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Battle Royale games have been all the rage in the last few years. SUPER PEOPLE goes the Apex Legends route with super soldiers who each have their own unique abilities!

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Elements Dares you to Control Magic – PC Gamer

The creators of SUPER PEOPLE promise a “battle royale shooter that will revolutionize how you think about the genre”. From the 4-minute trailer and brief description, it seems they’ve taken some of the best parts from several of my favorite FPS games.

At launch, there will be 12 playable characters in SUPER PEOPLE. Each one has different abilities and ultimates to accompany the core gunplay. Your class is unlocked at a certain level and then you gradually gain new abilities as you level up.

It’s important to note that your class is randomly selected for each match. While you can re-roll to another class one time, this adds an interesting layer of unpredictability to the game.

You’ll find several biomes scattered across the SUPER PEOPLE map. The trailer makes it seem like each has unique properties which may be attractive to certain playstyles.

The look and feel of the game are closer to PUBG than Apex, but there is crafting which is reminiscent of these battle royale titles. This allows you to upgrade equipment and become a stronger force on the battlefield.

SUPER PEOPLE’s supply boxes are straight out of Warzone. You customize them in the lobby and the boxes will appear randomly in-game.

As with most battle royale titles, there’s a closing ring in SUPER PEOPLE which will do damage to your player. There’s frost damage, which gives me some Scavengers vibes.

There’s a wide range of abilities to experiment with. You’ve got blinking a la Overwatch’s Tracer, teleportation as though you were Abra, and a strange combination of Junkrat and Caustic. I’m hopeful that the abilities will keep SUPER PEOPLE fresh and am looking forward to seeing more creativity in this area.

With different strategies to increase your character’s strength and the ability to customize your kit, there’s plenty to be excited for in SUPER PEOPLE’s future! The team is currently doing alpha testing and you should keep an eye on the Steam page for more updates!

Is SUPER PEOPLE interesting enough for you to test out? What do you think this game needs to do differently to stand out in the crowded battle royale space? Join the conversation in the comments section, below!

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