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At the top of the hour, we’ve got 13 full minutes of gameplay from the upcoming Hyrule Warriors game. If you’ve played any of the Dynasty Warrior titles, you’ll be familiar with these large scale battles. The Game Live Japan live stream shared what we can expect from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity in stunning detail!

hyrule warriors age of calamity switch link

Hyrule Warriors Gameplay Reveal – Gamespot

First released on the Wii U in 2014, Hyrule Warriors brought Link into the hack ‘n slash realm. The game was well-received by the Zelda gaming community and we’re now getting a Breath of the Wild-inspired sequel!

This gameplay reveal showed off a ton of things from BotW that brought joy to the masses. We saw plenty of Link’s same attacks, familiar enemies, and the beautiful landscapes that we grew to love.

Impa joins the fight to help Link’s battle for Hyrule Field. Hyrule Warriors portrays her as a younger version of her BotW self, and she’s an incredibly agile fighter!

In Hyrule Warriors, Link gains access to a regular and strong attack, to construct devastating combos with the Sheikah runes. Interestingly, the game also adds a “weak point” on some of the stronger enemies to give you another option for bringing down the beast.

Since Hyrule Warriors produces hordes of enemies, Link’s arsenal is buffed vs his BotW counterpart. The new special attack will destroy everything on the screen and a smash attack can be used as a finisher.

In total, Hyrule Warriors lets you try four playable Champions. Each has its own unique playstyle, some wielding magic, and others bringing powerful summons to the table.

Hyrule Warriors events occur a century prior to Breath of the Wild, so things look much more vibrant. As a special surprise, BotW players get a bonus item in the game!

Overall, Hyrule Warriors looks like an exciting slasher title with many of the best parts of Breath of the Wild implemented. You can pick it up on Nintendo Switch starting November 20th!

Amazon Enters Cloud Gaming – Gamespot

Cloud gaming may be the future of gaming, but no one has really figured it out yet. Stadia has high potential but missed the mark, Microsoft is bringing xCloud to a beta community, and GeForce Now seems to have a slight lead.

Last week, Amazon announced their upcoming Luna offering, featuring a partnership with Ubisoft. Luna promises 4K resolution in a subscription service (no price announced yet) where you’ll have access to big-name titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Far Cry 6.

For the early access period, you can play Luna for $6/month. You can request early access and see their available launch games on the official Luna website

Flight Simulator Part 2 – Polygon

I wrote about Microsoft Flight Simulator a few weeks ago, which puts you in the cockpit of an airplane. For those of us who are less adventurous, you can simulate being a passenger of an airplane!

With so many people quarantining, it’s no surprise that Airplane Mode is taking off (see what I did there?). In “the most realistic flight simulator ever created”, you can literally pretend to fly on a plane and do all the things you normally would.

Order meal service, watch a safety video, read magazines, and even listen to ambient music! Pick up Airplane Mode on Steam on October 15th for a relaxing flight experience.

Team-Based Multiplayer VR Shooter – PC Invasion

I’m anxiously waiting for a developer to bring AAA shooting to the virtual reality space. The biggest challenge I see is having smooth movement and precise aiming without the use of a controller or mouse.

Frostpoint VR might be the one to do it. While the biggest draw is PvP combat, there’s a unique PvE twist where players need to destroys biomechanical threats.

You can choose from over a dozen weapons and complete all the normal gun work that you’d expect on the battlefield. The full game will have 10v10 objective-based matches, and you can earn your way to a game key by playing through the open beta!

100-Person Military Matches – PC Gamer

Military shooters are a dime a dozen, and the genre is primarily dominated by the likes of Call of Duty. Squad has been in development for 6 years and is looking to shake things up with 100 players on the battlefield at a time.

It has gathered feedback in the Early Access period, but now becomes a fully-fledged game in the 1.0 update. Players can choose from 8 different factions, 20+ unique maps, and tactical strategy which isn’t necessarily a staple of the CoD series.

Squad emphasizes team play to win the match, and plenty of reviewers express how surprising it can be to have long stretches of quiet before an intense battle. Their 2021 roadmap builds on an already ambitious game so make sure to pick the game up now in Steam to get a jump on next year’s updates!

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