The New Wonders of Super Mario Bros

By Brandon Williams / September 6, 2023

Super Mario Bros Wonder is a new 2D Mario platformer that brings the unexpected into the series. On August 31, Nintendo released a short direct about the game’s content.

 Mario and his gang accepts an invitation to visit the Flower Kingdom ruled by Prince Florian. When showing the Wonder Flower, Bowser appears to steal the magical item. Mario attempts to stop the villain’s ambush, though was too late. The wonder effect activates, combining Bowser with the Prince’s flower castle. 

Now Bowser is using the wonder effect to cause havoc amongst the whole Flower Kingdom. He uses his corruption to abuse the wonder effect, spreading his army throughout the Flower lands and locking up the Poplins, Flower Kingdom inhabitants. Now Mario and his crew must scurry through each area to stop Bowser from taking over the new kingdom.

The new Wonder journey occurs within six worlds circling the Petal Isles, making it seven confirmed points of interest. Each level will display a set number of wonder seeds and difficulty stars. Players will explore each level and encounter the special item called the Wonder Flower. 

Wonder Flowers will release a wonder effect that changes the entirety of the level. Such changes can include making the pipes sentient, causing an enemy stampede, transforming characters, having zero gravity, changing level perspective, and so much more. 

Mario will travel all over the Flower Kingdom to collect the wonder seed. A wonder seed is earned by completing the level or collecting one during a wonder effect. Any wonder seed discovered during a wonder effect will erase the craziness from the level. Wonder seeds are necessary for progression, unlocking new levels.

Mario won’t need to challenge Bowser and his army alone. Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Toads (yellow and blue), Yoshi (Green, Red, Yellow, and light blue), and Nabbit can join him on the quest to save the Flower Kingdom. 

Compared to humans and toads, Yoshi and Nabbit are special characters who don’t take any damage, befitting for platformer beginners. The huge drawback is that they can’t use any powerups, like the Fire Flower. They can also still fall into endless pits and lava, so they must be careful.

Throughout the game, players will find and collect different badges. Badges offer special perks, such as wall climb, grappling vine, super jump, invisibility, and more. It’s a special customization that lets players traverse many levels as they desire. Badges are purchable in stores or earned by accomplishing special challenges to test the player’s mastery.

There are confirmed new power-up items used by Mario and the gang (except Yoshi and Nabbit). Everyone can even carry an extra power-up item for future use, either to switch powers or to power up. There are three new powerups and one familiar powerup.

The fire flower is the old reliable power that gives the user fire abilities. An effective powerup to take down any enemy and boss with fireballs.

The elephant powerup can turn the user into an elephant, giving them extra size and strength. This form gives the power of an elephant, crushing blocks with jumps or swinging a trunk. The user can even carry water with the trunks to sprout water when needed, mostly on the environments or enemies.

The drill mushroom lets the user drill through anything. Jumping activates the drill on the user’s head, protecting them from hostiles above. The user can ground pound with the drill to break through breakable blocks. It can even allow the user to bury underground, letting them travel under blocks and enemies. If there’s a ceiling above, the user can bury and travel along the ceiling.

Bubbles flower is similar to the fire flower. The user can blow bubbles that can annihilate enemies, even through walls. Bubbles are also floating platforms. They do pop after use, so aim carefully.

It wouldn’t be a Super Mario Bros game without multiplayer. Up to four players can join locally. When a friend dies, he turns into a ghost. The ghost has a short time frame to catch a friend’s hand before dying entirely. If one of the players plays Yoshi, he can give a friend a ride through the level, even if they’re another Yoshi.

Online multiplayer is also available in a unique way. When a player goes online, many active players will be visible and moving around the worlds and levels as live player shadows. They don’t physically interact, though; players can play the level without interrupting each other. Despite the limitation, players can still help each other by offering power-up items and reviving ghosts. 

Whenever a player assists another player, he earns heart points. Heart points show how much a player helps others. Players can even emote to each other.

In Super Mario Bros Wonder, players can set a standee in the level. Standees are set statues used for ghosts to revive themselves. It’s a helpful temporary checkpoint for online players stuck in challenging level sections. This also gives the player heart points whenever a ghost uses his standee.

For players who want to play with friends, an online coop room can hold up to 12 friends. Only four players can run in one level. In an online room, friends can participate in races for each level. Hitting the race block at the start of the level will begin the timer, letting players scurry to the goalpost.

Lastly, for any collector, the Nintendo Switch Oled Red Version was revealed. It’s the red Nintendo Switch Oled with Mario and golden coins hiding in the Switch dock. It will be available on October 6, 2023.

Super Mario Bros Wonder will launch on Nintendo Switch in October 20, 2023.

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