TAG Interview: Rapture.tv CEO, Corey Strong

A few weeks ago, the Two Average Gamers (TAG) had the pleasure of interviewing Rapture CEO, Corey Strong (CS). Rapture is a streaming platform looking to make some noise in 2021 while offering next-gen incentives for its streamers and audience alike! 

Continue reading for a glimpse into Rapture’s plans for the future, some of Corey’s opinion on recent gaming news, and his preference between iconic franchises! 

Corey’s Gaming Career

Rapture CEO Corey Strong

Tell us about an early gaming experience. What are you currently playing when you have time and what’s your favorite game ever?

Corey’s first console was a Sony PlayStation.

“I remember playing Crash Bandicoot with my cousins “

He really enjoyed Crash 4 and has been keeping up with DayZ when he’s got downtime from Rapture. Two of his favorite games ever are Fallout 4 and Apex Legends

When asked about Fallout 76 he was quick to defend the oft-criticized game. 

“I know it got bad reviews, but I’m actually a big fan of it. They just added NPCs, which has made it much more enjoyable, rather than just following random quests.”

The Rapture Story

Rapture Logo

What made you want to start Rapture? What’s your vision for the platform/company? 

Rapids Network runs gaming tournaments and streams these events live. The next logical step was creating their own streaming platform to further the mission of creating an enjoyable, top-performing platform for streamers and viewers.

Like other streaming platforms, the audience can tip their favorite streamers on Rapture. In addition to paying in dollars and pounds, viewers can use Rapids’ cryptocurrency on the platform. With a dedicated payment option specific to Rapture, this could be a key differentiator from the competition.

How big is your team? Where are you based?

Corey said the core Rapture team is made up of 14 people who span 6 countries. Rapture also has ambassadors in about 50 countries to expand their global footprint.

How’d you come up with the Rapture name and logo?

Corey drew from the original definition of the word rapture – a feeling of intense pleasure or joy. As gamers, we can definitely relate to this experience from enjoying our favorite titles!

The gorilla logo is a play on the term guerrilla warfare. Corey let us know that first-person shooters, especially battle royale games, had a heavy influence at the inception of the company.

How will Rapture stand above its competition?

The underlying feature of audience revenue sharing is a novel approach to the streaming world viewers. Gamers who watch an ad will receive a portion of the revenue that would typically only be split between the platform and the streamer. These funds can then be used to tip their favorite content creators or withdrawn from the platform to use for other purposes.

On the streamer side, Rapture will look to provide useful data on how their stream performs daily. The goal is to give content creators relevant information to improve and grow their channels, which should improve the audience experience, and continue to attract more streamers to Rapture.

Corey also shared how Rapids Network will continue to help on the development and marketing side. This mother group is larger and powers the tipping system on Rapture. 

Corey’s team is working closely with a cohort of streamers who are helping to test the platform. With their feedback and iteration to the product, Corey expects to launch in early 2021 to a wider audience.

Streamers will have access to live account management 24/7, a higher share of revenue than on other streaming platforms, greater visibility into bans and strikes, and the freedom to stream across multiple platforms. Rapture has taken many of the pain points commonly seen among the Twitch community and simplified things for their content creators!

Corey’s Take on Current Events

How do you see video game streaming changing over the next few years?

Corey read about how gaming has made more than music, cinema, and tv combined over the last few years. We’re seeing big Hollywood names like Keanu Reeves, Vin Diesel, and Norman Reedus helping to propel gaming to the forefront.

What are your thoughts on the state of next-gen console inventory?

They rushed everything out too early to coincide with holidays. Overall, they’ll get there eventually and both Microsoft and Sony know what they’re doing.”

Thoughts on Cyberpunk?

Corey said from the early days of development that this would be a flop. It’s only working to its full capabilities on PC right now so he hasn’t had a chance to play yet. He wouldn’t mind trying it out once they solve the bugs on console, though.

Rapid-fire gaming questions

  • Mario or Sonic
    CS: Sonic, I’ve never been a Mario person. I’ve never really played Mario games, aside from some Gameboy Mario titles back in the day. He’s never played a Mario Kart game!
  • PlayStation or Xbox
    CS: Playstation
  • RPG or Action-Adventure
    CS: RPG 
  • Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter
    CS: Mortal Kombat, through and through 
  • Best Zelda game ever?
    CS: Not a Zelda fan either, believe it or not!
  • Favorite Crash Bandicoot?
    CS: 1st Time Warp Crash Bandicoot (2nd game in the series)
  • Favorite Sonic Game
    CS: Which one was the one with the Sandman as a boss and Egyptian pyramids? original Sonic that had Sandman as a boss and Egyptian pyramids

Rapture’s 2021 Plan

Corey plans on bringing Rapture to a small audience in the first quarter of 2021. After this initial beta, the team will begin their hiring sprint, do a larger web release in April, and start work on their mobile apps. Rapture will be available on both Android and iOS for handheld viewing!

Will start crowd seal in Jan or Feb (60 days). Then, the team will begin hiring sprint, release web version, start work on mobile apps (Android and iOS). 

In Aug/Sept, they’ll integrate the cryptocurrency widget to the platform to accept Rapids coin. Finally, at the end of the year, they’ll release the beta stage to the public. 

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