpunk adventure would be an understatement, given the recent delays of Cyberpunk 2077. Ghostrunner arrives on Steam on October 27th and you can play the demo now!

Hunting with Your Eagle – Gamespot

The Pathless is equal parts puzzler and open-world exploration, with less emphasis on combat. Your eagle will help you glide across the vast world and the movement has been described as having a rare sense of gracefulness.

Without a map or fast-travel, you’ll spend plenty of time roaming and appreciating the environment. There are still bosses to fight, so be prepared to engage in combat every so often. You can pick up The Pathless on November 15th on console, PC and Apple Arcade.

Dog-Sledding Survival Game – Nintendo Life

Have you ever wanted to train a pack of sled dogs and travel across the Alaskan tundra? Well, The Red Lantern gives you this opportunity, giving ‘The Musher’ access to 5 good boys to help guide her in this rogue-lite game.

The game’s trailer shows of hunting, resource management, and, of course, sledding. You can grab The Red Lantern on Switch starting October 22.

Fall Guys Season 2 – Newsweek

The madness of Fall Guys continues to captivate hearts across the globe. I’m hoping the devs looked at our wishlist for things that need to be added to their chaotic battle royale!

Season 2 brings new features, new levels, new cosmetics, and plenty of improvements to the quality of life for the game. You can hop into Fall Guys now on PC and PS4 to take control over your own bean guy today!

Valorant’s Latest Agent – Gamespot

Valorant adds another character to the roster in the upcoming October 27th update. Skye joins the fray by way of Australia and brings some trinkets to help command the battlefield!

The trailer also shows off an AOE healing ability, making her a viable medic if you don’t want to play Sage. Overall, the abilities look a little OP, but only time will tell whether Skye will become a tope tier pick in Valorant.

Vietnam War RTS – IGN

Fans of the command and conquer series will immediately recognize the similarities with The ‘Nam: Vietnam Combat Operations. Tiger Yan is a solo developer who has spent the last couple of decades creating a video game about the Vietnam War. He credits having to quarantine for finally making more speedy progress on his game!

Yan created the game so people can learn from a historically accurate portrayal of the way. Players navigate through irrigation fields, rice paddles, and thick jungle as they command their troops through battles. You can download the game for free here and let me know what you think!

PS4 Controller to the Max – The Verge

This week’s creator central yields the power of an airplane cockpit in the comfort of your home. YouTube Akaki Kuumeri has 3D-printed this own joystick and throttle, and as an added bonus, made it free for anyone to download themselves!

The homemade accessory brings added realism to any game where flying is your primary means of movement. This is a great option for anyone who has access to a 3D printer and is looking for a DIY project. FYI, check your local library for free 3D printer access!

Overwatch for Free – Polygon

Overwatch will be free for any Switch owners for a whole week starting today! If you’ve been living under a rock for the last 4 years, Overwatch is a team-based, hero shooter that can be incredibly fun when it’s actually fun (you read that correctly).

The game has plenty of characters to choose from, a wide variety of maps, and an absurd amount of replayability with the workshop game modes. Overwatch 2 is in development now so you can get some practice in before a hopeful 2021 release!

Clash of Clans Update – Fansided

Clash of Clans is somehow still on my phone, and the developers continue to push out new content after 8 full years! The Fall 2020 update buffs wall breakers and the super archer, so these may see more play at the higher ranks.

Several troops are seeing lower upgrade times and costs, a move which I assume is being made to try to get people to play more frequently. The game is still free to play and slightly addicting, so go download it if you want to have your eyes glued to the screen even more!

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