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I’ve had some decent video game archery time between Valheim and The Last of Us, but I’ve never played a title centered around archery. Hood: Outlaws & Legends lets you control a master archer and takes advantage of the PS5 dualsense haptic buttons for maximum immersion. Other classes are better from close-range, and you’ll be able to feel the blunt force of your weapon hitting the enemy!

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Violent Heists in Hood’s Medieval World – Playstation Blog

I tend to gravitate toward class-based team shooters. Hood might just be the change of pace I’ve been looking for in this genre. Instead of run ‘n gun, you and your squad will stealthily navigate compounds to retrieve chests of loot!

While the game mechanics themselves look similar to an Assassin’s Creed title, Hood stands out for what the devs have done with the PS5 version. They’ve found clever ways to ensure that you feel the tides of battle in the controller. This allows for numerous button interactions.

The resistance of the triggers varies as your character navigates the environment and battles against foes. As you grow tired in the fight or execute a final blow to a bad guy, the controller will adjust accordingly. 

Hood let’s you feel many of the interactions that your character goes through on-screen. Rough terrain has a certain haptic feel, falling from a building translates the thud to your fingertips, and lifting massive barriers lets the player feel the weight of the gate in real time.

Gameplay wise, Hood tasks you with stealing a key to a vault from the Sheriff. Then, teams must acquire the treasure before the other team. The Sheriff is a force to be reckoned with, but the game indicates your distance from the brute by conveying his footsteps through haptics on the controller.

Would it be a hero-based game without customization options? Of course not! Hood has collectible skins for each class as well as unlockable perks to change your loadout. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of builds form as the community develops a meta for each character.

While Hood will be available on both the PS4 and PS5, if you have the newer console, you should absolutely pick up that version for the Dualsense controller interactions. You can pre-order now for the May 7th release date and get a free pack as a bonus!

Will you be trying out Hood? Let me know your thoughts on team-based shooters in the comments section, below!

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