Stardew Valley: Season 2

Welcome to the 2nd Season of TAG Stardew Valley! In season 1, Flash’s fiancee (soon-to-be wife!!!) gave us a look into her first 158 hours of gameplay. 

This season, we’ll get some tips and tricks from my friend who is farming up her 4th year in the game. I had her answer some burning questions and she agreed to share her expertise.

As a bonus, I included some of the more popular video tutorials for anyone who is looking for a more in-depth explanation for some of the topics.

Let’s get to it!

What got you into Stardew Valley? How long have you been playing the game for and how many seasons have you gone through?

I am a video game novice — the last video game I played was Breathe of the Wild and all I did was hunt. The last game before that? — probably on my clear GameBoy (non-color, circa 1997).

I watched my roommates play Stardew Valley on their Nintendo Switch and thought I would give it a go! Now I am in Spring Season 4 and am the Stardew Valley pro of the household.

What do you wish you knew before starting the game? 

In retrospect, I would say I wish I had known the most profitable crops to plant for each season. That definitely could have helped me to get some cash fast!

Stardew Valley Farm
Walking through the rain
Stardew Valley Home
Checking on the horses
I heard you have boatloads of cash. What are the keys to amassing wealth in this game?

Now, my money comes mostly from making that illustrious “Ancient Fruit Wine” and cashing out on the most profitable crops each season. It definitely helps to have lots of Iridium sprinkles on hand to do all of the watering.

What does your farm look like right now? Why did you set it up this way?

I wish I could say that I had some strategy for putting my farm together — but honestly I gradually placed things around my crops as I bought them. Just playing the game as it comes to you is part of the fun!

Tell us your philosophy on the following aspects of the game:


Love it! But frustrating at first when you’re skill level is low.


Most profitable. But the most time consuming and boring.


Skull Caves – totally worth it. Regular mines – a means to gain your skills to master the Skull Caves.

Raising animals

Lame. But necessary to complete the Community Center.


I’m realizing that these are more and more beneficial. However, I wouldn’t put much effort into this when you are first starting out.

Upgrading things

Upgrading the hoe and watering can will be beneficial in the long run.

The axe and pickaxe upgrade can help you gain a lot more rocks and lumber.

I’d upgrade the watering can first. Just make sure to send it to the blacksmith the day before rain so you don’t miss out watering your crops!

Any other tips and tricks for our readers?

  • Make those sprinklers! It will save you a lot of tedious time farming.
  • Save those materials (logs, rocks, etc). They will be helpful later on in making buildings + fences, and will help you get lower in the Skull Caves.
  • Fix the Community Center! It’s a good storyline and will make you feel like you didn’t sell out. It will definitely take longer than expected though.
  • Don’t marry Shane — he’s the worst.

How would you rate this game overall? –> 4/5

That’s All She Wrote

I only gave her the questions that were top of mind, but I’m looking forward to a follow-up review after she’s hung up her gardening tools. The excitement for this game is real and I’ll need to find out what would bump this to a 5-star experience for her.

At this point, my friends and family have raved enough about Stardew that it’s been added to my ever-growing backlog of games. It seems like a good one to play while sitting on the beach in Hawaii somewhere (several of the gamers in life described SV as ‘chill’).

Tune in next time for some more tips, tricks, discussion, and banter!

Have you played Stardew Valley? What are some of your top tips and tricks? What would you want to see added to the game? Leave a comment below to join in on the conversation!

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