SuperHot VR in a Nutshell: Everything Gamers Could Want

By Thomas Hernandez / August 18, 2023

SuperHot VR is an exciting virtual reality game that allows players to enter a world that combines fast-paced and slow-motion action. I had the pleasure of playing the game multiple times in multiple settings

Each time I played, I found myself in the SuperHot VR world for much longer than anticipated. Maybe it was because of my love for action, or maybe it was because of my love for virtual reality. Regardless, I often think about the many times I played this terrific game.

If you have ever played the game, I would love to see any of your personal reflections. If you have not, I hope that this article encourages you to give it a shot. 

Some of the best gaming experiences I have had, with gamers and non-gamers alike, have been through virtual reality games like SuperHot VR. VR games, like SuperHot VR, set a strong standard for how interactive the gameplay should always be. In this article, I will review SuperHot VR based on my experiences with the game. This will include my time playing it at home, as well as my time playing it in a virtual reality cafe. It is a twist on the everyday game review because my review comes from a place of connecting setting and gameplay. However, it is just as important to dive into.

Punching an enemy in SuperHot VR.

SuperHot VR Summary

SuperHot VR is a unique VR game that allows players to step into the time-warped world of action and survival at its finest.

Unlike other action games, like Call of Duty and Battlefield, players are immersed, often using whatever tools and weapons are around them to survive the onslaught of attacking opponents. Each level functions in slow motion, but as players start to move to defend themselves, the enemies begin to function in real-time. It is not meant to be easy and progressively gets more difficult as players advance in the game.

According to SuperHot Team, “Enemies pouring into the room from all sides, dozens of bullets coursing through the air… Wait. Something feels different in here…The game will test your limits. It will bring pain – of the good kind. In the end you will prevail. You will be one with the system.”

The game does have small moments where players are taken out of the intense fighting, but these moments are necessary to progress the mission and story. After these segments are complete, players are thrown back into the game without hesitation. While I have never beaten the game, my experience completing its many levels has given me a decent amount of time to understand how thrilling the game is. Compared to the other versions of the game, SuperHot VR stands out because of how it transports the player into another world.

Defending against enemies in SuperHot VR.

Experiencing SuperHot VR in a VR Cafe

My time playing SuperHot VR in a VR cafe was special because it was my first time going to a virtual reality cafe. It was not something I was all too thrilled about doing then, but by the end of the experience, I knew it was well worth it.

Along with a group of friends, we took turns playing SuperHot VR within the time slot we had. The VR cafe put us inside a small space that was primarily for standing. Right away, I knew the gameplay was not going to involve any laziness. 

My friends and I were bending and flying all over the place to make it through each level without losing. It not only tested us physically, but it also tested us mentally, inside and outside of the game. With the setting being a VR cafe, it was not the most comfortable gameplay. Quite a few wires were hanging around. Additionally, the cafe had a concrete floor. This meant that dodging attacks had profound consequences. As I said, the game was much more challenging than the gameplay itself.

When our session was up, it did not feel like enough time. This meant that another hour was needed, and we all had an exciting time continuing with the game.

Throwing a weapon at an enemy.

SuperHot VR at Home

Playing SuperHot VR inside a house offers complex challenges because the game requires a decent amount of movement. Surprisingly, access to the game at home is not that difficult as it only requires having a VR headset, controllers, and the purchased game.

When I played inside a house, I often found myself narrowly missing objects and larger things. These might have broken or injured me had I not been conscious of them, so the larger the space, the better.

Luckily, each time I played involved playing on top of some form of carpet. For any particular situations where I had to drop to the floor, I was not in a large amount of pain. This was in contrast to playing at the VR cafe, which was on an uncomfortable concrete floor.

Now this might be different for everyone, but the game was much more enjoyable at home. I still had a lot of fun in the social environment of the VR cafe, but there is something to be said about being able to play an intense game in the comfort of your own home.

A cover art image of SuperHot VR.

Final Reflection

Needless to say, SuperHot VR deserves a five out of five on the TAG scale. I have never had trouble playing this game. Whether it was in a VR cafe or inside my own home, the game was always enjoyable. Getting past the complex challenges of each environment only added to the thrill of the SuperHot VR experience.

There is something beautiful about making action games more interactive. SuperHot VR is just one step forward in making gameplay more like reality, and I cannot wait to see what is to come next for great games like this.

What are your thoughts on SuperHot VR? Do you enjoy action-packed virtual reality games? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

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